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It was time for Sonny's break so I decided to pay a visit to her set. Today is the day I'm going to tell her how I feel, I don't know how or when I'm going to do it but I will.

Upon entering the set I noticed Sonny speaking to Marshall, probably about her latest sketch idea from the look on her face.

Nico and Grady must have been off eating or something, yes I do know their names I just like to irritate my rival show.

When Marshall left Sonny skipped over to her bag and put her notebook.

"What's got you so happy Munroe?" I asked walking towards her.

"Marshall loved my new sketch idea" She beamed as I noticed she was going to carry on with some mad story. "It's about a really clumsy girl who walks around….

Should I just say it now? No I can't, maybe tomorrow, yeah tomorrow sounds great.

No, I can't keep putting this off I have to tell her. Wait is she still talking?

…so Marshall said we can start shooting it next week, isn't that great?" How can I say I feel this way about her if I can't even pay attention when she's talking?

"Yeah that's great Sonny." I said in a bored tone.

"Thanks for the enthusiasm Chad" She said sarcastically looking over her shoulder. "I'm going to find Tawni; she will be excited for me." She went to turn for the door.

"Wait Sonny sorry I was meant to say something." Here it goes Chad.

"What is it?" She asked her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Erm, well… would you like to go out tonight? For something to eat – just after work, nothing… special or anything." I asked, why didn't I just tell her?

"Me and you? Wait Chad what are you planning?" She questioned; raising an eyebrow.

"I'm not planning anything." I defended myself with my hands raised. "Why would I ever plan anything against you Sonny?"

She spent a few minutes thinking about my proposition then finally looked me in the eyes. "I'll come… on one condition." She said slowly with a smirk on her face.

"What is it?" I asked, dubious.

"I get to drive." She stated with her smirk widening.

"My car? No you can't drive my car, it's my baby!" I argued she was not winning this one.

"Fine I'm not coming." She walked out of the door, leaving me standing there alone.

"Sonny wait!" I yelled chasing her out to the corridor. She was talking to a guy from another show; I took her arm and turned her around.

"Chad that's rude!" She turned her head back to say sorry to the guy then looked back at me expectantly.

"Fine Sonny, you win." I muttered not wanting people to hear.

"What was that?" She said pointing her ear towards me dramatically.

"You win; you can drive my car tonight." I said glaring at her.

"Great it's a date, pick m-" Her face dropped noticing what she just said.

I rubbed the back of my neck nervously. "I'll pick you up at 6?" I mumbled walking away after she nodded.

Turning around I saw her face turn bright red, usually this would make me laugh but for some reason it didn't.


I had to make sure I turned up at Sonny's house on time but the clock in my convertible told me I was early. What am I doing? Chad Dylan Cooper arrives fashionably late, not early!

For two whole minutes fixing my hair; it was obviously perfect in the first place however.

I showed up at her door, I should have bought some flowers or something. No that's too obvious, but don't I want to be obvious?

Just in time she pulled me out of my incoherent thoughts.

"Chad" She said before putting on her high heels and almost falling over in the process.

This made me chuckle, "Hey Sonny. You look — nice"

"Just nice? Chad you're the biggest flirt I can think of and all you can come up with is 'nice'?" She said whilst locking up the door and we walked to the car.

"Fine, Sonny you look beautiful" I complimented her, it was true, she did. She wore a floaty white dress that came just above her knees, she didn't have a jacket but it was summer so she didn't need one.

"It doesn't count anymore" She argued as I opened the passenger seat for her. "Wait"

Damn I thought I was distracting her.

"I'm driving tonight Cooper." Sonny stated holding the door for me to get in.

"But – my baby!" I argued, knowing I had no chance of going back on my word this time.

"Quit whining Chad." She smirked climbing into the driver's seat of Chad Dylan Coopers convertible.

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