Karakura Town

"Will you help us?"

Naruto smiled as the "perverted shopkeeper" flicked open his fan and hid the bottom of his face. Behind him, four people were looking at him smiling.

"A chance to redeem ourselves and to change the system in Soul Society," a dark skinned woman said. "And another chance at fighting for what's right. I see no reason not to Kisuke."

"You can count on the Quincies' support Naruto-san," a cool aloof man said. He pushed up his glasses and gave Naruto a smile.


Naruto and the others stared at the last man, a bearded man who was giving the thumbs up sign with a slightly confused smile. Naruto shuddered at the man and vowed never to give him green spandex.

"Yare yare Kurosaki-san. If you say it like that you might as well say it while wearing a green spandex bodysuit and orange legwarmers," Kisuke said.

A moment later, everyone in the room was staring at a Urahara, who was a crumpled heap on the ground.

"NEVER. SUGGEST. THAT. EVER. AGAIN!" Naruto demanded while emphasizing each word with a stomp to Kisuke's body. Naruto smiled and turned to everyone in the shop.

"So do we have an accord?"

The dark skinned woman smiled playfully and held out her hand.

"We have an accord."

Naruto shook her hand and smiled eagerly. He waved his hand and a spiral opened in thin air. The four watched as the spiral widened to reveal a clear pathway back to Hueco Mundo. Naruto jumped in and the circle closed back in with barely a whisper.

"That was a Garganta, right Kisuke?"

"Hai but it was unlike any that I have seen. I could swear I felt Kido in it as well."

A loud bell was heard. Kisuke smiled and rushed out the room.

"A customer!"

The dark skinned woman shook her head. "And we wonder why we were kicked out."

Naruto chuckled as he closed the Garganta. They were odd people and reminded him of his old life in Konoha. Kakashi, Shino, Ino, and (shudder) Gai and Lee. He sat on his cot relieved that his friends' souls were still alive and have traveled to new and better life, even if they did not know it.

Naruto looked outside of his room and sighed. Las Noches was such a barren place with no life. Only violence and carnage. Hopefully with this new rebellion, he could change it where even the damned could have a place of redemption. Hollows here are not really evil souls. Only lost and confused. Those that were truly evil were sent to the Gates of Hell and impaled on a stake.

A knock on the door disturbed his thoughts. He looked up to see Harribel standing in the doorway.

"Aizen-san wants us sensei."

"What for?"

"Aizen detected that someone went into the real world. He knows it was Espada level and wants answers."

Naruto nodded. "Seems like I've been found. I'll just make some little lie to please him."

He twirled his zanpaktou and stabbed it in a nearby wall. Harribel watched as the air he stabbed shattered and a low ranking Arrancar fell to his knees. Naruto pulled out his zanpaktou out of the Arrancar's head and watched as the Arrancar dissipated into the atmosphere.

"There goes Aizen's little spy. Silly shinigami. He should know that you can't trick a fox," Naruto muttered. He sheathed his zanpaktou and walked out of the room, Harribel following closely behind him. Naruto took a glance at Harribel behind him. She averted her eyes and Naruto thought he saw a faint redness in her cheeks before it vanished.

"You alright Harribel?"

"Hai sensei. Just a bit worried. Do you think Aizen has spies all around us? I didn't notice the spy that was just there."

Naruto frowned. "Well you should have. Even if we're supposedly among allies, keep on your guard. That last guard was radiating reiatsu when he saw me enter my room. I suggest you start meditating more from now on."

"Hai sensei."

Naruto opened the door to the "throne room" and ushered Harribel in. They were the last ones to arrive. Harribel took her place near the head of the table at Aizen's right side. Naruto just jumped on the table itself and sat on the table, directly facing Aizen.

"Well, now that we are all here, I want to know why one of you had the need to go into the real world? I specifically said not to go into the real world as we cannot reveal ourselves until the time is right," Aizen said coldly. "And I'd like to know NOW!"

The last word was emphasized with a large burst of reiatsu that nearly flattened all the Espada. Naruto shrugged it off easily and smiled.

"Gomen Aizen-chan. I went into the real world to pick up a gift for my son. Its his birthday today," Naruto said. Aizen glared at Naruto.

"Do you enjoy disobeying me at every turn Namikaze?"

Naruto glared at Aizen's cold tone and bared his fangs. Unintentionally, wisps of red energy began to come out of Naruto. "And what is that supposed to mean Aizen? Our deal was that as long as you give me Sasuke, I would help you. I never said I was your subordinate, did I?"

The two glared at each other until a squeal of delight echoed the empty hallways. The door burst open to reveal Kit riding a bicycle. He jumped off it and scrambled to his father and tackled Naruto off the table.

"!" Kit screamed. Naruto chuckled.

"I told you I didn't forget your birthday Kit. Now run along. I'll race you later," Naruto said. Kit nodded and hopped on his bicycle.

"I'll beat you now Tousan!" Kit yelled as he rode out. Naruto chuckled and returned back to glaring at Aizen.

"Now Aizen, do not forget that I can defeat you with little effort on my own. Or should I remind you again?"

Las Noches began to rumble as Naruto started to unlock his reiatsu. Nearly every Espada was flattened against the table gasping for breath as well as Gin and Tosen. Naruto chuckled darkly and released even more. His reiatsu began to condense into a red fox that snarled at Aizen angrily. The fox gave a loud howl before vanishing. The Espada took a breath of relief as the reiatsu vanished. Naruto jumped off the table and glared at Aizen.

"Remember Aizen. You need me more than I need you. I created this world and I can most certainly take you out."

Naruto vanished in thin air. The loss of matter created a vacuum and resulted in a large sonic boom that knocked every Espada out of their seat along with Aizen. While everyone stood back to their feet, only Harribel spotted the expression of pure hate on Aizen's face before it vanished into an expressionless mask.

Soul Society (three hours later)

"Well, my friend do you fold?"

"Not likely. I know what's on the line."

Naruto shook his head at the man. "You really would bet your zanpaktou for something like this?"

Naruto held up a mint copy of the first Icha Icha novel, signed by the author. The man nodded eagerly.

"Every Icha Icha novel have been found except the legendary first copy. No one has ever even seen one before," the man said. "I would bet old man Yama's zanpaktou if I could."

Naruto sighed. "Don't bet your zanpaktou, bet that flowery kimono and hat instead Shunsui Kyoraku."

Kyoraku nodded eagerly and threw his jacket on the table. Beside him, his friend Jushiro Ukitake, sighed as well.

"My friend you really put those books into high regard even though they are just mindless smut."

Kyoraku smirked at his friend. "Your only saying that because you can't finish one without passing out."

"My my, I'm afraid that is irrelevant Shunsui since that I am sure that you will all lose.

All three men turned to Retsu Unohana who was smiling in a creepy manner. Naruto shuddered.

"So, show cards?"


All four of them laid out their hands. Jushiro had three of a kind. Retsu with a full house. Shunsui had four of a kind while Naruto had....



A royal flush.

The two captains sweat dropped as Shunsui rolled around the ground while streams of tears flew from his eyes. Naruto sighed as he collected the winnings. Medical herbs, a bonsai plant, and of course the flowery jacket and hat. Naruto glanced at the book on the table.

"Damn my good nature," Naruto muttered and tossed the book in Shunsui's lap. He looked down and squealed in delight. He opened the book and huddled in a corner. Ukitake sweat dropped and tapped Shunsui on his shoulder. Shunsui growled at Ukitake and snapped at his hand with his teeth.

"No one steals the precious!" Shunsui snarled and flash stepped out of the room.

"Is he going to be okay?" Jushiro asked.

"He'll be fine. I'll see him later when he comes to the emergency room because of blood loss," Retsu said gently. "Now Naruto, why exactly are you here again?"

"I'm curious about that too. Not that it isn't great to see our old teacher again," Jushiro said. "Old man Yamamoto still thinks you are hiding in Rukongai, despite orders from the Central 46 to capture you at any costs."

"Well I just wanted to ask if you are still on board with changing Soul Society?"

"I agree with you but how can we change Yamamoto? He won't like seeing you revolutionizing Soul Society."

"The best way I can think of is just to seal him up. I don't want to hurt him yet we can't have him against us. His strength is needed for Soul Society to thrive," Naruto said. Retsu nodded.

"Yamamoto-sama is the pillar of strength for many Shinigamis. Killing him would be like killing the hearts and will of many Shinigami."

"I agree but I doubt there are any seals able to hold back Yamamoto-sensei. He's just too strong."

"There are the other arts other than Kido," Naruto said. "A very old art called Fuinjutsu would be able to seal him up."

"I don't like the thought of sealing him up but if its for his own good, than so be it," Jushiro said.

"Then we are in agreement?"

"We are, Naruto-san."

Naruto nodded and waved his hand. A spiral opened up to reveal an image of Las Noches. Naruto jumped in and the circle closed after him with nary a whisper of reiatsu.

"That was a garganta, right?" Retsu asked. Jushiro nodded.

"It was unlike anything else I've ever seen but yes, it was a garganta."

A Hell butterfly entered the room and landed on Retsu's hand delivering a message. Retsu sighed and stood up.

"I have to go Jushiro-san. Shunsui's in the emergency room with massive blood loss."

Ukitake chuckled as Retsu exited the room. Some things never change.

Harribel sat in her room and stared at her blade. She meticulously wiped the blade and polished it with oil. After checking there were no nicks in the blade, she sat and closed her eyes with the blade in her lap, searching her soul.


Harribel opened her eyes to see that she was back in Eden. All around her the fruits were in season and the flowers were displaying their brilliant colors. She turned around and under the great bonsai tree, a woman was sitting on a boulder. In her arms she strummed a shamisen. The woman looked up and smiled at Harribel. Harribel smiled back at her as she stepped to her. She sat on the grass and listened as the woman played the shamisen. After a short while, the woman stopped and laughed.

"For a while, I have been wanting to meet you. Although you are an arrancar, you are different from many others. Mayhaps it is due to your beloved sensei, Naruto-kun. However, pay attention I wish to tell you my name."

"I'd be honored but is it the time to?" Harribel asked. "Naruto-sensei told me I needed several visits here before I could hear my zanpaktou's name."

"He is right but I deem you ready to know. Be happy in your knowledge of knowing my name."

Harribel opened her eyes and looked down at her blade. She traced the blade and whispered.

"Flow, Shirayuri."

The blade rippled and lengthened to reveal a beautiful naginata nearly nine feet long. It was white with pale blue streaks across the shaft and blade. The blade had a wavelike pattern engraved while the guard was a perfect seven petaled lotus. It was a beautiful and deadly weapons.

"Shirayuri, you are so beautiful."

"I'm glad you think so child. Now if you can only say that to your precious Naruto-kun, I would be more pleased. He is a good person and would not care for your dark past as a hollow," Shirayuri said in her head. "Now seal me up before someone sees child. It would not do if someone knows that I exist."

Harribel's sword reverted back to its normal form just as Nnoitra entered the room. Harribel jumped to her feet and glared at Nnoitra.

"What do you want, Quinto Espada," Harribel asked. It was well-known that Nnoitra hated women being stronger than him. The Quinto Espada smirked.

"Aizen-sama wants you Harribel. If I were you, I'd get your precious Naruto-kun before approaching Aizen. He looks pissed."

"And was is that supposed to mean Nnoitra?" Harribel snarled. "Are you implying that I only got my position because of Naruto?"

Nnoitra smirked. "Of course not, Primera. I'm just saying that we have never seen your skills aside from Naruto. How are we to know you deserve the spot?"

"Because Tousan said so."

Nnoitra whirled around to see no one. He twitched when he felt a blade at his throat. The air around Nnoitra's shoulder rippled and revealed Kit holding a wakizashi at Nnoitra's throat. Kit gave Harribel a friendly wave before turning back to Nnoitra.

"Now Patchy-chan, I suggest you go back to your own hole before I chop this thin neck of yours."

Nnoitra grunted and stepped out of the room. Kit jumped off his shoulder and waved as Nnoitra left. Kit turned to Harribel and smiled.

"Harribel-neechan, can we play after you meet with Aizen?"

Harribel smiled. "Of course otouto. Now go on. I'll meet you later."

Kit nodded and morphed back into a fox before running out of the room. Harribel sighed and made her way to Aizen's clenched her zanpaktou's hilt and tried to clear her thoughts. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Well, Tia Harribel. How are you?"

Harribel looked up to see Aizen lounging in his throne. Harribel took several steps forward and knelt.

"Very well Aizen-sama."

Aizen nodded. "Well Harribel I wanted to speak to you about Naruto-san."

"I knew it!" Shirayuri yelled.

"It seems that I have insulted him on more than one occasion. I'd like you to be my messenger and express my apologies."

Harribel was surprised but nodded. "Hai Aizen-sama. However, its best if you go to him face to face with ramen. Its his favorite food and will surely placate him."

Aizen smiled.

"Thank you very much, I'll do that. You're dismissed."

Harribel nodded and left the room. Aizen glared as Harribel's form left. Behind his throne, Ulquiorra appeared.

"Did you sense that Ulquiorra?"

Ulquiorra nodded. "Her reiatsu has increased and not only that, the sides between Hollow and Shinigami have weakened more so than anyone aside from Naruto."

Aizen nodded. "Keep an eye on her. I want to know why."

Ulquiorra nodded. Aizen sighed.

"You keep causing me trouble. Don't you Uzumaki?"

His eyes turned red and slit-like before reverting back to their calm brown tones.

"A~~hh Naruto-kun! Welcome back!"

Naruto smiled and took off the wide-brimmed hat he wore. "Well Kisuke-kun, where are the people you told me about?"

"Hai hai. They're in here," Kisuke said. "Yoruichi, bring them out please."

The door opened to reveal several teens. Naruto chuckled at one scowling teen. Urahara smiled and smacked the scowling one in the head with his fan.

"ITAI?! What was that for Geta-boshi?!"

"Don't be rude. Introduce yourselves to our guest, Naruto Namikaze!"

"Uyru Ishida."

"Inoue Orihime."

"Sado Yasutora."

"Rukia Kuchiki."

"Ichigo Kurosaki."

Naruto nodded and looked at Urahara.

"Your telling me that these are the best of the next generation?" Naruto asked. The teens looked at Urahara in shock and pride.

"Ha~i! They are."

"A metro, bimbo, giant, rabbit, and one who looks constantly constipated are the best this town has to offer?"

Sado placed two giant hands on the shoulder of Ichigo and Rukia, both of them intent on ripping apart the stranger. Naruto frowned when he saw Orihime's face sadden and her eyes start to water.

"I'm sorry Orihime-san," Naruto said gently. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings but I am concerned if you are strong enough for the upcoming future."

Ichigo paused as well as Rukia.

"What do you mean?" Ichigo asked. "We're going against Aizen right?"

Naruto chuckled darkly as well as Urahara.

"In a way yes and no."

"What do you mean?" Uryu asked. Naruto glanced at the young Quincy.

"Well, we're going to change Soul Society itself."

"A war on Soul Society?!" Ichigo asked flabbergasted. Naruto shook his head while Urahara chuckled.

"Think of it this way young Kurosaki," Urahara said in a serious tone. "We will be like a doctor and remove the cancerous tumors from Soul Society."

"The corrupt nobles, the Central 46, and the biggest one of all," Yoruichi explained.

"We will take down the Spirit King himself," Naruto said smiling.

"The Spirit King?" Rukia asked. A loud crash was heard and everyone turned to see Renji in a tangled mess. He looked up and stared at Naruto.

"You can't be serious?!" Renji roared. Naruto smirked.

"O but I am."

"No one knows anything about him," Rukia protested. Naruto chuckled.

"True but only I know who he is. I know practically everything about him little Kuchiki," Naruto said. "I was there when the world split into three. I was there when I saw the first Hollow. You can say, I am a god."

"Your insane," Rukia said. Naruto lifted the brim of his hat and stared at Rukia.

"Am I?" Naruto asked.

The pressure inside the small shop increased dramatically. Naruto gave a dark chuckle as he continued to increase the amount of reiatsu he was giving off. One by one, the teens fell to the ground, pinned by Naruto's reiatsu. Soon only Ichigo was the only one standing, but just barely. Naruto applauded.

"Well Kurosaki, you are much better than these teens in terms of power. However I have only released the first of my seven restraints."

Ichigo's eyes widened in terror.

"Not only that. This is only a taste of what I can do. So consider this when you make your choice on who's side you are on."

Naruto tipped his hat and vanished into thin air. The only sound were the teens panting in relief. Ichigo slumped to the ground and looked at his friends, all of them completely winded. He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Urahara looking at him seriously.

"I think it is wise to side with Naruto for this war. This war he is suggesting is bigger than even Aizen himself."

"Are you sure?"

Urahara nodded. "It is the only way, people like us, Quincies, and Vizards will ever be accepted without fear or regret."

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"Hello Naruto-san, I believe you said that you had a pill that would help us increase our reiatsu?"

Naruto nodded and gave Aizen a jar full of brightly glowing green pills.

"Hai, I recently discovered this remedy and have tried it myself. Try it."

Aizen nodded and took a pill. He and his followers waited to see anything had happened.

"Hmm, nothing."

Naruto looked at the pill confused. "That's strange. It should have done something. Maybe it needs time to take effect."

Naruto walked away, muttering of why the pill didn't work. Aizen sighed and continued to plot on his throne.

Four hours later.

Aizen stood up and smiled at the Espada gathered around.

"Now my dear Espada let us-."


All the Espada looked to see Aizen doubled over and wincing. Aizen gasped as he felt his stomach gargle and rumble violently as if he ate something. He shuddered as he felt that unforgettable feeling as the tremors that started in his stomach, began to travel downwards. He flash stepped to the nearest bathroom and slammed the door shut.

Naruto looked at the pill's containers and saw the label start to fall. He pulled it off and began to laugh hysterically at the label underneath it.

Urahara's Ultra Stool Softeners! Guaranteed to move your bowels in four hours or your money back!