The Golden times

Chapter 1

Sequel to Defeating the Enemies set one year later in 1984, Alex and Gene's relationship is going from strength to strength but when a young man appears claiming to be his son and the sudden death of an old enemy Jack Finnegan in prison, its causes too many problems and chaos puttig the wedding in jeopardy and doubt. Its still very much a Galex fanfic but not too much smut included this time. Had this already planned for I started on my NaNoWriMo entry.

January 13th 1984

As their 1st anniversary was soon approaching on the horizon much quickly, since the first time they got together as a couple back in Cardiff, Wales the previous January, for the past few months Alex kept cherishing that precise moment of how he held her tightly in the warmth of his safe arms while they slept in bed together and how he'd made her feel so much happiness in both body, heart and soul , a deep loving sense of adoration and sexually satisfication, feelings she had never had shared with any previous boyfriends and not even with her ex husband Peter, Molly's father, being in love with Gene was so much more different, more meaningful and much deeper, maybe that's what their connection meant in the first place to each other, that it had been leading up to this very moment.

Now sitting at her own desk in the office, legs crossed and hands twiddling with a black pen between two fingers, she couldn't help not being able to resist the odd peak or two at what Gene was currently doing while the blinds in his office were closed, not much at that moment as he was still reading a racing newspaper, feet lying straight out on the table but she continued hoping that he would be organizing a huge surprise, fancy restaurant, a stroll in the park and a picnic perhaps, Gene wasn't all for doing lovey dovy couples ideas, she easily accepted his reasons for that but still he was always a man full of many surprises and that was the reason she loved about him so much. Even after giving birth 4 months ago to a baby boy, calling him Simon after Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran iut did allow Alex to see the funny side as Gene's name choice of Jack was ignored.

"Bols I know you're watching me... I could see you looking this way through the gap in the blinds... I'm not blind as a bat... I do have intelligent senses in this big large brain of mine " Gene spoke shuffling the newspaper and also while coughing to clear his groggy throat from inside of the small room.

"Blimey well thanks for letting us know about you and Drake's private business Guv" Ray muttered annoyingly, but hiding his knowing little smile as he carried in his hot cup of coffee to his desk and taking a sip of it which burnt his lip.

Gene had still not actually decided on any exact possible wedding dates for his and Alex's wedding, having been hounded by his fiancée who was becoming frustrated at the long wait, looking over at the Manchester City calendar on the back of the door, 30th August stood out as the right date and plus it was in the middle of Summer, Alex would surely accept, walking towards and looking around the corner of the door he saw that she was now busy listening to someone on the phone, he sat perched on the edge of the desk, eyes wandering over to see that Ray had been running out of packets of cigarettes in his jacket pocket obviously something else had been bothering him.

" Raymondo have you given up on the fags... its not like you to give up to easily ?" Gene asked politely.

"Hmm suppose i have... its part of my late New Year time resolution... been off them for a weeks now still struggling though, watching everyone else smoking a way"

"How about Chris, has he given them up too?"

"Nah he's still smoking them like a chimney" Ray answered immediately.

Alex finished her phone conversation, eyes looking up and becoming locked on Gene's dark eyes as he began to spoke,

"Good now I can tell yer... Bols I've been looking at some dates on my calendar for the wedding and just thinking about August 30th what do yer think, not too soon is it?"

"Oh that's perfect Gene I'd love a Summer wedding... Just remember the right flowers, right music and gorgeous delicious food for the guests to eat"

"Good grief give me strength before long you'll be turning into BrideZilla and I'll have no hope in hell in having any Frank Sinatra songs being played on the jukebox"

"I know She'll end up having you running round doing all the last minute preparations" Ray chucked turning his head to the left so Gene wouldn't seen the cheesist grin he was displaying on his face.

She pulled on his tie pulling him down on the table kissing his lips passionately and affectonately, his hands placed on her waist, not noticing that Ray was about to burst in fits of laughter.

"Bloody Hell you two get a room... yer acting like a randy pair of school teenagers"

"Raymondo haven't you got any other work to do that could stop yer from being a noisy bugger"

" Alright Keep yer hat on... still looking through files on the Dawson gym assault from the other week"

Shaz who'd been taken an urgent phone call from the Grange Prison in Herfordshire had soon finished the phone conversation, she had some news on a inmate's death.

"Guv just been on the phone with the prison guard at Grange Prison he's said Jack Finnegan's been found dead in his prison cell from stab wounds"

"Couldn't have deceived a better death the Irish bastard"

"Gene shut up will you.. Shaz carry on.. just ignore him" She wasn't happy at his non caring attitude style.

"Well they presume its suicide, they got forensics studying the cell for any evidnece or clues"

"Doesn't concern us any more end of'

"They've requested for you and DI Drake to meet with the security guy at the prison"

"Oh bloody wonderful" Gene reacted as he was pissed off at having another planned romantic evening ruined by work yet again.

" I'm sure you can organise whatever you had planned for another night.. I don't mind" Alex happy smile reassured him instantly as his naughty eyes gazed down at her bum while she brushed past.

"Oi would you concentrate on this new case at hand.. there'll be plenty of time for staring at my arse later" Gene frowned annoyingly at waiting for that later in the evening. They had only just recently moved together in her flat, after he'd kept her waiting for months on end while deciding. Now having they decided on the wedding date, they had the daunting prospect of Gene choosing a groom's suit and Alex picking the best bride's dress and bridesmaids dresses.

Ray chomped on an ice ring donut, small piece of crumbs falling on the desk.

"One more thing Ray stop eating like a greedy pig... not good eating food too quickly" Gene warned seriously as he aimed for the double doors, Chris wandered back in with cups of coffees,eyes looking down not realising that he was about to clash with Gene, the DCI stood waiting impatiently for Alex as she sound checked her police radio.

"Oh Chris would you please mind where your walking with the coffees"

" Sorry Guv do you want me to get a towel to wipe and dry your shirt"

"No I'll do it myself... I'm sure Bols here wouldn't mind doing the honours" he winked cheekily at her while trying to hide the soft silly grin emerging from his lips.

"What are yer doing getting coffees from the other machine"

"The kitchen one here is broken and the water taps aren't working in this office"

Gene and Alex left quietly from the office, not hearing Shaz's last word about the long delays on the roads in London.

"So what do yer think.. was it suicide him stabbing himself in the back?"

"I'll let yer know when we get there... Suppose your right as usual Miss Marple... He did mention when we arrested him that he had like 100 enemies who were out to make sure he'd be dead within two years" Gene kept close on the main roads as the early evening was getting darker over London.

Alex glanced a hungry gaze at his eyes, she loved how he didn't like being distracted by any bloody idiots driving in other cars resulting in a lion's growl and scaring them off. She was getting very use to this being engaged to most gorgeous looking bloke in the London Met, he had never once cheated on her always remaining faithfulk and staying true to every word spoken. Still she knew that Molly would never leave any thoughts she had, wishing that her daughter could be there to see the wedding and see how happy she was Gene Hunt. Still holding that very wish close to her heart, 'I miss you Mols I know I promised to return back to you in the present day, Just hope you are being strong for me" the soft different voice rung out in her mind.

"Can't believe we have to drive all the way up there.. Look traffic is hardly moving" Gene pointed out a brief shake of the head, notcing in the windscreen that a bike accident was holding the mounting traffic queue up.

"Sod this I'm taking the other route" The Quattro swived in a 90 degree turn, heading in a short faster direction.

"You do know the Super wouldn't please when he hears about that little show you just displayed"

"He can shout at me all he likes,... I don't really care what the man has got to say" This attitude of Gene's had at least had some positives about it.

Standing up with a show of courage and tough emotions to the Superintendent who didn't like seeing this change of behaviour in the popular DCI from Fenchurch East. It impressed Alex very much even after he stood up for her at the Annual Fenchurch Christmas party against the Fenchurch West's very own Casanova DS Jones, nearly blowing his top as he saw David leaning down to kiss the back of Alex's neck while she was still chatting with Shaz about perfect holiday locations for honeymoons.

"Bols how about stroll by the River Thames on Wednesday night maybe if its fine with you"

The River Thames had reminded Alex of where Arthur Layton shoe her on the barge, she still relived that memory on different occasions where the team had investigated deaths of people being found in deep water.

"Alex is it a yes or No?'

"Why not I'll make a few sandwiches for us to eat" She replied

A short end to this chapter but I promise that the next one will be much longer and have more excitement in it. I'll be starting on the second chaapter towards the end of November.