The Reckoning

Author's notes. Hmmmm finished the awakening and is sooooooo wanting to read the final part to the trilogy that I've decided to write it myself. I'm trying to write it in the style of Kelley Armstrong, and about the same length as the Awakening. (or the Summoning, just pick one.) That means you'll have to excuse any waffle, it will contain spoilers, and I don't own the characters or anything. ( course if you come across a character you haven't heard of, it'll be mine)

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Chapter One/Prologue

When I awoke, I had the strangest sense of home, like I was in the first house I ever lived in, the one with the basement, but the ghosts weren't there. I looked at the clock on the table. 2 AM. Definitely not at home. At home the housekeepers were always yelling that I had to get up and that they weren't supposed to look after me, just whatever condo I lived in at the time.

Then I remembered. Getting shot at, being taken to a lovely homely place by a seemingly nice man named Andrew, Tori's mild complaints at Simon's constant concern about my injuries.

Aunt Lauren! I had seen her in the woods. It didn't matter that sorcerers and witches could do spells o create the illusion of a person being there, or whatever Derek and Simon said, I was the only one who saw her. There was only one type of person I saw that no one else saw, and that was the dead kind. She could be against us and anyone else, but she was still my Aunt, as well as the person I used to trust most in the world. Looking at it, I seemed to trust quite a lot of people whether they trusted me or not, or even liked me.

My head felt heavy, and it was only after my brain was bombarded with all these worries, thoughts and messed up memories that I remembered what had woken me up. It seemed to be a mixture of things, firstly a definite noise of a canine screeching, the banging of a door, and being slightly thirsty.

Having a downstairs bedroom, I only had to walk down a hallway to find the kitchen.

I opened my door, slowly even though it made no noise, and it was pitch black. There could have been a past murderer or even a present murderer in the hallway and I wouldn't have noticed. Telling myself that I only needed the light to find the door, I flicked the switch outside my room. It was so nice being able to do that with Tori on a different floor, unable to tease or complain.

The light was bright. Too bright. I eyes closed of their own accord, forcing me to squint until my eyes adjusted. With my eyes half closed, I could have sworn a figure had moved around the corner, but as soon as I could see properly, it was gone. It must have been my imagination. Ghosts don't just walk past me; I was the only living person they could talk to, and probably the only necromancer they have seen, possibly the only one they ever will.

I turned and walked into the kitchen. It hadn't been my imagination. In the slightly dimmer light of the kitchen and living room combo, I could see a dark tall shape going through the doors into the garden.