Malcolm's Wedding

Malcolm is sitting in a bridal store looking out the window he hated it that Emily felt the need to drag him dress shopping when personally he didn't care how she looked she was beautiful to him anyway he hadn't had a Saturday to himself in six weeks he hoped this was it

Emily walks out in a white strapless gown with sequins covering the top and a train that sequins running down it and a veil that has daisies going around the head piece "how do I look ?"

Malcolm turns back around from where he's been gazing out the window he gets up and walks over towards her "You look beautiful"

Emily gives him a look "that's what you said about every other dress I've tried on"

Malcolm looks at her "I just want you to pick one already"

Emily smiles at him "I get the point now come on I found the cutest little tux"

Malcolm gives her a look as she drags him to the back of the store it's not that he didn't like it when Emily picked out tux's for him to try on it's just (Malcolm walks out from behind some curtains wearing a tuxedo with a big top hat on) she had weird taste he looks over at Emily "Sweetie do I really have to wear this"

Emily looks kinda disappointed "I thought it was cute"

Malcolm sees she's upset and walks over to her "It is it's just (pulls the top hat off) top hats just really aren't my thing"

Emily at him understanding "Well do you still like the tuxedo itself"

Malcolm looks at her "I love the tuxedo lets get this one I love the dress too why don't you get that one

Emily gives him a suspicious look "Are you just saying that so you want be forced to come shopping with me for one anymore"

Malcolm walks over and embraces her in a hug "that's exactly what it is"

Emily grins and he gives her a kiss

Emily pulls away after a few minutes " So have you choose a best man yet"

Malcolm looked at her with a nervous look he dreaded having to make a decision between Francis, Reese or Dewy they had already decided to make Coral the flower girl and Jamie the ring bearer so that was out of the way now it just came down to this

Emily sees that he's off in one of his thinking modes she knew that look in his eye "Malcolm !!"

Malcolm snaps back to reality "Yea"

Emily looks at him "Have you figured out who your best man is going to be yet ?"

Malcolm looks at her "Uhhh…no not yet"

Emily looks at him "Well you better hurry we only have two months until the wedding I already choose my maid of honor"

Malcolm looks at her "Yea but it's easy for you I have three brothers you only have one sister"

Emily laughs as they walk out of the store " So who is this Stevie guy agine":

Malcolm smiles at her as he gets in the car "I told you he was my best friend in high school"

Emily looks at him as she puts the stuff in the trunk "Ok well back to the best man"

Malcolm looked out the car window as she climbed in the car did she have to keep bringing that up

Emily gets in the car "I was thinking and maybe you should pick the brother that closetest to you"

Malcolm looked over at her that idea was so crazy it just might work "Well I've always been pretty close to Reese"

Emily smiles at him "Well there you go then"

Malcolm looks at her "Yea" but now how was he going to tell Francis and Dewy that they where just going to be his Groomsmen along with Stevie and Josh

Emily looks at him "Are you ok ?"

Malcolm looks at her "Yea I just don't know how I'm going to tell Francis and Dewy"

Emily smiles trying to comfort him " They'll understand"

The scene switch's to the Wilkerson's kitchen Malcolm is sitting at the table along with Dewy and Francis Emily and Piama are also there

Dewy and Francis look at him at once "You did what ?"

Malcolm turns to Emily " I thought you said they would understand"

Emily puts her arms around his neck "Yea I said they would understand I didn't say they would be happy about it"

Malcolm gives her a look