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The morning was fresh and serene with echoes of laughter in the background as the cub's were taken to a more secluded part of the garden within the premises, a large black door between the hedge leading into a smaller graden with wild flowers in bloom littering the luscious green of the grass and bushes with an array of blue, white, orange and pink hues' as the different types of flowers swayed lightly from side to side in the breeze.

Clayton wore a simple button down shirt and cropped trousers due to the warmth as he guided the little simians into the secluded garden, down the stone steps and to the more comfortable ground. taking jumps down the steps Otto and Gibson awed at the varuious species of butterflies in their vast variety of colour as one settled onto the tip of Sprx's snout causing him to cross his coal black eyes as he stared at the tiny creature before sneezing loadly, disturbing the insect into rejoining it's group.

One by one the obstacle of the stone steps were finally over and all the monkies sat with eyes wide in wonder as they take in the sight of the quaint pool of water with a delicate fountain placed into the middle, tippling water over the edge and allowing the ripples to slightly sway the path of the dark green lilly pads that dwell on the water surface.

"It's so pretty!" Nova's childishly sweet voice cooed as they dispersed to investigate the shrubbery, Mandarin easing himself cautiously out of Clayton's arms and onto the ground. "I used to come here with my Papa when i was a kid, there should be a swing somewhere around here..."

"I found it, I found it!" Nova squeeled from a few metres away, the swing being made of a simple sturdy rope and a plank of wood hung off the stone foundation of the arch that ran over the pool of water with a few stone steps leading up to it.

The yellow girl ran on all fours to reach the swing, jumping and strugging to reach it so she could sit on it beofr Clayton picked her up and placed her on it with a chuckle, lightly pushing her as she squealed happiy whilst holding tightly on the rop.

"I'm gonna get 'ya!" Clayton proclaimed as he stumbled, his knees crouched as he hunched over with his arms stretched in front of him. The blind fold on his face wasn't generous and he found it hard to catch the small monkies that darted around with only sharp seconds of laughter to give away their positions.

"Nah Nah! Come get me!" Sprx bounced with his tongue out before darting off to the bush they were all currently hiding in.

The poor man was having no luck at this game but a smile dawned his face as the kids' laughed in amusement, after all, this was for them. Who'd of thought Shuggazoom's hero would be stumped at a game of blind fold hide and seek?

Meanwhile as the hero stumbled in all directions' a figure appeared at the top of the stone steps, gently walking down with the faintest tapping of his heel on the grey top before settling to watch the delightful scene with a humble smile. Popping their heads' up from the shrubbery all the childen smiled widely as their father held a finger up to his lips', silently telling them to remain as they were.

Nova ran up to her father's inky rob and giggled causing Clayton to exclaim loudly before follwing the noise, there the Alchemist remained as the hero bent down ton pick up what he assumed to be a small monkey but instead tripping up the older scientist and toppling him backwards. With a splash and multiple laughs, Clayton removed his blind fold to look guilty at the older man who stood in the pool with a lily pad on his head, squirting water out from his mouth and clearly unamused by the large Frog staring up at him.

"What brings you to the mansion Al? I still have another day or so with the kids'." Clayton smiled as the cubs' nestled closer into the Alechemist's newly dried robes in sleep, Otto snoring as Mnadarin kicked Antauri slightly in attempt to get some space. Gibson sat lazily in his lap as Nova's legs craned over the blue simian's lap and Sprx's head on top of hers.

"I missed them alot, I just wanted to see them for a while. They seem to be no problem for you..." the mused as they sipped on their coffee's and hummed in agreement. The knock on the door caught their attention as Jensen appeared looking as formal as ever.

"Sorry to disturb Sir but their is a Miss Sinclair at the door for you..." Clayton sat up with a confused look on his face as he hadn't made any arrangements opf a sort this past week, the Alechemist laughed and relaxed back into the sofa cushion. "Go Clayton, I must be taking my leave anyway. I wont wake them up now they're settled, i'm sure Jensen wouldn't mind looking after them?"

The Alchemist looked back to see the butler nod once in agreement as Clayton scratched his head and headed to get ready.

Not long after the children lay in bed some time after their Father has left. Otto lay with his in bed awake after some time, the clinking of glasses that Clyton had been dining with waking him up even if it had been a tiny noise. He wasn't sure how long he was awake for but he didn't like it at night, the shadows crawled up the walls in such an eerie manner as the moon extended them in wearped shapes and the owls outside hooted with yellow eyes peering at the green boy.

Stumbling out of bed Otto tripped over his feet as he panted in fright, opening the door enough so he could get through. Uncle Clayton would know what to do! He would scare the monsters' away! After all he was a hero...

Otto cocked his head in thought, trying to remember which room was his Uncle's. That was weird...there were sounds coming from Uncle Clayton's room...

A scream and a stern talking too shortly after Otto had decided to go into his Uncle's room he was tucked up in bed.

"Is that lady your girlfriend Unlce Clay?" He asked innocently as Clayton tightened his robe belt some more and brought the sheets over Otto. "Sort of kiddo...you can't just walk into someone's room like that. I usually don't mind but if I have a friend over they might not want to be disurbed..."

Clayton's face was a searing red by now, for years he'd laugh at his brother's stories about his nephew asking where babies' came from along with friend he had that had settled down but never at one point did he think he would have the awkward conversation with a child, let alone a monkey...

"Sleep Otto..."


Aren't they funny?