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I heard the words and understood what they meant. I couldn't believe them though. Edward, my Edward, I couldn't believe such things of him. I looked over at him, expecting him to be outraged at the preposterous things that were being said. However, his head was hung low, conveying his absolute guilt. I felt my world come tumbling down around me. I did my best to keep the tears at bay. I would not cry, not here. Not in front of these… these… monsters! I was nothing but a toy. I had to get away, now. So I could privately crawl into a hole and die. Then Edward said something that made me pause. 'I'm so sorry, Bella. I never meant to hurt you.' That made me angry. He didn't mean to hurt me? Then why did he do it?! I started towards him, and he looked upwards, hopeful. I stepped right up to him and growled, 'You never meant to hurt me? YOU NEVER MEANT TO HURT ME! IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER, EDWARD! WELL, IS IT? Why did you do it! WELL?! WHY! WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?' I poked him in the chest as hard as I could, though it hurt me more than him. I couldn't hurt him, I was a mere human. He was a vampire. I had thought he was different, that he wouldn't hurt me. I had obviously been wrong. 'You wanted to get rid of me Edward? You wanted it so badly?' At this point my traitorous eyes began to leak. I injected extra venom into my voice to make up for this fact. 'Well, you don't have to worry about that any more. I'm going. You've gotten rid of me. Congratulations!' My voice broke on the last syllable, humiliating me even more. My sight was completely obstructed by this point due to the tears. I turned and blindly ran, fleeing. I didn't care where I went, as long as it was far away from HIM! Suddenly, I tripped. I rolled into a ball and sobbed as my heart split into a million pieces. My entire being floating away. Then, the darkness descended and... there was nothing.


I rested my head against the cool pane of glass; attempting in vain to stave off the wave of motion-sickness I could sense overcoming me. This bus was ancient, why in God's name was it still running? Every tiny little bump in the road sent it shuddering and caused my bones to jump around inside my body and my stomach to constantly turn. I hoped that we would be there soon.

I closed my eyes and attempted to picture the blue, clear skies of Phoenix, Arizona. What had, until very recently been my home. However, now my home was Forks. Gloomy, wet, dreary Forks. Long story short. My parents were divorced, and so I had lived with my mother. Then, she remarried. To Phil. He was a baseball player and so travelled a lot. She was unhappy being away from him, so I volunteered to come and live with Charlie, my father. In Forks. It made my mother happy, if she didn't have to stay with me, she could be with Phil. So that was how I ended up in Forks. I arrived only yesterday, and was told of a junior class field trip the next day, i.e. today. I didn't particularly want to come. But Charlie insisted, he said it would give me the chance to make some friends. So I was forced to come.

Oh, god! The nausea was worsening. How come nobody else was being affected like I was? Were they simply used to bus-rides such as this? It seemed that the girl sitting beside me was. She was having an extremely animated one sided conversation with me. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about and hadn't said one word to encourage communication. I think that her name was Jennifer or Jessica or something. I didn't particularly care, to be quite honest. I put my head between my knees and groaned. Please, please, please let us be close to where we were going! Ironically, just as I was thinking this, the ancient contraption ground to a sudden stop. Oh, thank god!

I jumped up, pushed past the girl beside me, whatever her name was, rushed up the aisle and jumped out the door. Air, ground, thank god! The other students were slowly climbing from the bus and shooting me strange looks. We were in Seattle for a day of fun. Their words, not mine. I was looking forward to browsing some bookshops. The teachers called our attention. Much to my surprise, they said that as long as we didn't wander off on our own, we could spend the day doing whatever we liked. We just had to make sure we were back before 7 pm. Because that was when the bus would leave and apparently, they would not wait.

Jessica, I think, suddenly grabbed my arm and dragged me into a seemingly random clothes shop. I did not want to spend my day clothes shopping! I didn't even know her. I knew that she was simply trying to welcome me, or I think that was what she was trying to do. But I wanted to go and look at books. After a short while I was able to escape. I quickly found a large bookstore. I stepped into the door and breathed in deeply. I loved the smell of the books. I began to wonder around, browsing the different titles. I must have spent hours browsing the books. I was still not ready to leave though. I was sitting down when someone came up to me and began to speak. 'Hello, Bella,' spoke a soft, velvety voice. What, how did he know my name? I looked up sharply; he could not hurt me in a bookshop, could he? Though we were in a quite private section. How would I defend myself? All thoughts of self-defence left my mind as I looked up at his face. It was not possible to be that good looking. It was not fair. His skin was alabaster and seemed to be constructed from marble. Each feature was perfectly defined. His smile was crooked but left my knees weak. His hair was a mess of auburn curls atop his head. I ached to run my fingers through it. Stop, Bella, I chastened myself. Now answer him, before he thinks that you are mentally impaired. It didn't seem that the thought had crossed his mind however, his grin simply brightened. It was almost as if he could hear my heart hammering in my chest, it wasn't that loud was it? Of course not. Calm down, Bella.

'My name is Edward Cullen. I too attend Forks High school.' He offered his hand for me to shake. 'I'm Bella,' I replied. 'But you knew that.' Nice one, Bella. This however, did not seem to deter him. 'What are you reading there? Wuthering Heights?' But he didn't say it like most people my age did. Not in the condescending, why are you reading THAT, manner. But like he was actually interested. It was a refreshing difference. 'Well, my old copy has been read so many times it has completely fallen apart, so I have to buy a new copy.' He smiled down at me full force and I had to make a conscious effort not to completely melt. His teeth were so white and shiny. He was perfect.

We spent hours talking, getting to know each other. It was completely surreal. I had never connected with another human being on such a deep level. We were told that the shop was closing and so had to leave. So we went to the coffee shop across the road to continue our conversation. I glanced at my watch and realised that we only had ten minutes to get back to the bus before it left. I mentioned this to Edward. He stood up and went to pay. Then, things turned hazy.

I woke up with a splitting headache in an unfamiliar room. My vision was fuzzy and I felt like getting sick. I couldn't remember what happened last night. There was the coffee shop, and then nothing. Light was streaming in the windows. I'd missed the bus for sure. Charlie was going to kill me! What was I doing here? I took in my surroundings. I was in a hotel room? Not good, not good! Please don't be naked, please don't be naked. I looked down at myself with one eye closed. No such luck! I suddenly tuned into the fact that the shower was running. Oh, god. Who was it? Edward! The water shut off without warning and sure enough, Edward came out, dripping wet. He looked like a god. Why would he want me? I paled in comparison. I would have asked if anything happened, but I refused to insult either of our intelligence. It was obvious that it had. Our clothes were strewn haphazardly around the room. He looked about as awkward as I felt. I pulled the cover tight around myself. Why, I did not know. He had seen it already, and more. And I couldn't even remember it. Something on my finger caught my eye. It was a diamond ring. No, no, no, no! 'E-e-ed-dwar-ward', I stammered. 'Are we, uh....?' He cut me short. 'Yes, Bella,' he answered, 'we're married.'

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