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Naruto: Chronicles of the Seventh

Book Two: New Dawn

Chapter Nineteen: A Declaration of War

Sunagakure Prisons

Naruto stood slack jawed as he looked upon the man he has chased and who has chased him for three years, the man who now controlled the movements of Sasuke. "You," Naruto said, "what did you do to me? Where did you take me?!"

"I haven't taken you anywhere," Madara said. "You're still asleep. Safe and sound in a Suna prison cell. This place is a place the Nine Tails created within your own dreams in order for us to talk."

"You want to talk," Naruto asked as he crouched like a tiger ready to pounce.

Madara put both his hands up and said, "Calm down Uzumaki. As I've said I only came to talk to you. Besides you can't hurt me here anyway."

"Fine, we can talk," Naruto said, "after I've broken every bone in your body!" Naruto then leapt at Madara and threw a flurry of punches and kicks. Madara was forced to keep moving back as he expertly blocked and avoided every attack Naruto used. Finally one of Naruto's punches landed, hitting Madara squarely in the jaw. Before Madara could recover Naruto followed his punch with another and another and then kicked Madara in the stomach causing him to fall on his back.

Suddenly Naruto heard Madara's voice behind him. "Very nice combo Naruto," he said as a shocked Naruto turned to see Madara right behind him. "You've improved since I last saw you."

Before Naruto could react Madara punched him in the stomach with so much force that he was launched into the air and slammed into several trees, shattering through them. Naruto then slammed hard into a large boulder that nearly broke from the force.

Slowly, Naruto got to his feet. His body ached and his head was reeling. But seeing Madara standing several yards away just watching him made Naruto's anger rise again. Fighting through the pain Naruto ran at Madara who made no effort to move. "You bastard," Naruto screamed as he reached him.

Madara made no effort to dodge or block as Naruto attacked and Naruto hit him hard in the face with his right hand. He then followed up with another left and right and was hitting him so hard Naruto's own hands ached. He then followed up with a roundhouse kick to the face that forced Madara to fall back.

Much to Naruto's amazement Madara paused in mid air and simply bent back into a standing position and stared at Naruto. For a moment Naruto just stared at him, unsure how to proceed. As he tried to punch him again Madara caught his fist and spun him around so Naruto's back was to the edge of the cliff. Madara then pulled Naruto towards him and using his free arm, elbowed Naruto in the sternum.

The force of the blow launched Naruto of the side of the cliff and down into the water causing a large splash that rose all the way back to the summit of the cliff.

After a few minutes Naruto's hand rose for out of the water and he slowly pulled himself, coughing and choking out on water, back to the surface. As Naruto looked up he saw Madara standing over him. Naruto then looked to his left and just under the surface of the water was a body floating. As he looked closer he saw that the dead body floating there was in fact his own.

Naruto yelled and lurched back in shock at seeing the dead and discolored body as it floated nearby. Suddenly he felt his hand and feet sink back into the water and the water itself hardened into a sticky substance. Naruto tried to free himself, pulling as hard as he could but found himself stuck. "What is this," Naruto asked.

"My apologies Naruto," Madara said, "But I see I have no choice but to restrain you. I came here to talk and I can't do that with you acting this way. Contacting you like this takes considerable effort and the effects won't last long."

Naruto tried to pull free one last time before realizing that it was in fact futile. "Alright," he said, "I guess I don't really have a choice. What do you want?"

"I came here because I wanted to know what your fascination with Uchiha Sasuke is. Why do you chase after him like you do?"

"Hmpf," Naruto said, "That's a fairly obvious answer. Sasuke is my friend. I made a promise to bring him home."

"If you knew the truth about Sasuke I wonder how loyal to him you'd be then," Madara asked. "Allow me to tell you first the reason he has chosen this path."

"Damn you," Naruto yelled, "I already know the reason. It's because of you and Orochimaru and Itachi! You fucked with his head!"

"You are mistaken boy," Madara said, "Perhaps its best I begin at the beginning; with the true reason for Sasuke's current state. Let me tell you about Uchiha Itachi."

Konoha – Home of Tsunade – Late Night

Tsunade padded from her bathroom towards her bedroom. As she arrived she yawned and stretched. She then pulled back the bedding and prepared to lay down for a long and well deserved rest. As she covered herself and closed her eyes she heard a light tapping coming from her living room window. Tsunade sighed deeply. "Damn it," she said, "whatever this is about it better damned well be important!"

Grabbing her robe, Tsunade made her way to her living room and saw that it was a small messenger bird sitting on the window sill tapping on the window. Tsunade opened the window and the bird immediately flew inside and landed on the perch on the far corner of the room.

Tsunade quickly removed the note from the side of its leg and opened it. "This is from Yamato," she whispered to herself as she began to read it. Suddenly she felt her legs go weak and she reached out for the nearby seat for fear that she would fall. She read the note again just to ensure she wasn't dreaming and then for a long moment she merely stared out ahead of her, slack jawed.

As the piece of paper slipped from her fingers she could feel the tears coming from her eyes. Tsunade then sat alone, in the dark with her hand to her face and cried.

Meanwhile – Sunagakure Prisons – Within Naruto's Mind

"You're lying!" Naruto screamed as he looked at Madara. He then smiled and said, "You must be really getting desperate Madara to bring me to this place and make up these lies. I must really be getting close to stopping you once and for all."

"It is the truth Naruto," Madara said, "Itachi died for Sasuke's sake. Everything he had done was for his brother and Konoha's protection. And you know what? Sasuke knows this as well. He's known it for many years now."

"Impossible," Naruto said, "if Sasuke knows that he was wrong about his brother then why would he join the group his brother died for him to stop!? Why didn't he come home!?"

Madara laughed as he heard Naruto. "You think that you understand Sasuke don't you Naruto," he said. "But you don't understand him at all. Sasuke is an avenger. He cannot see beyond his vengeance. It was gamble you know; allowing him to join Akatsuki. With someone like that you can never tell what he'll do. Often I expect him to pick up and leave, yet of his own free will did he join Akatsuki and chooses to stay. Whether you wish to believe it or not, Sasuke truly is one of us."

"I don't understand," Naruto said, "Why has Sasuke decided to choose revenge?"

"He didn't really have much of a choice," Madara said, "It is the destiny and curse of the Uchiha."

Naruto then looked at Madara. "Curse," he asked. "What are you talking about?"

Madara looked off to the right and to Naruto's amazement the water next to him turned red and began to bubble. Then out of the water, rose the Nine Tailed Fox. It was lying on its belly, tied by massive chains to keep it from moving. Even its mouth was chained to prevent it from talking. The Nine Tails sat staring at Madara full of pure hate.

Madara walked over and touched the Biju on the nose and said, "Surely the Nine Tails has told you about its origins and The Sage of the Six Paths. Well, this is where our curse began. On his deathbed the Sage bequeathed his youngest son with the title as his successor. The eldest, believing he should have been chosen attacked his brother. In the end they went their separate ways and their descendants, the Senju and the Uchiha continued their feud."

"In time the feud was passed from generation to generation, until it reached to me and my greatest rival and man I most admired, Senju Hashirama. Don't you see Naruto, though you don't carry the blood of the Senju I can see that you carry their fire. I can see how much you are like Hashirama, which is why you two have been fated to take this path. Where the two of you will oppose each other and one of you will die."

"That's not going to happen," Naruto yelled, "I have no intention of killing Sasuke and I know he'd never do something like that! I can help him! You'll see!"

Madara shook his head. "Still you fail to understand. Sasuke is not the person you once knew. He has taken all the hate, anger and rage of the Uchiha and he has focused it on one objective…..the complete annihilation of the Leaf. Naruto, because his goal is in direct opposition to your goal you two are destined to fight to the death, because it is only death that can stop either of you."

"You're not fooling me Madara," Naruto said, "You don't give a damn about Sasuke's cause. You're just using him so you can get your hands on all of the tailed beasts and then use them to summon the Jyubi!"

Madara just looked at Naruto for a moment and then looked at the Kyubi. "Ah," he said, "So you told Naruto about my plans have you?" Madara then took his hand off the Kyubi and it turned black like shadow. It then rose up into the sky and was absorbed into the moon high above.

Naruto looked on in awe as he saw the sky around the moon turn black like someone had spilled ink around it. The darkness began to slowly spread as it consumed the sky. And to Naruto's amazement he saw some of the darkness begin to take the shape of a large creature.

"Naruto," Madara said, "you think you can convince Sasuke to stop just as you did Nagato? You honestly believe you can stop him before he takes his revenge on all of Konoha? But the truth is you are already too late, Sasuke's vengeance has already begun."

Naruto looked at Madara in disbelief. "What are you talking about Madara," Naruto yelled. "What did Sasuke do?!"

Meanwhile – In the Land of the Sound

Muramasa sat in the large metallic room as several ninja worked on the panels in front of him. "How long," he said impatiently, "How long before this place is ready!?"

One of the ninja nervously turned to face him and said, "Unfortunately due to the death of many of our men we are behind schedule. However, we should have this facility up and running in six to eight days time."

Suddenly, without warning Muramasa appeared in front of the ninja. He moved so fast it appeared as if he had teleported. Muramasa stabbed the ninja in the heart. "Not good enough," he whispered into the dying man's ear. As the ninja's limp body fell at Muramasa's feet he said, "I want this place ready in five days, no less. Do you understand!?"

Terrified, all the remaining ninja said yes and quickly returned to work. "How do you expect them to finish this place in time if you keep killing them, Muramasa?" Muramasa turned to see Zetsu rising from the floor behind him.

"Lord Zetsu," Madara said. "My apologies, but at times it is necessary to make an example out of one of them to maintain order."

"Hmmm," Zetsu said, "It looks more to me like an excuse to kill for your enjoyment. Are you certain you have control of the Biju?"

"Yes of course lord," Muramasa said, "I am in complete control."

"Then why is it I receive word that you slaughtered dozens of our own men in your attempt to capture three lone ninja," Zetsu asked.

"A necessary sacrifice," Muramasa said, "They were more powerful than I anticipated. So I was forced to unleash the Two Tails."

"I see," Zetsu said. "But Madara is not pleased that your reckless actions have caused a delay. I would suggest you speed things up here and be more thoughtful of your actions. So tell me, what became of the three shinobi?"

It was then Muramasa smiled wickedly.


Neji slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was that despite the fact his eyes were open everything was still in complete darkness. Where ever he was, there was no light. For the first few moments Neji considered that perhaps he had died and this nothing was in fact the after life.

No, he couldn't be dead, he thought to himself. He was in far too much pain to be dead. His eyes and head throbbed and his body ached. Even breathing was excruciating. As he tried to get up he felt a sharp pain in his knee and it quickly buckled under him causing him to fall. Shit, he thought. My knee is broken. Neji moaned in pain and couldn't believe how different his own voice sounded, how devoid of life.

Then Neji heard a voice coming from somewhere nearby. "Neji? Neji, is that you? Are you awake?" Despite how raspy the voice sounded Neji could tell it was Kiba. "Yeah Kiba," Neji said, "I'm awake. How are you and where's Lee?"

"I'm pretty busted up," Kiba responded. "My left arm is broken and I've got at least six broken ribs. Luckily none of them seem to have punctured my lungs. Plus my eye, I lost it. From what I can tell I regained consciousness several hours ago, but I can't figure how long I've been out. It could be hours, could be days. Lee hasn't woken up yet though. From what I can tell he has a concussion and some broken bones and bruises. Plus that stab wound needs proper care."

"Damn," Neji said, "What about Akamaru? Is he in here?'

"No," Kiba said, "I don't know where he is or if he's even alive. I don't get it though. Why would they save us? Why would they take us captive?."

"Interrogation maybe," Neji said. "There could be a number of reasons. Right now we should just be happy to be alive."

"Hard to be happy in this situation,' Kiba said, "we're really up against it here Neji. We're prisoners of war and we're all to beat up to fight our way out. What do we do?"

"We wait," Neji said. "We wait and we heal. And hopefully an opportunity will present itself. Until then the best thing we can do is rest."

Neji leaned back on the cold, hard, metallic ground and as a wave of exhaustion hit him. Despite knowing he needed to remain awake, he couldn't fight it and once again drifted into sleep.

Meanwhile – Sunagakure Prisons – Within Naruto's mind

"No way," Naruto said as he looked at the water. His eyes were wide and his mouth open. Despite himself he was shaking. "Sasuke," Naruto said, "He wouldn't…Sasuke would never hurt Sakura!"

"How naïve" Madara said, "Sasuke's purpose is the destruction of Konoha. Did you think that she would be spared his wrath?"

Madara then walked closer to Naruto who just kept staring at the water. "You know," Madara said, "I tried to stop him. I told him that he should just make it quick. But he said no. He said, that he had to prove to himself that he had truly let go of his past. So he made her suffer. And in the end do you know what her last words were Naruto? She called out your name, just before being buried by a mountain."

Naruto then lunged at Madara with all his might, trying to tear free of his bonds. His eyes were wild and filled with tears. He screamed a nearly inhuman scream as he struggled to break free. Madara bent down to his level and remained only a few inches out of Naruto grasp.

"You know," Madara said, "I always wondered what line had to be crossed, how far someone as innocent as you had to be pushed before you finally broke. You see Naruto, your childish ideals of forgiveness crumble before true grief. Can you feel it? That sickening burning in the pit of your stomach? The feeling of helplessness and weakness? How does it feel to know that another one of your friends has been lost because you weren't there when they needed you?"

Again Naruto launched forward in a desperate attempt to get to Madara. But Madara, safely out of Naruto's reach, didn't even flinch. Eventually, Naruto slumped down and began to cry openly.

"Congratulations Naruto," Madara said, "I think you've finally come to understand Sasuke at last. Earlier you told me that you thought this was a pathetic attempt by me to scare you. As if I were desperate?"

Madara then turned his back to Naruto and looked up at the sky and spread his arms out as he looked upon the dark energy that slowly seemed to be consuming the sky while the creature began to sprout tails. "Naruto," Madara said, "Did you know that as spiritual beings Biju can are not subject to laws of time and space. And as such can exist on multiple plains of existence and time?"

Turning back to Naruto, Madara continued, "If you were to live long enough you too would be able to manipulate this ability to view these moments in time. I have seen many of them Naruto. I have looked across time and space at the many different possibilities of how my destiny will play out. And did you know that in every one of them, in all the hundreds of possibilities they always bring us here?"

"It's funny isn't it," Madara said, "That here, where everything was thought to have ended for me is actually where it begin. It's almost poetic justice in a way. As my ascension should be. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end!"

"Think of it Naruto," Madara said, "Thousands of different possibilities with so many ways things could end. Yet it always ends here, at this time, at this very place; with me standing here." Madara then pointed to the dead body of Naruto floating in the water and said, "And you…..down there. Why should I be scared Naruto when I've already won. So scream out to the sky. Beat on your chest. Proclaim whatever you wish and create whatever plans you can think of. It will still end the same…..I win."

Madara then bent down to face Naruto and said, "I thought that at least, you deserved to know." Madara then stood up and began to walk away into the growing darkness.

"Can you kill me," Naruto asked as he still looked at the water beneath him. Hearing this question caused Madara to stop and look back.

"What was that," Madara asked.

"Can you kill right now," Naruto asked. "You've already proven you can hurt me here, so can you reach out from whatever pit you call a home and kill me right now?"

"If you can then I suggest you do it," Naruto said as he looked up at Madara with a look of rage. "Do it right now Madara because I swear to you this will be the best chance you'll ever get! Listen to me! I don't give a damn about your destiny or your plans! This prison can't hold me forever! No one in Suna can stop me! And Sasuke…….Sasuke can't protect you!"

"I promise you this," Naruto said as he finally forced himself to his feet which shocked Madara. "I will get out of here! I will find you! And the last thing you will ever see will be my face!!!"

For a moment Madara simply stared at Naruto who glared at him. Madara then looked to the sky that was now pitch black and the silhouette of the creature had now formed ten tails. Suddenly the creatures' one eye opened and much to Naruto's surprise he saw it had what appeared to be the Rinnegan with Sharingan-like tomoe.

The beast then released a deafening and horrifying roar that shook the very ground and caused trees nearby to shatter and fall. Madara then turned and looked at the vision of Naruto's dead, floating corpse and then he looked to Naruto and said, "See you soon Uzumaki." He then turned and walked away and faded into the darkness.

Alone, Naruto stared at the menacing silhouette of what he knew was the Jyubi. For a moment the Jyubi merely stood staring out across the dark void. It then looked down directly at Naruto. Naruto broke into a cold sweat as the beast suddenly reached out to grab him and as it did Naruto felt consumed by darkness, loneliness and despair.

Naruto woke up drenched in a cold sweat. He was breathing hard and was tense as though he was about to fight. On the other side of the room Shikamaru slept soundly and it took a moment for Naruto to realize he was back in his cell. Sitting up, Naruto looked out of the small window above him and saw the full moon staring mockingly at him. "Sasuke," Naruto said as he clenched his fist, "You and Madara want a war? Well, now you have one."

End of Book Two

And now, here is a brief synopsis of Book III of the Chronicles:

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In a world that faces extinction, a select few will make a final, desperate stand to protect thier home, to protect that which is precious, to protect.....innocence.

RamenRenegade proudly presents.....

Naruto: Chronicles of the Seventh

Book III: End of Innocence

"Sometimes to protect those you love a man must do horrible things."

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