The next day Alice dressed me in a blue button up with no buttons on the top so that it showed more cleavage than I was comfortable with but it was pretty with a pink belt right under my breast. The sleeves of the shirt were rolled up to my elbows, then I had some kind of pink thing on my neck that Alice had tied into a bow at the left and my hair was straight with a white bandana. Then I had my plane black pants and black tennis shoes.

My eye shadow was light blue with pink lip stick and mascara with eye liner. (If you've ever seen the Vampire Diaries it's the costume Elena wears to the 90s dance)

Alice wore a silver dress that had 1 strap and it went right to her thighs. She had fish nets on and black sparkly boots. Her makeup was red lipstick, black eye shadow, and eye liner and mascara. She had even done her hair so that it was straight but with it's length it went to her ears and curved up there.

Then Rose had a super pretty but weird pink dress. It only went just below her but, the very top was loose and the sleeve on the right side had 5 stars where her armpit was and then the sleeve on the left side was all the way down by her elbows. She had a huge silver belt that had 2 huge blue sparkly stars on it. Then it looked like she had another shirt under because on the left where her sleeve is at her elbow she wore a blue sparkly top that only showed there. Then she had pink fishnets that went down to her knees and silver sparkly heels. Her blonde hair had pink streaks through it to make it look like a total 80s girl.

Emmett wore the most ridiculous costume I had ever seen. It was zebra print pants with a huge red belt and some red thing on his left leg. His brown shoes were normal but he wore some brown thing on top that made them look like boots from far away. His shirt was black with no sleeves and it appeared to be hanging in threads at the very bottom with a guitar picture on the center and a red thing around his neck. Hell he had even put on a wig that was blonde with a red bandana and went down to his arms.

Jasper had a black t under but it was covered by a leopard print jacket and leopard print pants with black shows and a blonde wig that was super spiky. It took me a minute to see that Alice was a diva and he was a singer. Emmett and Rose I guess were party costumes.

Edward had not let Alice put any freaky costume on him so he had a black leather jacket with a tight black t shirt, black leather pants, black shoes, and his hair wasn't as messy as always so it had more of an 80s look.

"Let's go to our last day in Phoenix!" Alice cheered as we drove to school.

When we got there it looked like I had stepped back in time. Everyone was dressed in 80s clothes, the school was even decorated like it, and even the teachers had dressed up.

I saw Roxy and her girls were in what looked like 1 piece bathing suits of different colors with bandanas and sweat bands with sneakers while Roxy had shorts and a sports bra with the bandana and sweat bands to make them look like yoga instructors and they looked pretty decent.

"Ok, to the gym… and today we are spending all day at the gym" Alice added as we walked over to the building.

When we got in we walked straight to the field where the coach was waiting.

"Ok, hello kids, today we will start with the 3 legged race, get with your partners so we can go" he said as I tied my foot with Edward's and he smirked as he out his arm around me to help me stand.

When coach blew the whistle Edward was practically carrying all my weight as he walked to the front.

Rose and Emmett got first place, Alice and Jasper went second, and we were third place.

"Ok, now we will go to the obstacle course… kids we have won everything so lets win this too!" Coach yelled and we all cheered as we went to the obstacle course and I gulped when I saw it.

You started with a huge rock climb, then you run and go down a slide, then you go through the log obstacle up and down, then a tube crawl, then we had tires that you had to step trough, then you finished by jumping up and you place the bag that you were supposed to carry on a pole until every flag is up and the last person lifts the flags.

Everyone went through and I got more terrified every time I saw people jump, trip, and everything happen.

Roxy ended up going to the nurse to get crutches, we all laughed, but it got me even more terrified.

Rose and Jasper had just gone through and Alice was now putting her flag on. It was my turn as I put the flag on and started running to the rock wall. I tripped once on my way but made it there fine. I was careful of how I climbed but it got me behind on the race. I speed walked to the slide managing not to trip and slid down, and then I had to go through the fake plastic logs sliding up and down so that I finally made it through. Then I crawled easily through the tube and finally made it out, my heart started doing double time when I reached the tires and carefully tried to go through them but my foot got caught a lot of times so I fell a lot, then I finally reached the wall and used all my strength to jump but I landed on my but so I quickly got up leaving the pain behind and hung my flag.

Edward quickly caught us up and got second as he slid through everything with ease. Emmett finished the race and our team won once again as everyone cheered and they handed us a trophy, the coach was practically blubbering.

"Ok, I'm happy you won kids, now to the shaving cream fight" he said as he wiped his tears and led us to a huge field with shaving and whip cream everywhere.

As soon as he said go, everyone went crazy.

"Bella, team up" Alice whispered as she came with Rose and we saw the guys together.

"Go!" Alice yelled as we ran at them and everyone sprayed the creams.

Emmett and Edward were the most popular target along with Alice and I so the 4 of us ended looking like snow men and Rose and Jasper were pretty close behind.

"No I ran out!" Alice yelled as she got attacked by Jasper.

1 down, I thought.

Rose quickly took Emmett down with a simple seduction trick and Jasper and her battled out while Edward and I kept circling each other.

"Man down!" Jasper screamed as he dramatically fell and we all rolled our eyes.

Edward quickly left and got Rose out with a scream from her and it was just the 2 of us.

"Come here love" Edward said in a low seductive voice and I gulped.

"How about you come?" I asked trying to breath and he chuckled as he stepped forward with the whip crea and I quickly acted on impulse as I jumped and kissed him quickly.

He stood there shocked but quickly responded and kissed me back. I lifted up the shaving cream and sprayed him when he wasn't concentrating.

"Ahh!" he screamed and we all laughed as Emmett pouted.

"Dude, she won by kissing you?" he asked and Edward growled but I just laughed but gulped as they all ran to me and covered me.

When I came out I looked like I had turned to paper.

"Ok, go get changed kids, the car wash is in 5 minutes" coach yelled as we all ran back to the lockers to change into bathing suits.

Alice quickly shoved me into a blue bikini that was a normal bottom and the top tied around the neck, Rose wore a red strapless top and bikini bottoms, and Alice had a yellow polka dot bikini.

"To the car wash fundraiser" Alice yelled as we ran out.

There was a long line of cars waiting and we all instantly teamed up to wash.

Most of the cars came to us because the Cullens caught a lot of attention from the drivers. We splashed, soaped, and got every car to perfection until it finally hit dusk and the carwash ended just as our trip did.

"Bella, we'll miss you" Jenny said running to me and hugging me as we all did a group hug.

"I'll call sometime" I said and we exchanged numbers as Edward came to say bye and picked me up to go back to the car.

"Thank you Edward, that was the best week ever" I said as he smiled and drove us back home where everything was packed and ready to leave at 9 PM back to Forks.

"I enjoyed it but I'm glad to be going back home" I sighed as I sat down cuddling with Edward in the first class of the plane.

The End

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