Brothers In Arms

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Chapter 1

Will Grimm loved women and he made no secret of that. He adored the sultry smell of them, the delicious taste of them, the soft and ample feel of them, the sound of their honey tinged voices and most of all, the way they looked. The long flowing hair, the big flirty eyes, the pouting lips...He could go on but recently, he had found himself unable to. The girls in each little 'troubled' village seemed to be getting less and less pretty at every stop and even though the guys around him were constantly saying how gorgeous they were, he couldn't see it himself. At points, he thought that he had completely lost the plot yet then something else came into his mind and that worry seemed unimportant, nothing compared to the other fret in his brain.

Because, more and more every day, somebody else was in his thoughts. That would have seemed okay but frighteningly for him, this 'somebody' was not another beautiful woman. He was a man and not just any man at that. His brother. His own flesh and blood, his sweet little brother. And to start with, he was absolutely terrified of his feelings. He imagined for a while that he was over exaggerating things, as he sometimes did, but the sight of Jake curled up in bed in the morning or late at night made his heart dance, even when he had a woman lying by his side. They would usually get annoyed at him these days because whenever they tried to go beyond kissing and touching in the room at the Inn, Will would stop them, knowing that Jake would be in soon. Most of the time he acted like he didn't care around his brother, ignoring him and jeering him for his consistent writing skills, but secretly, he was extremely proud to be his sibling and wouldn't change anything about him for the world.

When little Lotte had died in that cruel winter all those years ago, he had relentlessly blamed Jake for it, taking out all his rage and pain on him. After all, he had been the one who had brought back stupid magic beans instead of medicine and if he hadn't have had his head so far up in the clouds like he usually did, then their poor sister might have had a chance of surviving. That what's he had thought anyway and even now, hints of those ideas still remained when he was particularly frustrated or annoyed with Jake. He had a tendency to immerse himself completely in the dreams of enchantment and wishes and sometimes become so lost in fantasy that his eyes glazed over almost entirely. Will would have to constantly shake him for a while to bring him out of his daze and even then he seemed far away. This irritated him immensely but, still, for what reason he didn't know. Maybe it was because Jake could seemingly abandon all of his troubles so easily with just a few simple dashes of his pen. Will thought that he was possibly slightly jealous of that and once or twice, would have longed to join Jake on an adventure through imagination, wondering if that really was the cure for his hurt.

A while after Lotte's death, the violence he had driven onto Jake finally started to numb a little. His feelings and emotions collapsed around him and with despair, he realised he was lying awake more and more at nights, hot defiant tears on his cold cheeks. He wanted to blame somebody, get out his thoughts, but doing that had got him nowhere. Jake had become bruised and cut and although he never told their Mother, it still stung like she had scolded him, like she usually did when he did something wrong – which seemed to be more and more frequent nowadays. Jake could be so quiet at times and throughout his whole life, he kept that quality about him, though that wasn't to say he couldn't be loud when he wanted to be.

The years went by for the brothers and all too soon they were out of their hometown and thrown to the big, intimidating world around them. Neither could remember how it happened now but shortly after saying goodbye to their old house, they began to lie and cheat people, just like they had done when they were younger. Will, ever the schemer, had planned on charging civilians money for what they were doing and then, it came about that they turned into con artists, bleeding riches from towns and villages who were in need of ridding a 'benevolent spirit'.

Will never felt bad about this. It meant that the two brothers had a place to stay and food to eat but he knew that Jake hadn't ever been as comfortable as he was. Often, he would shift nervously as they spoke to the wide eyed, scared villagers and would gladly allow Will to do all the talking when arranging a deal with money. He was terrible at this subject and would instead, sit cross legged on the bed as his brother laughed at the things they had been given, scribbling away in a dusty old journal that he took with him everywhere they went. Nobody had ever seen inside this journal apart from him, not even Will, but sometimes, Will would get very interested in what he was writing. Often he'd tell him that he was jotting down tales of fair maidens and tall castles yet now and then, he would become quiet as he wrote, refusing to acknowledge any of his surroundings. Will wondered what on Earth he could get so caught up in.

However, he knew when a new fairy story was brewing in Jake's mind as they'd sit in an Inn somewhere in an old town and he'd sip almost constantly at his ale, ignoring any women glancing their way. Will always used to flirt back then, taking advantage of any situation that could get him places he enjoyed immensely, and was even a little amused sometimes at his brother's lack of interest at the half dressed girls bouncing around him. At those moments, he had eyes for his writing and his writing only.

However, at other points, this frightened Will. He imagined that one day Jake would get too caught up in his fantasies and wouldn't be able to distinguish it from reality anymore. His mind would always be on faraway lands of magic and beauty and although Will wanted him to be happy and dream of living there, he didn't want him to honestly believe with all his heart it was true. Because, after experiences of almost starving and even sleeping in the streets once or twice when there was nowhere else to go, he knew very well about dreams being shattered and hearts being broken because of them. He didn't want Jake to feel like that, especially a sensitive one like him.

Yet, then, one year passed and Will's mind almost changed completely about the world Jake lived in. His thoughts and wonders about magic and wishes seemed to somehow seep into reality and suddenly, all around them, everything was coming true, from forests alive with walking trees to little girls being captured and used to keep an age old Mirror Queen looking beautiful and youthful in her tall, foreboding tower with no door. His fairy tales appeared to be coming to life and Will didn't like it at all. He wasn't sure how Jake felt about it but by the look in his eyes at some moments, he knew he must, just must, be uncomfortable with what they had got themselves in to.

Still, the tower finally crumbled to the ground so there was nothing left of it anymore, the Mirror Queen shattered and the spell over the enchanted girls and beautiful, strong Angelika was broken. Jake had given her the kiss of true love and then almost given Will it too, his lips mere inches from the most wonderful experience they may ever share together. But Will had panicked and hurriedly told him not to, scared about sharing his first intimate kiss with a man – not least, his brother – in front of so many people, scared he might do something rash and unforgivable. He hadn't want to hurt Jake but as Angelika leant down to do the job, he wished he hadn't made him back off. Though that was something he wouldn't admit to anybody, sometimes not even himself as it was a frightening thought.

But, as the year following the events with the Mirror Queen went on, Will found that his feelings were getting stronger and stronger. He wasn't meant to enjoy the soft touch of his brother's fingers on him as they brushed past him accidentally, he wasn't meant to like the warmth of Jake's body pressed against him in the night, he wasn't meant to adore Jake slumping against him in the Alehouse but he did. And what scared him further was that he always found himself responding to his brother, wrapping his arms around him in the small beds they always ended up sharing no matter how many rooms they were offered, leaning into his hands when they found his skin and teasing him to no end as they sat in the Inn.

That's what he loved to do the most.

Jake was a virgin, he knew that far. He spent some time with Angelika but Will knew they were nothing more than friends at the best of times, even though he had given her the kiss of 'true love' (Will writhed at the thought). They hadn't kissed after that and they certainly hadn't made love so he guessed his brother still had his virginity. He certainly hadn't got involved with many other women before Angelika either.

So, finding amusement in Jake's innocence, he always loved to tease him, despite the growing feelings in his heart and soul, and adored to do it with a potential audience. They would sit in the bar and when Jake's head sank onto his shoulder, he would cradle it gently, sometimes running a hand onto his thigh. Jake would normally not be bothered by this, especially when he was tired, and now and then would put his hand on top of Will's, lacing their fingers together. Neither was particularly bothered about the strange looks they got and often Jake would appreciate what Will did in public, as long as he didn't go too far. Not only did it make him feel cared for after many years of Will yelling abuse at him and taunting him with memories of magic beans, but it also warned off many women who came their way. And, as strange as it sounded to him, sometimes they could get a bit annoying with their high pitched titters and showing off. They always went for Will anyway and Jake had to admit it was nice not to be pushed out the way for once.

Yet, one night, as they sat together in the corner of the Inn, something happened and the usual routine in the bar changed completely. They had been going along with what they normally did, Jake scribbling in his journal and Will watching him with interest, habit making him glance at some women around, and drinks had been handed out. A type of laziness hung in the air and when Jake finally put his pen down, he slumped against his older brother, nuzzling into his neck and breathing softly onto it. Will restrained a shiver and wrapped an arm around him, drawing him a little closer.

'' Mmmm...'' he hummed softly, closing the book in front of him. '' Mmph, Will, I'm so tired...''

'' Why don't you go on up to bed then?'' Will asked, though he knew what the answer would be. A few times he'd had to carry Jake up to bed because he just couldn't be bothered to move. He didn't mind however.

'' Too tired to get up...'' came the reply and Will smiled. The bar maid gave them a wary look as he stroked his hair but he didn't care that much anymore. They'd got too many strange glances to pay any attention over the last year or so. Jake just moaned tiredly and drew his legs up onto the seat, snuggling closer into his brother's warm shoulder. Will let him get comfortable and then reached round to place a hand on his thigh. Due to habit, Jake allowed him to keep it there but when it got higher – too high – he suddenly jerked away, his eyes now wide awake and alert.

'' Jake –'' Will began, never having known him to react like this before. '' Jake, I...''

But Jake was stumbling away from him, almost tripping over tables and people as he tried to get out of the Inn as quick as possible. '' Jake!'' Will called and immediately stood up, instinctively running after his brother. Yet when he found him and attempted grabbing his arms to slow him down, he got pushed off and yelled at, so unlike his little sibling at times like these it frightened him. Shocked, he let him go and watched with troubled eyes when he stormed into the village, soon swallowed by the night.

Will tried to drown his sorrows in drink for the rest of the night, but the Ale tasted foul to him. He couldn't get his thoughts off Jacob and the way he'd screamed at him earlier on, the closest thing to pain and hatred in his dark eyes. He knew he had gone maybe a little too far but Jake was usually so easy with this company, this type of thing. To suddenly storm out like that was a little abnormal for him. After all, he had been the one cuddling up to him in the first place.

But...where was he now? He had run off into the darkness of the town and could have been anywhere. Will had panicked when he had seen him disappear yet was aware that if he went looking for him, it would probably end all in vain – Jake could go to some strange places when he was upset. And if he did have the slim luck of finding him, he had no idea what to do. Jake had seemed furious as he had exited the Inn. He wasn't just going to let him take him back. He was stronger than that, if a little clumsy at times.

Yet, as Will stared mournfully into the happy crowds before him, he knew full well he had made a mistake by staying here, no matter how many excuses and reasons he tried to make. He had let his brother down again and if the worst came to the worst, it would be his fault once more. Of course, he could go out right now but on what? They had arrived in this village by stagecoach and all the horses were settled down for the night or taken back to their rightful owners. Jake would be far, far away and no one would know where he was.

What had he done, what had he done, what had he done? Will asked himself this question over and over again in the corner of the bar, hitting his head lightly against the wall as tears started to well in his eyes. He'd ride out first light, he vowed yet it didn't matter how many quiet promises he uttered, nothing appeared to be getting better. He wanted to go out now but he couldn't. He knew that. Jake was going to have to survive on his own for the night. Just one night. Just one, warm night. He'd been alright, Will tried to tell himself. It wasn't as if they hadn't got into these types of situations before.

Tormentedly, Will sighed and violently stood up from the table, almost knocking the remains of his disgusting drink over the floor. The dancers and other guests stared at him as he swept past, whispering things, but he didn't care, intent on getting up to his room and sleeping, even though he knew, in reality, he wouldn't rest a minute that night. Jake would be haunting him once again. Why can't I just protect him for once? he asked himself, thumping down the corridor and teetering on the brink of tears. I should go out now, I know I should, I know I should. But I can't, I can't. I'm just going to have to be selfish and uncaring just for one more night. Please be alright, Jake, please be alright...

He sobbed aloud as he fumbled with the door but as he managed to get it open through a blurry haze of tears in his blue eyes, his heart almost stopped at the sight inside. For, lying on the main bed, the covers pulled warmly and protectively around him, was the very person he knew he wanted to see more than anything in the world at that moment.

'' Jake...'' he tried to exclaim but his voice was breaking and he could barely manage a whisper. His throat ached and although he fiercely rubbed his eyes to stop a tear of relief or pain trickle down his cheek, he couldn't help gathering him up in his arms when he sank down onto the bed, afraid to let him go. '' Jake, Jake, you idiot...'' he muttered over and over again, hating the heavy feeling he was getting in his heart. '' God, you scare me sometimes...''

Jake shuffled in his sleep but despite Will's tortured whispers to him and tight embrace, he didn't awake, instead deciding to roll onto his back slightly, instinctively getting closer into the hug. Will smiled and got comfortable next to him, drawing the covers back over them and moulding their bodies together so his stomach was pressed affectionately against Jake's back. Their fingers entwined together and as he tried desperately to stop trembling, Will leant over and kissed Jake's damp forehead, smoothing his hair.

'' Goodnight Jake...'' he muttered softly.


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