From Perfect Strangers

Summary: No matter how much time passes, Chekov and Sulu never lose the love they have for each other. Three separate moments in Chekov and Sulu's relationship.

Author Note: Yay! More Chekov/Sulu. You think I'd get tired of writing this pairing, but I have SO much more planned for these two. *Evil grin* This was written as a sort-of sequel to 'Coincidences', but it can be taken as a stand alone story.

Also, Chekov is about nineteen in this. I decided to write him a bit older, just so I could make out that he and Sulu have been together for a while now. Don't worry though, he's still the same Russian whiz kid we all know and love. :-)

It's probably a bad idea to put this up now because I'm notoriously bad at updating multi-chapter works; but my exams are starting tomorrow and if it doesn't go up now, you'll all have to wait two weeks. If I don't update regularly, it's because of the exams- but since I'd much rather write FanFiction then revise, hopefully I'll get chapters up pretty quickly. :-) * Fingers crossed*

Disclaimer: Don't own. Honestly.


Sharing a bed

When Hikaru Sulu was awoken from his sleep by the shrill beep of his alarm, he found himself momentarily disorientated. He lay on his back staring at the white ceiling above him, before blinking once, twice, and turning over on his side to blearily take in the Earth Standard time displayed in red letters on the small clock on his bedside table. An audible groan escaped his lips as the time entered his mind through the fogginess of early morning, and he turned himself back over to face the sleeping body next to him, sitting up and shaking them gently.

"Pav? Time to get up." When his words produced no comment, he shook Chekov again. "Pavel? It's fifteen minutes till Alpha Shift"

"Mnngh," was the half awake reply Sulu finally received from his partner. Chekov, was for the most part, a very bright and awake person, but Sulu knew that if you gave Chekov a warm bed and a comfortable duvet, the Russian was likely to stay there forever

"Come on Pasha" Sulu coaxed, but Chekov was too sleepy to care, giving another intelligible moan and curling up further into a ball under the duvet, eyes closed and breathing softly. It was moments like this that Sulu loved the most, when Chekov slept, his face free of worry and truly looking like the young man he was. Sulu felt almost sad that he had to spoil the moment. Almost. As quietly as he could, so not to alert his partner, Sulu manoeuvred himself out of bed, so he was standing over Chekov. He looked at the serene look on the navigators face for a moment, before reaching for pillow, gripping the ends tightly, one in each hand as he raised it over his head.

"Pasha" he said loudly watching as the Russian opened his eyes slowly and looked up quizzically, before he bringing it down where Chekov's chest should have been. The majority of the force was muffled by the duvet, but needless to say, the Russian awake quickly, twisting over to the other side of the bed to avoid another hit and promptly falling off bed for his trouble. There was a thump and a muffled 'ouch' before a haywire mop of blonde curls reappeared, Chekov looking up irritably at Sulu.

"Hikaru!" he complained indignantly, pulling himself up off the floor, his cheeks tinted with a pink against the paleness of his porcelain skin. Sulu couldn't help notice but notice Chekov was only wearing a pair of black boxers, and he had to remind himself that they had- now twelve minutes- before they had to be on the bridge. The helmsman however tried his best to look innocent.

"Problem?" he asked nonchalantly although the pillow still held loosely in his hands was a clear indication of his guilt.

"You're my problem" Chekov replied, but there was a smile in his eyes, as he picked up the pillow from his side of the bed, launching it over at Sulu's head, the helmsman not getting out of the way fast enough for it to avoid hitting him in the face.

"I wasn't ready!" Sulu exclaimed, recovering fast enough to fire his own pillow back across at Chekov, but Pavel stepped out of the line of fire easily.

"Getting slow in your old age, 'Karu?" Chekov joked.

"I'll show you slow", Sulu replied, running round the other side of the bed. Chekov was already trying to get out of the way, but Sulu was seemingly a faster runner this morning, grabbing hold of Chekov, the momentum sending the two of them to the floor. Sulu quickly used this to his advantage, sitting astride Chekov's legs, stopping the Russian getting up as Sulu began tickling Pavel's bare chest.

"St....stop it …Hikaru!" Chekov managed to choke out between laughing, trying to wriggle out of Sulu's grip.

"Am I old then?" Sulu asked, enjoying every second as Chekov's giggles filled the room, the nineteen year old trying to find breathe left to reply.

"N…no....Sulu, stop... please" Sulu acquiesced, moving off Chekov, laughing with the Russian as his partner recovered.

"You awake now?" Sulu grinned as he got up to his feet, holding a hand out to Chekov before pulling the Russian up.

"Shut up, 'Karu" Chekov replied, although there was humour in his voice "Did you vake me up for someone important?"

"Alpha shift in ten minutes" Sulu reminded him, flicking a glance at the clock. A similar groan escaped Chekov's lips that had escaped Sulu's before. "You better go get ready"

Chekov nodded, and went off back into his own quarters- that were joined with Sulu's – to wash and change. Both of them had different routines for getting ready before shift, which hadn't had to change when they'd moved in together. The only difference now was that they slept in the same bed-, which suited them both very well, although sleeping wasn't always on the forefront of their minds- and that each other's stuff like books or toiletries always seemed to find itself taking up residence in the opposite room.

A couple of minutes later, Chekov came back into Sulu's quarters, freshly washed and more alert looking. His hair had been brushed, but the wild curls that he possessed obviously hadn't been tamed, some tufts still sticking up at strange angles, which always made Sulu smile.

"Have you seen my trousers?"

"Over here by the wardrobe" Sulu pointed at the item of clothing, trying to get changed into his uniform but becoming very distracted by the semi naked Russian wandering round his room, with seemingly no modesty. He'd changed from the black boxers to a pair of white ones, but that didn't seem to have helped Sulu. To be honest, it'd just left more to his sordid imagination.

"Thief" Chekov muttered lightly as he walked over to where Sulu had pointed, grabbing the crumpled heap up off the floor and putting them on, hoping the creases would come out soon. "Stealing my clothes"

"You didn't seem to mind last night" Sulu replied suggestively, coming up behind his partner and wrapping his hands around the Russian's waist possessively. "In fact," he continued, running butterflies kisses slowly down Chekov's neckline ", you quite liked the idea of me taking your trousers"

Chekov moaned as one of Sulu's kisses strayed on the dip between his neck and shoulder blade, and he couldn't help but turn round to face Sulu, their lips meeting properly. Sulu responded all too readily, deepening the kiss with an intensity that suggested the start of something rather then just a quick snog before work. It was always so hard to have self-control when Chekov was involved.

"Have…have you seen my shirt?" Chekov managed to disengage from the kiss long enough to ask, although he did so grudgingly, as he would have much rather had stayed locked in the kiss.

"You don't need it" Sulu whispered wickedly into Chekov's ear, in the voice that always managed to send shivers down the Russian's spine. "I like you better without it "One of Sulu's hands ran across Chekov's chest to make his point, and it was becoming very hard for Chekov to think coherently, especially with Sulu kissing like that.

"Hikaru…we're on duty"

"No yet," Sulu flicked a quick glance at the clock, before deciding not to tell Chekov that they had five minutes to get on the bridge. "We'll make it there in time"

Both of them doubted the validity of his statement, but both were past caring now as they moved deeper into the kiss, Sulu carding his fingers through Chekov's hair while the Russian attempted to remove Sulu's shirt.

"You ever going to grow tried of this, Pasha?" Sulu muttered, then groaned as he felt Chekov's hands move slowly across his chest. " Being with me?"

Chekov didn't even have to pause, catching Sulu's eyes seriously "No Hikaru. Never"

When Sulu and Chekov arrived ten minutes late on the bridge, their hair ruffled and both breathing fast, none of the bridge crew believed their excuse that they slept in late.