Prologue: Valley of the End

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Naruto panted as he stared across the sacred valley. He stood on top of the ruined statue of the Shodaime Hokage, Senju Hashirama. His opponent was standing on top of the battered statue of Uchiha Madara. Naruto nearly cried as he looked acros at his opponent. His best friend. His brother in arms.

Sasuke Uchiha, the last of the fallen Uchiha clan. It was as if destiny declared that these two would face off much like Senju and Madara. Naruto was in every way except blood, the heir of the Senju clan. Adopted by Tsunade, instilled with the Will of Fire by Sarutobi Hiruzen, taught by the greatest of the Sannin, Jiraiya, and loved the village to the bottom of his heart, he had been the lowest of the low and worked his way to the prestigious title of Nanadaime Hokage. Sasuke was the last of the Uchiha clan and his blood was the truest in all of the Uchihas that had lived. He was the elite of the village and raised in the lap of luxery. He was adored by all but his hard heart desired one thing, the death of his brother and revenge for his clan. He desire power beyond all things. Power to avenge the Uchiha clan. To achieve this, he betrayed his village, went to a mad scientist for power, killed his own mentors, slain his own brother, and soon his own ancestor to take up the mantle of the Akatsuki. He possessed nearly all of the tailed beasts and only the Ichibi, Hachibi, and Kyuubi remained out of his reach.

He tried to take them by force and even released the Bijuus he had collected on his former home. Konoha and her allies had fought desperately to save their village but one by one, the heroes of their village fell.

Tsunade died defending the hospital from the Sanbi using her hidden skill in water jutsus to defend the hospital against the huge tsunamis and storms the Sanbi created. She sacrificed her life to destroy it by a well placed punch in the middle of its forehead, cracking open its skull and causing it to vanish.

The valiant Green Beasts of Konoha had been the next ones to die for the sake of eliminating the Gonbi. The Gonbi sent beams of all the five elements ravaging the village with pillars of water, air, fire, lightning, and stone. Gai and Lee were the only ones who stood a chance as they were too fast for the Gonbi to catch. As a last resort, they released all eight Forbidden Gates. Lee even went further and unlocked the unknown ninth gate, achieving near godlike status. With blows that shook the eath down to its core, the two men literally ground the Gonbi into submission and it vanished in the wind, never to appear again.

The famous Ino-Shika-Cho trio of both generations, Kakashi, and Kurenai had eliminated the Yonbi. Both generations had unlocked three gates and took the Akimichi pills in a desperate attempt to bind the Yonbi long enough for Kakashi to kill. Kurenai had killed herself in attempting a Tsukyomi like genjutsu that had immobilized the demon's mind with the help of Inoichi and Ino. Both Akimichis had grown to their full height and kept it still along with the Naras shadow jutsu. Their attempts were successful in hampering the Yonbi long enough for Kakashi to hit with a jutsu called Susanoo's Spear, a Raiton jutsu that called the void to be forcibly open and release an unnatural lightning. The strain on his mutated eye became too much for Kakashi's mind to handle and after he unleashed the lightning, the blood vessels in his brain blew apart. Both Ino-Shika-Cho trios had died in the resulting explosion.

Gaara eliminated the Rokubi by crushing it under an iron-plated Hokage mountain. Gaara had called upon his Bijuus full power along with his unlocked ability of Iron Sand to crush the Rokubi in the earth. Gaara had sent the Rokubi down inside of a chasm he created, filled with sand and iron before sealing the Hokage's Tower on top of the chasm. The resulting energy, even with the Bijuu's help was too much and Gaara died in the process, removing the Ichibi and Rokubi from the world.

Kiba Inuzaka, Shino Aburame, Neji and Hinata Hyuuga had sacrificed themselves and their clan in order to put down the Nibi. The Hellcat spat flames of hell at the clans, bruning many of them on contact. It is through the ingenious ability of using all the Kikai to absorb the chakra of the Nibi, the eyes and Jyuuken to close all two thousand, two hundred, and twenty two chakra tenketsus, and the fiercest attack of all the Inuzakas to vanquish the beast. The Aburames died as the shock of losing their insects was too much for their body to endure. The Hyuugas were blinded and most of their chakra coils were burned inside and out. The Inuzakas were severely burned and many of them died of their injuries.

The Hachibi jinuchuuriki, Killer Bee, had eliminated the Nanabi while also protecting the civilians from the initial Bijuu attack. He took the brunt of the attack and continued to fight even with his wounds against the Nanabi with its multiple illusions and tricks. It all came to an end when Killer Bee pinned the flying beast with his seven swords and strangled the best to death with his bare hands. The jinchuuriki soon succumbed to his own wounds in the end.

The Akatsuki had also sent a humongous army after the Bijuus. Even with all the Shinobis they had, it couldn't match the sheer amount of men the akatsuki had., Hypnotized men, mercenaries, pirates, missing-nins, every crook and outlaw in the land merged in Konoha to destroy it. The shinobis made sure they paid for it dearly and made so many of them die that when the last shinobi fell, Anko, they ran to the hills, trying to escape any hidden shinobis that might have been hiding for them.

Naruto panted and stared at Sasuke with tired and sad eyes. His homeland had been destroyed by the man he valued as his brother beyond all else. His first rival and best friend in the years when he was deemed the Demon Child. The man who had been deemed an angel was now the devil.

"Sasuke if it means anything, I'm sorry," Naruto called out.

"You know me better than anyone else. Konoha betrayed both of us? Why do you fight to save it?"

"I protect it to honor the wishes of my loved ones, my comrades, and my parents above all else," Naruto said. "If you can't understand that, then I guess nothing more can be said."

"Smartest thing you've ever said Dobe."


Naruto looked across and saw the clouds darken. Naruto closed his eyes and went back to Sage Mode. He concentrated even deeper and went deep within himself to the Kyuubi's cave. The Kyuubi glared at him with malice and contempt.

"You really are going to do this?" the Kyuubi asked. Naruto nodded and stepped in front of the seal. With one tug, he unleashed the seal. Chakra flooded his body and nearly controlled him. Thanks to Naruto's own stubbornness and Nature Chakra, he managed to temper it and channel it within his body for now. He shoved all of it through his arms and created a tightly condensed red orb in his palm. The orb shrieked loudly as the energy within it tried to escape. Naruto nodded satisfied turned to see Sasuke channel a huge thunderbolt within his body, causing him to crackle and glow with power.

"Well dobe, one more time."

"You're on TEME!"

Both men charged at near light speed and sent their right arms forwards.



Red orb crashed with Blue Spear. For a moment just silence.

A huge explosion and a flash of light blinded everyone. The flash was then followed with a large shock wave that demolished everything, destroying everything in the Five-Elements Continent. The only thing anyone saw was a blinding light before a shock wave killed them. The energy in the blast was so great that it undid everything in the world. The Shinigami himself was ripped apart and the souls inside of him were eviscerated. The world rumbled and then split into three dimensions. A giant hole in the sky and the ground opened up and began to draw things inside of it.

At the center, Naruto could feel himself been sucked downwards while Sasuke was drawn upwards. Their eyes met one last time before vanishing. A tear fell down from his face as he saw the hole close in after him.

"Goodbye world."

Naruto distantly felt himself crash before darkness overtook him.