Dressing Gown

A/N: Just a drabble. I've noticed Hermione always seems to be wearing a pink dressing gown. The girl needs another one..

I stretched my eyes open and let a smile slide onto my face. My seventh year of Hogwarts had been in session for exactly nineteen days. I was with Ginny in a lot of my classes since I'd gone back to school after a year. She and I shared a small dorm room. We were the only two in it. (Harry and Ron didn't know it, of course, but seventh years had two to a dorm instead of four. Lucky us. If they'd come back to school, they'd probably share a dorm as well.) I liked this. Life was good.

Ploof. A pillow landed on my face. I sat up and saw Ginny on her bed, stretched out and grinning.

"Happy birthday, Hermione," she said brightly.

Ah yes, my birthday—the nineteenth of September. A messy stack of presents was at the foot of my bed.

"Thanks," I replied, grinning, as I moved to attack my gifts. I picked up the first one and removed the card.

"Happy birthday Hermione-love, Mum and Dad," I read out loud. Wonderful. The fact that they'd remembered my birthday was real progress. It had been hard giving them their memories back after I zapped them to Australia. I'd managed, but they hardly remembered their childhoods and didn't know much about themselves. They knew who I was, but just barely. I stopped fingering the bright green package and tore it open.

"Hogwarts, A History," I sighed. "Guess they don't quite remember that I already have four copies."

Ginny saw my spirits sagging. "Open mine," she urged. I did so.

"Thanks, Ginny!" It was a beautiful eagle-feather quill. I continued opening my gifts—from Harry I got a huge box of sweets, from Molly; a watch and pink sweater, from George; a sample of products from the shop.

Ten minutes later, only one package remained. It was large and lumpy, and from Ron. I curiously tore it open.

A dressing gown fell out.

"Wonderful!" I exclaimed, as Ginny burst into laughter. "I needed one...been using my faded pink one for years now.." This one was white with colorful polka dots all over it. I pulled it on and let my fingers explore the pockets.

Ginny shook her head. "My brother has gone off the deep end. What kind of boyfriend gets a girl a dressing gown for a birthday gift?"

"My boyfriend," I replied menacingly, even though I privately agreed with my friend. "Oh, look, there's a note too!"

I fished a small envelope out of the deep pockets of the dressing gown and slit it open.

"Dear Hermione," I read aloud. "Here's a little something to hug you when I'm not there. Love you, Ron."

"That's sweet," admitted Ginny, sliding off her bed and shrugging on her own shabby, rather ugly dressing gown. "Wish I could get one."

"Wait, there's more," I interrupted, flipping over the paper. "P.S.."

My mouth dropped open.

"What what what?" exclaimed Ginny. "Oo, what is it?"

"Shut up for a sec, Gin," I said, grabbing the envelope from the table and flipping it upside down. Sure enough, a ring fell out and into my palms.

I screamed.

Ginny screamed. "Oh gawsh Hermione! Did he ask you did he ask you? HERMIONE JEAN GRANGER, WHAT DID THAT POSTSCRIPT SAY??!!!" When I only continued screaming, she grabbed the letter from my hands and read the postscript out loud.

"P.S, I love you. Marry me?" At that, she screamed too, and threw the letter on the ground. I was still shrieking at the top of my lungs, but I had paused long enough to slide the diamond onto my finger. Ginny hugged me, and we screamed together.

"And all because of a dressing gown," I said, falling to the bed as tears dripped down my face. "All because of a dressing gown.."

The End