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Author's Notes: Okay, so I really enjoy writing daughter fic's! Dean makes such a good dad, though! This one is a LOT different than my other one. This story begins in the first season, between Bugs and Home. It will continue (in segments) till the show ends. So, yeah, I'm in it for the long haul! I'm not too crazy about this first chapter, but it had to be written. I'll get into the episodes in the next chapter. So...if anyone is still reading this...go!

In my daughters eyes, I am a hero
I am strong and wise, and I know no fear
But the truth is plain to see
She was sent to rescue me
I see who I want to be
In my daughter's eyes

-Martina McBride

Bobby Singer answered the loud knock at his door. He was surprised to see Jacob Nash, an old hunter friend, standing there. A little blonde girl was hovering behind him. At first Bobby thought it was his daughter, but then remembered that Jacob's daughter would be over twenty by now.


"Do you know how to get in touch with the Winchester boys?" The man asked, not even saying hi.

"Uh, yeah." Bobby answered, taken aback. "I have their cell phone numbers. Do you need them?"

"No." Jake said. He roughly pulled the little girl forward. "My daughter claimed that the oldest one fathered this child. I don't know if that's true or not, but my daughter is dead and I can't take care of this girl. I'll just leave her here and you can call that boy to come and get her."

"But-." Bobby started, but Jake was in his truck and gone before he could get the rest of his words out. He looked at the little girl standing on his porch.

"What's your name, honey?" He asked her, leading her inside.

"Danielle." She answered.

She pushed some of stringy blonde hair from her face and Bobby could see some definite resemblance to a young Dean. The eyes, the freckles, the shape of her nose.

"Look." Bobby adjusted his hat. "I'm gonna go call Dean, see how far away they are."

Danielle sat at his table, hugging her bag to her. She was sad that her mother was dead, but glad to be away from her grandfather. She wondered what her father would be like. She only knew cruelty at the hands of men, mainly her grandpa.

"I don't know, Dean." She could hear Bobby talking in the other room. "Did you ever have a thing with Jake Nash's daughter? Well, then I'd say she probably is yours. She sure looks like you. I don't know. He just left her here, said you could have her. Dean, I can't take care of her. You have to come get her. Okay, we'll be here. Okay. Bye."

"They're just coming out of Oklahoma." Bobby told her, coming back in. "Should be here in about ten hours or so. Can you, uh, hang out till then?"

Danielle nodded and looked around. Her stomach rumbled loudly, and she looked down, scared he was going to yell at her.

"You're hungry?" Bobby asked. She nodded, not looking up from the floor. "I'll make you a sandwich, how about that?"

"Okay." She whispered.

A few minutes later, she was eating a ham and cheese sandwich and drinking a glass of milk. She liked this man, Bobby; he was being very nice.

"Do you know my dad well?" She asked him.

He was surprised that she had spoken to him. "Yeah. I've known him and his brother since they were younger than you. How old are you, by the way?"

"Twelve." She answered, taking another bite. "What's he like?"

"Well...he's something else, let's just say that." Bobby chuckled.

"Is he mean?"

Bobby thought she was kidding, but the look in her eyes told him she wasn't. What kind of life had this little girl led to make her want to ask a question like that?

"No. He's a good guy."

"What about his brother?" She asked. "My uncle. Is he mean?"

"No." Bobby shook his head. "Sam is a good guy, too."


"I promise."

Several hours later, the Impala was pulling into Bobby's driveway. Danielle, who had kept herself occupied by reading through some old books, peered out the window. She could make out two human shapes in the dark, one very tall, the other slightly shorter, making their way up to the front door.

"She's in here." Bobby said, leading the brothers in.

Danielle eyed them, wondering which on was her dad. The tall on with the shaggy hair, maybe? Or was it it the shorter one, in the leather jacket?

"Well, she certainly looks like you, Dean." The tall one said. So he must be her uncle, Sam. That would make the short one...oh.

He was studying her like he couldn't quite believe his eyes. He came closer. "What's your name?" He asked.

"Danielle Winchester." She answered, not looking at him.

"Your last name is Winchester?" Her uncle asked. He sounded surprised.

"It's on my birth certificate." She said, pulling it out of her bag. "Even though my grandpa refused to call me that."

Dean studied the birth certificate quickly. There he was, listed as the father. So even if this girl wasn't really his, legally she was. He handed it to Sam to look at.

"Why did your grandfather leave you here?" He asked her.

"He said he didn't want me." She sounded indifferent. "It's okay. I don't want him, either."

"Sam." Dean motioned for his brother to come closer. "We have to take her with us."

Sam sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "I know. I don't know how we're gonna find dad with her in tow, but we'll figure out something."

Twenty minutes later, she had said good bye to Bobby and was now sitting in the backseat of the Impala. Her dad was blasting Pink Floyd. He had told her to call him Dean for now.

"Is that all you have?" Her uncle had turned around in the seat and was talking to her. He nodded to her bag.


"Dean, she's gonna need some stuff." Sam said.

Dean sighed. "Like what?"

"Like clothes, bath stuff, and other girl things." Sam rolled his eyes. "Just find a Wal-mart or a K-Mart, okay?"


They found a SuperCenter two towns later. Dean opted to wait in the car while Sam took Danielle shopping. Danielle liked Sam already, but she was unsure about her father. He seemed so gruff.

In the store Sam let her pick out some clothing and some new shoes. He also grabbed her some shampoo and other toiletries. It only took them about an hour to get it all.

"You really need a new bag, don't you?" Sam asked, thinking back to the old, dirty canvas bag she had.

She shrugged. That bag was the same one she always had. Why did she need a new one? Sam insisted, however, and she picked out a big, bright pink, bag.

"Is this okay?" She asked him.

"I think that's perfect." Sam said. "You want some books or something? You know, for the road."

He was actually going to buy something that she didn't need? Wow.

She picked out a few different young adult books and some magazines. Sam bought her a little denim backpack to carry them in. Then they went to the check out lanes.

By the time they got back out to the car, Dean was fast asleep.

"Shh." Sam held his finger to his lips. He and Danielle crept over to the car and quietly climbed in. Sam reached over and honked the horn loudly. Dean jumped.

"Roast beef!" He shouted, before realizing where he was. "You suck." He muttered. He turned around and eyed the shopping bags surrounding the girl (he still refused to think of her as his daughter) in the backseat. "You think you bought enough?"

"She needed a lot." Sam said, still laughing. Even Danielle was giggling quietly, but she stopped when he looked at her. Her eyes widened and she shrunk back.

"Kid-." He started, but Sam interrupted.

"Her name is Danielle." He hissed.

"Okay, Danielle. You know I'm not gonna hurt you, don't you?"

She shrugged. No, she didn't know that. If she said or did the wrong thing, he or Sam might get mad and beat her, like grandpa.

"Well, I'm not and neither is Sam." Dean continued, starting the car. It roared to life. "I have a vague idea what kind of man your grandpa was, so you need to know that Winchester's don't hit women."

"Unless they're demons." Sam added.

"Right." Dean looked in the rearview mirror at her. "Is that clear?"

"Yes." She whispered. She understood what he was saying, but what if he was lying? She decided she would try to relax and worry about it if either of them showed any signs of anger.

That night they stopped at a little motel. Sam and Dean helped Danielle carry her things in. She threw out her old stuff and packed her new bag with her new clothes.

"You want to take a shower, Dani?" Sam asked.

She looked at him. Only her mother had ever called her that. "What did you call me?"

"Dani." He said. "Is that okay?"

"Yeah." She said.

She used her new shampoo and conditioner on her hair. It felt good to wash it clean. She scrubbed her face with a washcloth, then washed her body, careful to avoid the welts just healing on her back. She knew she should ask someone for some salve to put on them before they became infected, but she didn't want the guys to know about them.

When she came out of the shower, the little room smelled heavily of food.

"I didn't know what you would like." Her dad said, handing her a bag. "So I just got you a plain cheeseburger and some fries. Oh, and a sweet tea."

"Thank you." She said. The last thing she had eaten had been that sandwich at Bobby's. She tore into her food, Sam and Dean watching in amazement.

"Dean," Sam said. "She really is your daughter."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Shut up."

Danielle knew they were teasing her, but she didn't care. She was starving. After she had eaten her fill, she noticed that someone had had a little cot brought in for her and had made it up.

"I figured you'd rather sleep on that than with me or Dean." Sam explained. "Since you really don't know us yet."

"Thank you." She said again. She wasn't used to people being this nice to her, except for her mom. She climbed into the cot and Sam covered her up. "Good night."


The last thing she saw before her eyes drooped shut was the two of them whispering heatedly in the corner.

"I think that old S.O.B beat her pretty bad." Sam was saying. He looked over at his niece's sleeping form. "Why else would she act like she does?"

Dean ran his fingers through his hair. It had been a long day. "I don't know." He said. It made him angry to think that he'd had a daughter out there for twelve years that he never knew about, let alone that she had been being treated cruelly.

"We're keeping her with us." Sam told him.

"I know that." Dean replied. "What else would we do with her?"

"Just...don't get any ideas." Sam said.

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"You know what it means." Sam said, laying back on his bed.