"What?!" I yelled and everyone in the cafeteria turned to stare at Edward and me. I couldn't believe he had actually bought tickets for us and his siblings to go to Arizona.

"Yes, we leave tomorrow and go to school for 2 weeks, there'll be 2 weeks of clouds but with heat so that you can enjoy it" he answered and I leaned up to kiss him.

He didn't pull away until we heard Emmett yelling from the entrance "Get a room!"

I blushed and Edward laughed while he looked at him.

"Oh please, this coming from the person who never gets a room with Rose and never stops?" Edward yelled back and some people started giggling.

"Hey at least I get some" Emmett complied and some people were starting to form a circle around us smiling.

"Yes Emmett, we all know you get some… the whole street is aware of that" and with that half the people and myself burst out laughing.

"Hey you're just mad that you're the only virgin in the house!" Emmett yelled back which earned a lot of

"Burn!" mostly from the guys.

"Either that you're just jealous that I'm the favorite of the house" some people gasped while Emmett glared.

"That's only because you're the mommas boy and a goody to shoes" Emmett defended and lots of the people laughed at that.

By now the whole café was silent and staring at us. "No, it's because I'm not getting in trouble every 10 seconds of the day" Edward yelled back.

When it looked like Emmett was about to respond to that Rose suddenly came in with a look that made me cringe away.

He was quickly being pulled out by the ear for starting a scene and everyone started laughing but going back to their seats. "That was good guys… but anyways Bella, you're all packed for tomorrow": my pixie shopping friend said.

I rolled my eyes and started eating. Leave it to Alice to have everything ready before I even knew about it.

The rest of the day went by quickly and I did my homework with no trouble and Edward helped me cook dinner.

I was surprised when Charlie said it was ok if I went but after that Edward explained that Esme had called saying she was going and I nodded. I really hated lying to him but it was the price I would pay if I wanted to be with Edward and I would pay the price any day.

I quickly fell asleep in his arms and drowned off thinking of what all my friends and enemies would think of Edward.

I woke up to a little pixie jumping on my bed and I groaned.

"Alice I'm up stop jumping" I whined and she stopped.

The next thing I knew I was in her car speeding to the air port. I gasped when I saw my hair brushed, clean teeth, and clothes. Then I looked at my hands and immediately started eating the pop tart and milk I had. Not even I knew vampires were that fast.

"Shish Alice, why are we in such a hurry?" I asked and she smiled.

"Tha plane leaves in 30 minutes" she answered and my eyes widened. I quickly chocked down my food as we arrived at the air port.

We arrived to find the Cullen's all ready at the metal detectors line and ready for us to get in. I quickly went through and then Alice so we raced to the plane. We ran in 10 minutes before the plane would close and sighed in relief.

Jasper sat at the window seat of the left area and Alice had the aisle seat. I was next to her in the middle part of the plane with Edward on my right. Next to him was Emmett in the aisle seat in the right and Rose had the window seat.

We were in first class and I was actually surprised how comfortable and spaced out it was. There were 3 lanes and the seats were much bigger.

I stared at the huge scene the Cullen's made during the whole trip. Alice was re decorating the whole plane, Emmett was pranking lots of people and scaring the waitresses away, Jasper was just glaring at everyone that walked by, Rose was looking at herself in a mirror and insulting girls, Edward was going crazy from all the thoughts of everyone and he even started dancing with Emmett.

Soon enough the Cullen's had gotten the whole plane dancing to the Cha Cha slide and various songs.

I just shook my head the whole way staring at them and filming them at the same time. I wonder if it's possible for vampires to get drunk, because they sure did look drunk too me and everyone else on the plane.

When the plane finally landed we got out and lots of people clapped at us when we were going out for the show they put on. I rolled my eyes and just left shaking my head. (LOL, we actually did that once in a plane and my friend was just shaking her head the whole time)

We finally got out of the airport and I looked at them "I swear half the people in there will probably think you were drunk for doing that" I said and they all laughed.

"Well, we had to pass the time doing something and I bet this is a ride they will never forget" Alice said and we walked out.

I gasped when I saw Edward's Aston Martin V12 Vanquish outside (I'm sorry but I just love to spell out the whole name of the car) parked with many people looking at it and some of them snapping pictures.

I knew it was his car because on the license plate it said 'Cullen' in big letters. He smiled and went to open the door for me. I got in quietly and Rose and Alice and Jasper got in the back seat. I looked for Rose and Emmett but noticed they were getting in her BMW M3 convertible and it also had the license plate 'Cullen' on it.

I just shook my head and turned to Edward "Why do we have your 2 most expensive car's with us?" I asked and he laughed.

"Well, we figured it could be our chance to drive our cars around without any trouble so we got them shipped here yesterday" he answered and I rolled my eyes.

"Wait! The bags!" I yelled remembering our luggage.

"Don't worry Bella, they're in Rose's car" Edward said rolling his eyes and I relaxed.

We spent the rest of the day getting everything set up in the house and getting ready for school. We only took a break to let me eat and the went back to work. I fell asleep early while everyone else decided to keep working and the next day I woke up early.