This is going to be--6 chapters? That's what I planned but there is a possibility of it being only slightly more than that. This isn't going to be another version of 'Torn' (56 chapters of Hardycest-filled torture XD). Not to worry, sweethearts. This isn't even gonna reach 10 chapters if I decide to expand it. Longer author's note at the end!

Rated: +18 - violence; themes; dark; characters that suffer way too much
Summary: He watched as his boys stared at their lollipops & he smirked because he knew that as soon as the boys would eat the sugary treat, they'd be his forever. For TheMizMagnet & NeroAnne!
Warnings: SLASH, INCEST, it's gonna be darker than dark, &...well, I'm Sam. This is my fic. Do the math. XD.
Pairings: Jeff/Matt (Hardycest), Miz/Cena (Mizena)
Genre: Horror/General

"How rude!"

Mike placed a hand on his thin hip and Jeff shook his head at his thirteen year old friend who tried to be tough as a sigh escaped his lips and both of them stare at each other in silence before they both broke into a melody of giggles and chortles and chuckles and both walked off into the dark abyss of the Friday evening that was their town and the sultry black night hung like a curtain and before Mike could say anything, Jeff grabbed onto his wrist and pulled him back when they were about to reach beyond the yellow chalky streak that was scratched onto the road and they remembered Adam's warning the morning he had drawn that line, that that beyond that, nothing good was there, that it was an evil and dark and cruel world beyond that faded streak and Mike shook his head as he slowly moved ahead, causing Jeff to grab onto his friend's wrist one more time, tugging him backwards.

"Jeff?" Mike acknowledged his friend's fear as he stared into those soft green eyes.

Jeff could feel his stomach tighten as his eyes shifted from Mike's face to beyond the chalky line, where a forest seemed to reside in and no sounds could be heard from the forest and before Mike could try and suggest that they'd move away from the forest path, Jeff had already started walking away while Mike shook his head and stepped towards the forest, causing Jeff to freeze in his position, twisting his head to see Mike move towards the dark forest, in this too cruel night and Jeff knew that he should've stopped him but instead, he walked behind his much younger friend and held on tightly to his arm, both of their arms linked as they strode through the forest, not seeing anything beyond dry butchered leaves and broken twigs and just as they felt something move in the bushes, both froze only to see a tiny gray rabbit hop round with its glassy black eyes staring up at them both before walking off into the mass of dry leaves.

"See? All fine. Come on. I wanna explore!"

Jeff chuckled softly, finally caving in and pushing his fears aside, he nodded his head. "You always wanna explore. Just leave things be, Mizanin, just for once. Can we not get in trouble tonight? You know that Matt's gonna butcher us both when I come home. It's already past my curfew." The sixteen year old ran his hand through his blonde-brown hair, offering him a soft, tight smile that was always on his face, only this time, it was even more delicate than always.

"Come on, then. Let's get some excitement for once before our ears bleed again. Your brother can scream." Mike then licked his upper lip and those eyes that glowed with their bright blue colors suggested something Jeff knew all too well before Jeff shook his head. "What? I bet your brother can really make me scream." He chuckled softly, those blue eyes still glinting off soft, pure colors at the ray of the moonlight that bounced off those orbs.

"I will really not appreciate my best friend fucking my brother. Like...ever."

Mike rolled his eyes. "You just want him all to yourself."

"He's my brother!"

"And your point is...?"


Just then, they heard another sound and both stiffened in their position as they saw a man walk towards them and both of their hearts started to beat fast as they both clung to each other in fear and Mike tried to search the man for any knives or guns but all he did was stand there, staring at the two young men before he smiled a warm smile but in that smile, there was something, something that made their stomachs churn unevenly as the man's eyes melted from their icy blue color to a warmer soft blue ocean and he pulled out two lollipops from his pocket and handed it to them.

They didn't break the silence but both accepted the candy and watched the man walk away without another sound coming out of his mouth.

Mike recognized the brand of lollipop instantly and began to tear the paper to reveal the lime green apple candy and he put the lollipop in his mouth, tasting the familiar taste of the strong apple and Jeff stared at him before doing the same and unwrapping his own, putting the cherry red candy to his lips, he strode beside his friend, arms linking with each other once more and their hearts steadied as they strode towards home.

He watched as his boys stared at the lollipops and he smirked because he knew that as soon as the boys would eat the sugary treat, they'd be his forever. And his smirk widened as he'd seen them unwrapped the wrappers and licking the two different colors before walking away from the forest, arms linked, and Cade didn't say another word as he walked off himself around the forest, searching for that familiar building that he owned.

'Soon, they'll be mine.'

"Matty! Calm down!"

"Calm down?!" Matt's voice erupted with anger and fury and venom lapped his every word as he stared at his younger baby brother whose eyes were begging for mercy but Matt was far too angry and furious with him and he stared up at the clock 1:30 AM and he shook his head. "Look at the clock, Jeff! You aren't even supposed to stay past 9 outside! What the hell were you two thinking?! When it passed 11, I had to call the police! At least call or something if you had anything. Don't fucking scare me like that!"

Jeff stared at him, simple as that, before he ran off towards his room, suddenly feeling his blood boil with the same fury that boiled in Matt's blood and as soon as he walked through the door, he'd shut his room and flopped down at his bed, grunting and groaning to himself and cursing his brother for being too damn protective of him before he decided that it was time to nod off to sleep and he licked his lips one more time, with the taste of the cherry red substance still at the back of his throat, the blonde tried to sleep...

'Sleep, sweetie. I'll be watching.'

Mike turned over his bed with wide eyes, unable to sleep. He tried to dream but his dreams were made of just a black void of nothingness and that sucked. He wanted to fall asleep for once because of the tiredness but there was something that prevented him from finally falling asleep, as if his eyes were glued open and he was searching for something in the condensed darkness of his room and he tried to tell himself that this was all too insane but he couldn't bring himself to think that this was all an illusion. This darkness around him...he could feel it. He could feel the thick condensed agony of the darkness as it engulfed him. He could feel the ripping pain of it all and he didn't know why he felt this way. He just did. The weight of the world was suddenly crushing down Mike's shoulders and he choked back a tear as he stared up at the ceiling. Suddenly, too fragile and weak.

'Can't dream?'

Jeff's wide eyes stared up at the ceiling, no words coming out of his mouth. He was staring at the blackness for far too long and whimpers were suddenly rising from his throat and those soft green eyes were filled with fear and he couldn't understand why as he pressed his lips into a tight, too tight line and he hoped that the night would pass as he counted every second and every moment of this all and he felt as if he had been staring at the black ceiling for an eternity even if he had only counted it as minutes. And he licked his lips once more and was still astounded at the still faint taste of cherry red at the back of his throat.

'Awww...don't worry, sweet children. You'll need it soon enough.'



"Can't sleep."

"I know."

"Wanna talk?"

"I always wanna talk."

"All the times I've asked you to shut up, and now, I want you to talk. What is wrong with the world?"

"How rude!"

Just as Jeff was about to answer, he heard the sound of something and kicked off his covers before sliding out of his bed, stepping towards the window and then, those green orbs widened as he observed the black dull world that was right in front of him, nothing but blackness covering too much gray and the colors were just...gone...and Jeff could feel every movement, everything, the feel of the dead leaves as they rotted and the gray sky as it slowly tore apart into pieces and the painful sounds of the children crying that seemed too close even if they were so far away.


"The world's scary."

"...what happened?"

"I don't know. I don't know anything anymore..."

"...what happened, Mike?"

"I don't-"


No words coming out from the other end of the line. The line was disconnected?

Jeff bit his lower lip as he dialed Mike's number again but no answer and this banged fear and terror in the young boy's heart as he stared at the white phone in his hand.

"Dammit. Mike..."

Moments later, he heard the sound of the phone ringing again and Jeff answered it in moments, hoping to death that it was Mike calling and nothing had happened to his lifetime friend. "Mike?"

"I fell. I fell."

"Oh Mike. That is so like you."

"Who do you want me to be?"

A smile crept across Jeff's face and the fear vanished too quickly.

"Just yourself. Silly."

"I don't know who 'yourself' is. Sorry."


A giggle escaped Jeff's mouth. His smile dropped when he noticed how bitter it was.

"What did Matt do?"

"Ground me. What else?"

"Let me guess. Two months?"

"Two months."

Mike sighed. "I don't like your brother."

"Neither do I."

"Yup, you just like fucking him."

"Michael! That's evil! You know I'd never do anything like that. I'm innocent."

"Yup. Yup. You're about as innocent as I am, JeffJeff."

"Give me a little credit. I'm not that bad."

"You said you'd suck Cena off any day."

"How come whenever we talk about sex, you start babbling about Cena?"

"He's my greatest enemy."

"Awww, this is like Romeo & Juliet, huh?"

"No! How rude! I do not think of Cena as my 'Juliet'."

"You're on bottom."

"No! No! I'm not!"

Jeff chuckled once more and then his eyelids started to drop. "I'm gonna go to bed now. See you." He shut the phone and climbed on his bed, ready to think of anything to make him fall asleep and just as he fell asleep, he realized that he didn't dream at all, just blackness overlapping even more blackness, the world around him was suffocating him in this lack of color and just as he was about to relax in his sleep, he heard the sound of Matt calling him.

"Jeff! Wake up!"

'Someone's watching you, aren't they, lovely?'

Jeff whipped his head around. A voice.

A voice.

A sleek, thick, dark voice.

"Jeff? What's wrong?"

Jeff ignored his brother's own voice.

He swore he heard something.


Jeff finally lapsed into reality and looked at Matt before pooling a spoonful of cereal into his mouth and grinning. "You are so strange sometimes," Matt mumbled under his breath but not too inaudible so Jeff had heard the words.

"That's mean, Matty."

"I'm always mean, darlin'. I can't be nice and lay down rules at the same time."

"Yes, you can."

"No, I can't."

And the thoughts of the blackness was still at the back of Jeff's mind, provoking him but for now, he went back to eating his usually sweet honey Cheerio's.

They tasted bitter.


Mike's eyes stared out into the window.


Just a mass of nothing.


Fear banged into his body.

"Yes, I'm scared."

"Mike...who are you talking to?"

Mike simply whipped his head to look at his mother standing there and he let a blush creep on his face as he tried to make up an excuse but that look of astoundement was still on her face as Mike tried to hide his too rosy pink face by holding his head in his hands and tried to compose himself and find a reason for all of this insanity and fear and blackness that was going on in the world around him all of a sudden and when he realized that there was nothing to be scared of, he let a simple smile creep on his face.

Though he shunned the fact that he still felt the fear.

He just didn't know why.

'Look outside. The sky is beautiful.'


Stirring gray.

No sky.

There was no sky.

Jeff bit his lower lip and ran his hand through his hair. No colors.

"Jeff? What are you doing?"


Matt sat beside him and held onto Jeff's shoulder, "the sky's very blue, isn't it?" he smiled, suddenly realizing that that was what Jeff had been watching, the blueness of the beautiful sky that smeared across the open sky.

Jeff just can't see it. "Yeah. Yeah, it is."

'Night time, sweethearts.'


Mike can't sleep. Wide awake eyes.


The same routine all over again and when he tried to close his eyes, he wouldn't feel any better. It was like something, or rather someone, was watching him, seeing his every move, knowing all of his secrets, seeing and counting every breath that he was taking from his soft pink lips. Inhalation. Exhaling. He knew every inhale of oxygen that was coming into his mouth and he laid on his bed as he looked up at the ceiling and he was counting every moment that passed.

I could die any second now.



'I'll see you in the next sixteen years.'

Jeff didn't say anything. Just stared. Silence. Blackness suffocating his body. No words. The bitterness of the world was still at the tip of his tongue, the intoxicating taste of his cereal and his lunch and his dinner, still too bitter for his entire body and it was poisioning every organ in his body and he slowly let his eyes close, the darkness engulfed and nothing was left in his thoughts but thoughts of things all too


'Lick my lollipop

& you lick Hell.

Tastes sweet, doesn't it...?'


& blackness.

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