It was a bright day in the zone of wasted years with the sun beating down on the rogue jungle benath it. In the middle there stood a large metallic structure several feet tall, engulfed in the wilderness surrounding it.

"THATS NOT FAIR!", squeeled a young yellow monkey, she had metallic features and rose pink orbs which enhanced her soft baby-like features as her cheeks puffed in anger while chasing after a crimson monkey about the same age and height but adorned charcoal eyes and a cocky smile. "Nu-uh Nova!! I found the sweets first, finders keepers!!!" he argued back sharply turning a corner into the living room. Nova caught up catching his tail and pulling him bag causing the sweets to slip from the male simians hands as he fought back. Both cubs climbed the furniture in futile attempts not realising what they were fighting over was gone.

At that moment an man of mid 40's entered the room with for other monkey's clinging to his navy coloured robes and shoulders each watching their fellow simians battle in the living room. A green monkey dropped off the man's shoulder and scuttled across the room to the bag of sweets followed by the other three simians.

"What Is going on?!",the man said aloud catching the golden and crimson simian's attention. They stopped and looked up in shock retreating from each other. "Sprx took all the sweets!!", the yellow one exclaimed pointing at the red male named Sprx with a smug grin on her face. She ran behind the man's leg looking up at him once more "He wouldn't share!", the man sternly looked at the ecuse-ee who's expression had dropped.
"Sprx that wasn't nice your Uncle Clayton brought them for you ALL to share... now what do you say?" he said to Sprx, gently picking him up to eye level "I'm Sorry Nova....", he replied in a small voice. His face turned sour when he saw the younger female sticking her tonge out at him from the ground.

"Papa!! Gibson shared out the sweets!!!", The little green monkey shouted rushing up to the three of them lightly tugging on his robe. They were pulled to the other monkey's, an orange, black and blue monkey in a circle. "Well done Gibson! Your learning well, I must say your a clever little monkey!", the man beamed, praising the blue cub with charcoal eyes. The Ginger monkey then pushed his younger sibling aside "I helped!!!", he stated with a smug grin earning his other sibling, a black male with olive eyes, to speak up, "So did I!" which earned another warm smile from their "Father" as he knelt down to the floor and gave his "Children" their shares.

The monkey cubs ate in a small circle, swapping their favorites while chattering. The man sat contently watching over the cubs play when there was a knocking at the door followed by a young man in a white suit and cape walking into the room. "Good Afternoon Clayton", the robed figure said as Clayton sat down beside him. "Very Good Afternoon Alchemist" he replied "How Is life treating you old friend?", he asked pouring some tea into a spare cup.
"As well as it can get Clay, ever since Ive had the monkey's i've found some self happiness other than from my success in science and alchemy" He took a sip of his tea, "How Is Captain Shuggazoom these days?" The younger man chuckled lightly, no one other than The Alchemist knew of his double life. "It's been getting boring lately to be honest, the monsters don't seem to be much of a challenge these day".

The conversation was cut short, "UNCLE CLAYTON!!", The cubs squealed when the finally realised he was sat there, acknowledging his presence with several hugs.
"I bet you have more then a handful with these guys...." Clayton laughed as he held Antauri (The Black Monkey) to his face earning another hug, "That is an understatement Clay, They cause alot of trouble..." He replied with a half-hearted chuckle and a sigh.
"Why don't you take a break then? They could stay at the mansion for a few days, the servants love them and come on! they can't be that much trouble!". The Alchemist's head shot up to give Clayton a glare.
"You couldn't handle them for a week Clayton! you don't exactly have parenting skills.... but if you want to prove yourself...." The Older male stated rolling his eyes as he took another sip of tea.

"I CAN! I will prove it!.....Kids go get your stuff! your spending a week with you Uncle Clay, wont that be fun!?", The cubs ran out of the room to collect their belongings leaving little Gibson at his father's feet, "Father?", He asked catching his father's attention, "Something tells me this wont end well....." and with that the cerulean male left the lounge leaving his father laughing at the thought of the chaos that would ensue over the week.