The scene changes they all run into the church it's about 20 minutes away

Lois comes running out of the bridel room "there you are Malcolm do you feel ok"

Malcolm smiles at her "Yea I drank a lot of coffee at the house so I just have a little headache now"

Lois smiles at him "Ok well were about ready" she runs back into the other room

Jamie runs up to them " Hey guys"

Reese bends down to him "Hey Jamie where are the rings at"

Jamie looks at Reese "How would I know where they are ?"

Reese looks at him "Well you are the ring bearer"

Jamie looks at him "Yea but your in charge of the rings" he runs off

Malcolm over hears them and starts panicing "Oh my gosh you lost the rings" Starts breathing heavily and sits down on a bench and covers his face with his hands "I can't believe this is happening"

Reese looks at Malcolm "Look don't panic"

Malcolm uncovers his face and looks at him "It's a little late for that"

Reese sits down beside him "look I know where the rings are"

Malcolm looks at him "really"

Reese looks at him "I think"

Malcolm goes back to panicing "ughhhhh…" his head falls onto Dewey's shoulder who has just sit down beside him

Reese looks at Dewey "Come on we have to find em"

Him and Reese jump up off the bench letting Malcolm's head fall against it

Malcolm puts his hands over his face "Owwww…"

The scene changes to the sanctuary Malcolm and the Priest are up front Malcolm's still panicing Reese hasn't showed up with the rings yet

The Priest looks over at Malcolm "Are we getting cold feet ?"

Malcolm manages to smile at him "No sir"

The wedding party starts to come in

Malcolm starts to talk to himself "Come on Reese"

Dewy walks Carol down the isle and then joins Malcolm

Malcolm scoots closer to him they try to keep from letting everyone know there's anything wrong "Did ya'll find the rings ?"

Dewy scoots over toward him "Yea he was going to park the car and he'll be in here"

Malcolm looked over "I wish he would hurry" he sees Christy giving him a look and pointing towards her wrist he knew she was waiting on Reese to walk her down the isle and he starts mouthing something to her all of a sudden Reese shows up from behind the door Malcolm breaths a sigh of relief as he walks Christy down the Isle and then joins him and Dewey, Stevie and Josh

Malcolm scoots over to Reese "Good timing" as the wedding march starts

The scene speeds ahead to near the end of the wedding

The priest looks at Emily and Malcolm "do you Emily take Malcolm to be your lofty wedded husband through sickness and in health for better and for worse until death do you part"

Emily smiles up at Malcolm "I do"

The priest then turns to Malcolm "And do you Malcolm take Emily to be your lofty wedded wife through sickness and in health for better and for worse until death do you part

Malcolm smiles at Emily "I do"

The priest smiles back at them " By the power vested in me by the state of California I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride"

Malcolm lifts Emily's vial and they share a long kiss as everybody stands up and claps

The scene changes to a month later Malcolm walks in the door of him and Emily's house Emily runs out of the living room to give him a kiss

Emily looks at him after they got done kissing "I have great news"

Malcolm smiles at her "So do I"

Emily hugs him and looks up "you go first"

Malcolm smiles at her "We finally closed the Petersons account"

Emily looks at him "Is that the people that have been giving you a headache everyday for the last month"

Malcolm laughs at her "Yep that's them you know they are the most self-centered, uncaring, horrible, despicable, most"

Emily could sense that Malcolm was babbling on and on "Malcolm !!"

Malcolm looks at her "Yea"

Emily begins to get a little tense before talking "I'm pregnant ?"

Malcolm freezes up "Pregnant as in a baby"

Emily gets excited "Yea isn't that great"

Malcolm smiles for a minute and then passes out

Emily walks over him and smiles nervously "Malcolm"

The scene fades