Chapter 1

The clock on the bedside table had just turned 2302, and yet he couldn't sleep. He looked around his room lit by the luminous fish and saw his cell phone next to the clock. He picked it up and looked at the photo he'd taken a few weeks backs. He felt every emotion he could not describe in words begin to float around his chest. The next time he looked at the clock it was 2321. He had literally become lost in remembering that moment.

He sat up and swung his legs out of his bed and his feet found his slippers that he put neatly beside his bed when he had tried to go to sleep over an hour ago. He walked over to his desk and grabbed the set of keys that were lying in a small bowl that was on the surface and as he walked to the door he took the dressing gown that matched his Wednesday pyjamas and left his room, while softly closing the door.

He knew Leonard would be asleep, he had heard him stomp around before turning in himself. Still, he did not want to wake him. As he still could not put his emotions into words he knew he would never be able to explain why he was leaving his apartment, on a weekday night at almost half past eleven.

He strode the full length of his apartment and opened the front door and once again closed it quietly behind him, and locked it.

He went across the hall to the door of apartment 4B and took the keys out of his dressing gown pocket and opened the door. He closed the door softly behind him and locked the door again.

He took off his robe and put it over the back of Penny's blue couch. He then took off the top of his Wednesday pyjamas and took off his white t-shirt; she had told him that she preferred him not wearing the pyjamas. He stood there. In the middle of Penny's apartment, half naked and looked at the door to Penny's bedroom, and he felt his body float with all those emotions again.

He opened the door, and saw her lying there, fast asleep. His only description of her was that she looked like an angel. Her golden hair spread across the pillow, her hands clutching the corners of her pillow. He felt a smile come across his face. He remembered the smile she gave him before she left their apartment that night. After Halo. And her eyes, looking up and down his body. He had wanted to go across the room and kiss her goodbye, but had restrained himself. About five minutes after she left she sent him a text message asking if he would be coming round that night. He had wanted to, but knew he couldn't. He said he had an early start at work the next day. But as he stood there, looking down at this sleeping angel he could not see the reasoning.

He walked over to the other side of the bed and lifted up covers and manoeuvred his body close to penny. He saw that she was wearing a pair of hot pants and a vest top. He felt her smooth legs and hips and his right hand came to lie on her abdomen. He felt her stir a little and he pulled her closer to him so that they were in a very close spoon position.

"Sheldon?" Said a very sleepy voice, turning over to look into his eyes. "I thought you couldn't come over?"

His right hand had come to lie just over her head and it was stroking her hair. He looked straight into her green eyes with his deep blue. He couldn't communicate in words to her how much she meant to him, or that the thought of her just a few hundred steps away from him was more than her could bear. He opened his mouth to say something. But couldn't. Instead he just smiled and leaned down and kissed her as softly and yet as passionately as he could. He felt her body turn into his and her hands coming up to face. As she twisted his left hand came to land on the small of her back, so he could easily pull her closer to him.

He was kissing her deeper and deeper, he could feel one of her hands moving down to his chest and he felt electricity shot through his body. He felt her push his chest a little and he obliged by rolling onto his back while she came to be straddling him.

He let his hands stroke up and down her thighs while she slipped off her vest top to expose her full breasts to him. Her mouth was then on his again, deep and hard. Her tongue exploring his mouth while his hands explored her body.

Her mouth began to move. She was at his neck, softly kissing it her and there. Then he felt her teeth nip at his clavicle and he closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation more. He felt her mouth and tongue working its way down, past his chest, over his abdomen, until it got to the waistband of his pyjama bottoms. He felt her hands slid into the waistband, and he lifted his hips to make it easier for her to remove his boxers and his pyjama bottoms in one go. He opened his eyes to see her eyes meet his then she leaned down and kissed him softly before she took his erection into her hand. At this touch he let out a soft moan, closed his eyes again and arched his head back.

He then felt her soft warm lips on the tip of his manhood, and felt himself sliding into her mouth. He felt her do this many times before every time he felt it still felt so intense and new, and wonderful. He felt the suction and her lips moving up and down and felt the pressure of pleasure building up in his body until he moaned, "Penny".

She then stopped and he looked up to see her taking off hot pants and swinging her leg back over Sheldon so she slid down his then throbbing erection.

She then started to grind her hips into his in the smoothest rhythm he has ever felt while he also moved his hips in time so as to thrust himself deeper into her. With each of these thrusts her breath caught in her throat. He let himself let out a moan. He felt the orgasm building up and knew he didn't have long before he would succumb to it, but he always wanted to please Penny first, so he used all his self control to hold until he could feel the warm walls of her vagina contracting against him and at that he shot up and found her mouth. He kept up the rhythm while he could feel her losing control and then, broke the kiss and bit down on his shoulder to stifle her moan. At that he let himself go and felt the intense climax through his body.

They both sat there, for a minute, or maybe it was a day, before she finally lifted her head from his shoulder and kissed him. He lay back down, to enjoy his contented feeling. She then lay down beside. He put his arm around her shoulder to hold her close to him. He could feel her breath slowing and becoming deeper and knew that she had fallen asleep in his arms. He then, finally, succumbed to sleep himself.