Out of sight

They couldn't hide away their feelings any longer. They knew nobody would approve. They thought they should keep it under wraps. They didn't know secrets can never be kept.








That's no way to speak to-

Let me guess, the greatest actor of our generation?

Well I was going to say Chad Dylan Cooper but that works too.

Whatever Chad.

Fine Sonny.

Good Chad.

You were supposed to say 'fine'.

Maybe I didn't want to!

Well maybe you have to.

And why would I have to do anything you say?

Because I'm Chad Dylan Cooper.

With that she screwed up the sheet of paper and put it in her jeans pocket. I refrained myself from chuckling, Mrs Bitterman was already giving me daggers from across the room.

I leaned back in my seat watching Sonny as she tried to keep the smile from her face; this is what I enjoy most. I enjoy the anger that flushes across her face; she's so cute when she's angry.

That's why I wind her up, just to see her forehead crease and her face scrunch up into that cute little thing she does.

Don't get me wrong, I like to see her happy. But she's always happy; nobody can be that happy all of the time.

It's like I'm her escape; with me she can let her anger out and not feel bad about it. Sure the tabloids call her a diva but she can't help it. When I'm around it's like a switch goes on and out comes the sarcasm, the side of her only I can see.

And that's just how I like it, she's a Random, I'm Mackenzie. Our shows are rivals and so are we; I can't show her my true feelings, not because I'm embarrassed of her, not one bit.

But who would agree to us being together?

Everybody started to stir in their seats; I didn't even notice Sonny already up and out of the door.

A/N: I might not continue, not sure yet. I like the idea and it won't be all about feelings but I got a bit setimental and decided to write this prologue. I will still continue with Channy In England for anyone that reads that :)