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'our story has come to an end...'


The scent.

The sight.

It seemed like a dream.


'home...are you safe now?'

Matt had woken up from his sleep.

It was midnight.

Jeff still hadn't woken up.

He couldn't sleep much. He walked over to Jeff's room and opened the door only to see Jeff laying there, in Matt's black and blue clothing and Matt didn't dare open the lights because that would burn their eyes to the core, especially at their tiredness right now, he laid down next to Jeff and kissed his forehead. Jeff twisted his head at Matt, pressing his head onto Matt's shoulder.

Matt leaned down to sniff Jeff's hair.

"What the hell am I? Perfume?"

"Jeff! You're back!"

"Where did I go?" Jeff chuckled.

"But yes, you are perfume. I love that shampoo you use."

"That's just an excuse to smell my hair."

"It is."

That was what made Jeff look up at Matt and both of their eyes locked and the intensity that was between them, just staring, Jeff leaned towards Matt's lips, kissing him, softly but Matt had deepened the kiss.



"Who's being silly now?"

"I know! ME!"


"See? This is how annoying you are!"

Jeff got on top of Matt, leaning down to kiss him once more and Matt wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist, flopping him down so that their positions switched and Matt was on top. "You honestly don't think that you're dominant, Jeff?"

"...I wanna! I wanna!"

"And that's the type of attitude that makes you cute as a girl."

"I'm not a girl!"

"Yes, you are...doll."

"I am not a doll!"

"Yeah, you sure whine too much."


Jeff giggled, holding onto Matt's shoulders. Those eyes locking with each other and Matt couldn't ask for anything more than Jeff as he held onto him and soon, Jeff fell asleep and for once, instead of the face of blackness that Jeff had in his sleep, his face was conquered by the emotions of relaxation and peace and that made Matt feel as if everything would be okay and he heard the sound of the door crack open as Candace ran inside, her face plastered with joy as she sat down and told him how John and Mike had taken her outside to the funniest day ever but she expressed her concern for Mike, who didn't talk to John throughout the day and as Candace's eyes dropped from exhaustion and a yawn escaped her throat, Matt chuckled, watching her lie down beside Jeff and fall fast asleep and the look that was on Candace's face mirrored Jeff's and Matt himself felt his eyelids drop as he listened to the imaginary soft music in his head to match the scene.

Something about a scene, something about dummies, something about sex and drugs.

He yawned once more and covered his mouth, burying his head in the scent of Jeff's hair and finally falling asleep...

'oh, you're so safe...'

Candace took a piece of candy and shoved it in her mouth, giggling.

It was around midnight and she had gone over to John and Mike's room, where Mike was fast asleep and John was watching her shove the candy into her mouth as he brought her close to him, rubbing her back and looking at the dark black of her nightgown, a designer t-shirt that was once Mike's but he had unwillingly gave it to the girl and she just loved the scent and John did too.

Mike's scent was one of a kind.

Mixed with soap and candle.

It was a type of scent that was very indescribable but reminded you of those two things. Soap and candle.

And a little honey sometimes.

It was probably some sort of Mizanin secret because Candace had skin that smelled so alike that, but with a hint of candle and more of honey, too sweet for John's appeal but Mike's scent was so damn perfect.

"Is cousin Mike sad?"

That snapped John out of his trance. "Yes, he's sad."

Candace stared at Mike and at this sleeping state, he didn't seem neither peaceful nor disturbed, just dead. The thought made Candace shiver as she had taken another piece of candy, a strawberry-flavored piece and shoved it in her throat. "Why is Michael sad?"

"Mike is going through a hard time...he just got better but-"

"I understand."

John shook his head, holding onto Candace's frail shoulders, "you don't understand, Candy. You're younger than Mike is. You can't fully understand the full meaning of the pain that Mike's going through. I can't even sometimes. But he's gonna be okay. I can feel it. He just needs time..."

Candace's eyes were spilling with tears. "No."

She shook her head, over and over. "He won't be okay. This happened to my mother...this happened to her...he won't be okay! He won't! He won't! He's gonna get hurt! He's gonna get hurt bad! Save him, Mr. Cena! Save him!"

John held onto Candace's face, watching as she whimpered and cried over her sad cousin.

"There, there, Candy...breathe..."

She sobbed but tried to contain herself.


Candace's eyes locked with John's but she couldn't stop sobbing and she wouldn't. She buried her head into John's stomach, letting her tears get absorbed by his thick clothing, her body shaking and shivering and his face pale and her voice cracked but soon, Candace's eyes had dried of tears and she lay there in John's arms, not saying a word, just silent and not falling asleep, just staring into the black space of the room.

'you're wrong, sweethearts. our blood still trickles.'

John's arms were wrapped around Mike's waist.

Mike didn't say anything.

"Talk to me, Mike..."

"Get away from me, John."

"Why are you so angry at me? I just don't understand anything anymore."

Mike didn't say anything.

The silence engulfed him.

"Candace is crying for you, Mike."

Mike's eyes are threatening to shed tears for himself.

"She thinks you're going to die..."

Mike turned to face John's face, to see the pain that was crossing John's face himself and Mike pressed his head towards John's shoulder, trying to forget about the desolation of it all, the memories of the strip club that was still fresh in his mind, the way he felt exposed up there on the stage, the way that Matt had raped him, hard, and the way that everything all panned out, he was in so much pain and desolation because of it all and he didn't know if he could move on. He could see the sun peek out in the blue sky and his heart just basically stopped as he had walked towards the sky, opening the window to see the soft blue sky, instead of the gray ones that he was so used to and his eyes watered with tears, burning, and he could just see the beauty of the world around him now, the chirping birds, the colors that bathed in the sky all too beautifully, the sun that shone proudly and John put his hand onto Mike's shoulder as Mike choked out his words. "The-the's blue."

When he'd licked that lollipop, the entire world was too dark, too gray, too bitter but now, there were colors...lots of colors...

Oh, for so long, they seemed like a dream.

" couldn't see that before?"

Mike shook his head, "blind. Blind. I was so damn blind...and now...God, it's so beautiful."

Mike looked at John's face, saw the color that lit up into John's eyes, for the first time, the sunlight that reflected against those soft baby blue eyes, it made Mike's heart burn with joy and redemption.

"You're beautiful, Mike."

"I know."

Followed by the cocky remark, Mike had chuckled, a died out soft laugh.

But that was enough.

We'll hold on.

'& do you still believe in fairytale endings?'

Candace stood there, watching the blue sky, her lips puckered into a tight line and her eyes just scanning the sky, as if there was something here that she was supposed to be waiting for and her heart was beating, telling her that someone was ready to take her and as she looked back, she stared at Mike, who was asleep now, next to John, and Jeff and Matt had come over and now, they were all huddled up and as she heard a grunt, she walked over to her cousin. Mike.

Mike's eyes were staring at the tiny girl as emerald eyes stared back.


"Don't let yourself get hurt," she could barely squeak out the words. "We love you! Don't hurt yourself!"

Mike stared at her as she continued to talk.

"They found Mommy on the floor...she was on the bathroom...and she had a lot of medicine...she was sick, wasn't she? There was so much blood..." Mike's eyes widened and he realized that she was describing a suicide scene. "Don't be sick like her! Please!"

In some odd way, she was telling him not to commit suicide.

But Mike's thoughts had reached to that point yet.

He did wonder of his death.

What would happen if he died...?

Would anyone notice?

And now, staring at those strong but also soft green eyes, he didn't need an answer because he knew that she'd miss him, she'd miss him too much and so would John and so would Jeff and Matt, his friends, the only thing that made him be proud to hold his head high and as he rolled his tongue into his mouth and bit his lower lip, thinking, just thinking, he laid his head onto John's shoulder.

"Are you gonna get better, cousin Mike?"

Mike nodded his head. "No icky medicine." He grinned.

"I don't like it either!" she giggled.

"Typical Mizanin's."

Candace and Mike's eyes went towards John's face where laughing blue eyes were looking at them and Candace yawned before she walked towards Matt and sat down towards them. "I'm not listening..."

Mike rolled his eyes. "Don't listen to her. She's listening."

"Am not!"

"I used to do that trick too!"

"I do not do tricks!"

John laughed. "You're fighting with a ten year old, Mike!"


John kissed the top of Mike's head. "Go back to sleep."

Mike shook his head. "I don't wanna!"

"You are so cute!"

"You're acting as if I'm a baby! How rude!"

"You still do that 'how rude' thing?"

Mike nodded his head and grinned, leaning down to capture his lips with John's.


They broke apart when Candace stood there with wide eyes and a disgusted look on her face.

"Maybe we should stop-"John was about to suggest but Mike held onto John's face and pressed his lips towards him, their tongues twisting into each other and Candace moved away, squealing and shaking her head at them, showing her disgust in words while they passionately made out and by the time that John pulled away, it was to give Mike and him space to breathe.

"That was evil!" Candace exclaimed.

Mike nodded his head. "Well, I love him."

John stiffened. " do?"

Mike looked into those eyes, forgetting that they were somewhere, just getting lost into each other's oceans. "Your rabbit's name was Mike. And you doddled my why didn't we get together?"

"We're idiots."

"All mixed up in a world filled with idiots like us."


And they didn't need anymore words.

'& we're left so lifelessly...'

Everyone had fallen asleep now.

It was very late.

An hour after Mike had told John he loved him, he counted.

Mike peeked out of the balcony to see Candace standing there and he walked towards her, leaning down to her eye level and watching the world, trying to see what she was seeing, trying to search for what she was searching.

"She's coming for me."

Mike stared at her.

Candace pointed to the black sky. "She."

"Aunt Danielle?"

Candace nodded her head. "Mommy is coming for me."

"Candy...Candy, sweetie..."

Mike wanted to explain to her that her mother was dead, that this couldn't possibly happen but her eyes were solemn and her face was paler than ever. She was dead serious about this and he didn't want to hurt her but he had no other choice.


"Don't tell me I'm crazy. I know I'm not."


"I know I'm not crazy!"

Mike sighed and silence engulfed them for a while before Candace stared back at the sky and she muttered something under her breath before she walked towards the door and Mike followed her as she walked through the hotel, outside, back toward the forest, too near the line, the yellow line of horror and he grabbed onto her hand, staring at her as she twisted her head.

Her eyes were serious. "She's calling go back there..."

Her childhood was there. Her toys. Her life.

"It's not safe out there, Candace. You're still only ten. When I was thirteen and I walked through that line, I made a big mistake."

She stared at him, not saying a word for such a long time as thunder sparked in the sky, followed by a crash of lighting and rain fell, droplets turned into a shower storm and it wasn't long until Mike started to shiver but Candace, who was too used to the rainy weather, just stood there. "Candy, where are you going...?"

"Back. Home."

"That's not home! It's not safe!"

Candace shook her head. "Safe...with all my toys, my childhood, my memories...Mike-"

"It's not safe." Mike shook his head. "It's not safe, Candy."

Candace looked down at the ground. "I know."

Mike raised an eyebrow. "What?" he managed to choke out.

"Life is bitter and death is sweet."

She simply stared up at him, those once emerald eyes that were shining with too much joy were now shining with a thick layer of sadness overtaking her eyes and it wasn't long before she walked off but Mike tried to reach for her but she'd already gone beyond the line that now Mike was terrified to cross.

"Life is bitter and death is sweet." She repeated.

"Candy! What does that mean?!" Mike was shouting to her as he watched her disappear into the darkness and there was nothing left as the rain stopped falling and everything had faded into a blur, nothing was left, Candace was back into her 'home' and Mike continued to call her out. "CANDY?!"




'& is she gone now?'

Mike had walked back towards his room, unable to comprehend why Candace had gone back, but in someway, he understood. This new enivornment that was home for Mike wasn't home for Candace, she lived in a forest, she breathed in forests, she loved lakes and she knew how to handle herself but in some way he still couldn't understand and he sat down onto his bed again but felt his ass press against something, he only moved away to see a black opal...adorned with red...

Dehlia's wedding ring.

'Thank you, Mike. For everything.'

A warm smile made its way to Mike's face as he slipped the ring in his finger.

'it tastes so sweet...'

For all I've done,
I still remember,
the coldness of December,
For all I've done,
I'll always remember,
the flames of ember
that burned us to the edge...
For all I've done,
I pray.
For my friends & family...

~ The Miz & Jeff Hardy

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