Gabby Fic! Very, Very, Very AU/OOC


Summary: A woman knows the face of the man she loves, as a sailor knows the open sea. Honore de Balzac

This is just me trying to think of something original.

Cold Love.


So eventually Abby gets though the door to her house after spending the better part of an hour stuck in stupid rush hour traffic. She has a plan now though, get showered, get changed then go out and meet the guys, for a drink at the bar around the corner from work.

What to wear? Cocktail, or mini? Long or short? so many decisions!

All she wants do at the moment is fall into her coffin and hibernate until monday morning, but seeing as Abby opened her big mouth AGAIN that is going to have to wait until later. Damn me and my big mouth!

What a stessed filled week she had, although Abby would never let anyone know that. Maybe I should cut down on my intake of CafPow!... Nahh! Firstly to start of the week the guys upstairs had one of them cases were the killer seemed to be one step ahead of them all the way which meant that Abby was getting it in the kneck from all angles espeically Gibbs, normally he is understanding but the heck if he even knew what that meant this week. Then when she got home her phone kept on getting prank calls with someone just breathing down the phone. Now I have to admit that shook me up a little bit but hey it's not like I have never had a stalker before in my life.

Walking though to her room she just takes a moment to wonder on who it could have been on the phone these last couple of days, it can't be anybody from the cemetry because she hasn't been there in weeks. It couldn't be anyone one from work cause' they just wouldn't do that sort of thing. Except Tony! She could just tap her own phone and see who has been calling her but she can't be bothered so to hell with it.

Abby gets knocked out of her thoughts when the phone starts to ringing the lounge.

"Abby." Maybe I should just say hello like other people do.

"Abby cancel all your plans for tonight I'm coming over." The gruff voice on the other end of the phone said. Abby knew exactly who had been pranking her now and it is the same person on the other end of the phone at this very second.

"But I..." Trying to say her piece Abby got cut off buy the other mans voice.

"No buts Abby just do it." The sharp deep voice said.

"Yes Sir." She answered back in all seriousness. Could this week get any worse.

He hung up the phone just then and left her speachless. Why now?Why! Why! Why! I though i had left this crap behing AHH!

Abby was now storming around the apartment like a caged animal. Furiously she picked up the phone and dialed Tony's number.

"DiNozzo, how may I help?" Tony answered his phone with his best Sean Conerry voice.

"Heyy Tony, I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to cancel on you for tonight. I know its short notice but look, I'm really really sorry can you tell everybody that I'm not gonna be there, but I have forgotten to do something that needs to be done other wis...."

"Abby, Abs look I understand ok thanks for calling and make sure your safe doing whatever your doing ok." Tony had a little smile on his face but he just had to interrupt because she would have gone on and on and on.

"Thanks Tony, love ya bye." She didn't wait for a bye just hung up instead then when in her room and got dressed into sweats then when the short space into the lounge and jumped on the couch to chillax for a bit until her unwanted guest arrived.

Abby had so many secrets some of them even Gibbs didn't know and she didn't want to have to tell him either. At work they all thought of her as well Abby the Goth girl with too many tattoos but what they all don't know is were she actually had come from, what career she had done for the most part of her life, until her NCIS days. Not even Gibbs knows, she feels bad that she hasn't told him but she can't tell anybody absolutly nobody. That was a strict order.


Her stomach dropped when she had heard the thumps on the wooden door. She got up of the couch and walk the few steps it was to her door the opened it...

"Dad." She looked him in the eyes and knew then that there was something hinky going on with this scene infront of her.

When she was about six her mum had died in a car accident of course she was disaught but being only six she didn't understand very well. Her Dad, well what can she say he raised her then after, but not how you would have expected a young girl to be raised. Abby infact is a bit like Ziva in so many ways she has her Dad the only person to love her and teach her the ways of the world, was there for her and looked out for her back which is needed for what they did.

But on the other hand her Dad unlike Ziva's got her though college and and made sure she had a job at the end. Abby loves her dad, and can remember saying that she would do anything for him even on such short notice but now she wished she never said what she said.

"Abby, my my you have changed since the last time I saw you." He said this as he walk into the room moving around her after giving her a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Yes sir I have, people change." Abby wasn't sure why she had said that but hey ho she was Abby.

"So how is the job coming along then my dear?" He sat down on the couch after he taken his jacket off to put on the hanger.

"It's great I love it I wouldn't change it for the world." Abby stressed the word wouldn't but he didn't seem to notice like normally. Some people never change. She thought.

"Well Abby I have a propersition for you and I am not going to take no for an answer." He kept his eyes on the blank T.V staight ahead of him.

Ok so she really hadn't been telling the truth at work, she was in deep shit and so far it had risen ten fould. Her Dad, well he was a very powerful and also very talented at what he did, he was a sniper. Yep thats right much like Gibbs except he is contracted to do the US government's dirty work. What he did was very much under the radar, hidden if you will, he had his own team of people all over the world but none of them as good as his prodigy.

Yes that is were I come in to it I'm the prodigy, he started when my mother died, he would take me on hunting trips and although I didn't like to kill innocent animals it was the only way would be able to eat so I did what I had to do. But of course it esculated, he took me to the shooting range eveynight when I turned 12 he had contacts he could get me in. By the age of 17 I being the pupil overtook the master so he sent me out on very hard and high profile missions void of all emotions, eyes on the prize.

"Sorry sir, but I don't think I can go back to doing what I did." She turned from the door and walk in the direction of the lounge and sat in her leather desk chair, then faced him with steely eyes.

"You are the only person I can trust with this kind of mission Abby, my little girl, please for your old man? Look you are the best sniper in america Abs, I need you." He then looked up at her and she could she his aged face and couldn't say no to him even if she tried.

"Fine I will do it. It is going to be hard for me but I will try. Oh and I'm not the best sniper in America I think Gibbs is." She looked at her dad with a sheepish grin.

"Err... Actually you are. I have been traking you and you have still been going to the shooting range every other day like clock work Abby and you still have one hundered percent record sheet Gibbs only has a ninty-eight percent record sheet and Ziva has a ninty-two record sheet. So your still the best there is my dear." She could see the pride in his eyes as he looked at her.

"Sir they don't even know that I have one hundred percent aim, or that I can get a man twice the size of me to the floor single handed not even Gibbs, and... well I just feel like I'm untrustworthy like they will think they can't trust me anymore. God what about Gibbs Sir how can I do this to him?" She looked to the floor because she couldn't hold her Dad's eyes anymore.

"Look Abby, you don't have to tell them just say you are going on holiday to see some friends for a couple of months." He moved to the edge of the seat then took hold of Abby's hand.

"But I can't lie to them more then I already have Sir." Abby squeezed her Dad's hand, she brought her other hand up to wipe the tear that had fallen from her left eye.

"You Abby are the best damn lier that I know, don't be getting soft in your new life style." He chuckled at her then she looked up and started to laugh along with him."If you need to tell them then go ahead, but you need to make sure there are no emotions that get in the way of this job we are about to do ok?" He went back to serious then gently touched her face were the tears had been, she leaned into his touch, this was the first time he had shown her any affection to Abby in about ten years.

"Yes Sir. Infact I still have the gun you gave me for my 21st birthday." He looked up at her then gave her a quick smile.

"I should hope so as well." Abby was about to aswer when the Adams family theme tune broke out she jumped away and went to find her phone, It was still in her coat pocket which in turn was on her bed. Not bothering to look at the caller ID she just answered the phone...

"Abby here?"

"Heyy Abss wasup...."


Dum Dum Dummmmmmmmmmm. Who is on the other end of the line?!?!?!?

This is my first story in ages and I'd like to say that I do not what so ever know anything about the US government and/or snipering. I just type what is in my head (Not Everything Cause You Would Get A Bit Freaked Out). LOL

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