Margo glared at her computer screen. "Stupid computer," she muttered to mo one in particular. She turned and looked at Myrna Mountweasel, who was fast asleep on her bed. Margo sighed. She didn't have the heart to wake her up.

Grabbing her pajamas, Margo walked to the bathroom. As she changed, Margo looked in the mirror. She looked at her hair, her face. So…average. Not beautiful. Not ugly. Although she'd rather have an ugly face instead of an average one. She hated "normality". Everyone was so bland. Boring. Normal. Paper kids. Paper people. She glanced out of her window. "Especially Quentin," she said, glad to hear her voice again. Sometimes getting caught up in her thoughts was too much to handle.

Margo made her way back to her room, passing by her little sisters door. She paused outside Ruthie's door, listening to her deep breathing. After a moment, she walked through her own doorway. Shutting the door behind her, she glanced at her computer screen. On the top of the webpage sat a very proud "Omnictionary" icon, and directly underneath say a smaller, less haughty title that read "Agloe, New York".

Margo dropped her pile of clothes and rushed to her computer. She scrolled down quickly, talking in all the words. A small smile spread across her face as she read. There was no way this wouldn't work. Just a small note, to be found after she'd left, a small reminder of the Margo that everybody knew. Again, she glanced at Myrna Mountweasel, wondering if she would ever give back her bed. No matter, she thought, turning back to her screen. She knew she would be up most of the night anyway. Taking her time, she logged on to omnictionary, and typed in her comment.

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