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When we arrived at my house I was surprise to see Jacob's car. What was he doing here. Edward and I walked to the front door, where Jacob was waiting. Was I imagining things, or had he grown since I had last seen him. I shook my head, I was being preposterous. He just looked so much taller, and wider, and so much more formidable. ''Hi, Jacob,'' I greeted him, ''Is something wrong?'' He was scowling, seemingly at Edward. Why, I didn't answer me, simply folded his arms, waiting for me to open the door. Okay. I opened the door and motioned for both Edward and Jacob to follow me inside. As I did so I noticed that Edward was glaring at Jacob. What was going on? There was something that I didn't know, that was for certain. What it could be, I hadn't the foggiest idea.

I made my way into the kitchen, in search of something to eat. I was sure that Jacob would be hungry. ''Jacob, would you like something to eat?'' I asked. He simply shook his head and walked into the sitting room. I raised my eyebrow at Edward, silently asking what was going on. He ignored me and followed Jacob into the sitting room, his shoulders tense. I repeat, what was going on? I quickly grabbed a bowl and poured myself some cereal. I then joined them. I sat down wearily and looked from Edward to tension in the room was palpable. As to what the reason for the tension could be, I hadn't a clue. The silence in the room made me uncomfortable, so I attempted feebly to interrupt it. ''So...'' I tried, trailing off pathetically. It seemed to work though.

''I think you should leave, Jacob. Now.'' Edward said through gritted teeth. His nose was wrinkled in disgust and his fists were clenched at his side. On second thought, I think that I might have preferred the silence. It was somewhat less hostile. Jacob, however, didn't seem to be frightened, not in the least. He remained completely still, except for the fact that he raised a single eyebrow. Then, he spoke. ''I don't think that I will, Cullen. I don't particularly want to. And you can't make me.'' The venom he injected into the word 'Cullen' made me flinch. Edward suddenly stood, looking furious. ''I most certainly can make you, Black! And you know it! Now get out!'' Jacob simply smirked and said, ''Nope!'' Edward took yet another step forward, looking even more angry. I stood to block his path. He was losing his temper, I couldn't let him hurt Jacob. ''Edward, calm down.'' I said gently. He seemed to shake himself somewhat and looked down at me. ''Bella,'' He said gently. ''He needs to leave. You don't understand.'' Then he gently, but firmly, pushed me out of the way.

''Ah, ah, now.'' Jacob said condescendingly. ''If Bella wants me to stay, you can't make me leave.'' Was he trying to get himself killed? ''Bella doesn't know what's going on,'' Edward growled menacingly. ''Now get out before I hurt you.'' Jacob didn't move an inch. ''Bella,'' He said, completely ignoring Edward. ''I would like to speak with you, privately.'' He said the last part with a pointed look to Edward. I opened my mouth to reply, but Edward spoke first. ''She doesn't want to speak to you.'' Jacob smirked once again. ''Worried about what she might think, are we?'' It seemed that Jacob had pushed Edward too far. Edward stepped forward once again, but did not stop. I could see that he had lost his control. Jacob did not seem frightened at all. He actually looked somewhat excited, was he insane? I grabbed onto Edward's arm. ''Stop,'' I said forcefully. ''I'll talk to him. It'll be fine.'' This stopped Edward in his tracks. ''Bella, you can't. It's not safe for you.'' He looked down at me imploringly. What was he talking about? ''Edward, it's fine.'' Edward opened his mouth to protest but Jacob interrupted him. ''I believe the lady has spoken. She wants to speak to me. So there!'' Edward looked at me and saw the resolve in my eyes. He sighed. ''Fine. But I'll just be in the next room.'' I guess that was the best I would get. Jacob snorted. ''Not exactly private, is it? Don't worry, I won't hurt her. Not like some I could mention.'' Edward tensed once again and for a second I thought that he wouldn't actually leave. ''It's okay,'' I whispered. ''It will just take a few minutes.'' He nodded and hesitantly and left.

I turned to Jacob and asked the question that had been floating around my head since he had arrived. ''What is going on?'' He smiled at me, seemingly in a much better mood simply because of the absence of a certain someone. ''It's great to see you again, Bella.'' He reached out and stroked my cheek. The fondness in his eyes frightened me and I pulled away. He sighed and lowered his hand. ''Bella, I know that we haven't really known one another for all that long, but I really do feel like we have a connection, a special bond. Do you know what I mean?'' Not even a little bit. Not wanting to hurt his feelings I said, ''Not really.'' His face fell somewhat, but then brightened again. He took my hands in his and gazed at me intently. I marveled at how large his hands really were, he had grown a substantial amount in the short time since I had last seen him. I didn't know how, but he definitely had. I became aware of how close he really was and began to feel uncomfortable. I pulled away, putting a more comfortable distance between the two of us. He refused to release my hands, however. I could hear Edward pacing in the other room. I silently thanked him for keeping his promise and not interrupting. ''Bella,'' He said in a hushed voice. ''You could be happy with me. He's not right for you. He's dangerous. You have no idea how dangerous.'' What, did Jacob know? If so, how? He couldn't! Could he?

I decided that the best course of action would be to pretend that I had no clue as to what he could be referring to. I wrenched my hands from his grasp and took another step from him. ''I have no idea what you're talking about, Jacob. Edward and I are very happy. You have said your piece and I have listened. Now I would appreciate it if you would leave.'' This seemed to anger him. His entire face darkened. ''Fine,'' He snapped. ''But Bella, you mark my words, he will hurt you. In more ways than one.'' He then turned on his heel and strode from the room. A few moments later I heard the door slam. What was his problem? Edward was at my side seconds later. ''Bella, are you okay?'' He asked, concern evident in his voice. ''I'm fine.'' I said. I was angry, who did Jacob think he was? Really. I looked at the clock and gasped. Edward looked at me sharply. ''What's wrong?'' He demanded. ''It's late,'' I said. ''I have to make dinner.'' I scrambled to get up but, of course, fell. Edward effortlessly caught me and righted me on my feet once again. I blushed and mumbled a quick thanks. ''No problem.'' He smiled. I could see a tightness at the sides of his mouth. The incident with Jacob had bothered him. Perhaps it would have bothered me more so if I had actually understood it.

I made my way into the kitchen and took two pieces of fish from the freezer. I didn't have time for anything elaborate tonight. I quickly set the table and fried the fish. Edward simply watched in silence. It seemed that no time had passed when he kissed me on the forehead and told me that Charlie was coming. Then he left. Dinner was a quiet affair. Charlie wasn't a great conversationalist and I was too wrapped up in my thoughts to make the effort to talk. I washed up quickly and went upstairs to tackle my homework. I didn't know whether Edward would come back tonight, he had seemed extremely distracted. Stupid Jacob! I was feeling agitated and the feeling only grew as the evening wore on. I finished my homework and decided that I would go to bed early. I got ready for bed and was surprised when I went into my room and found Edward lying on my bed, as usual. I hadn't expected him to come, but felt an inordinate amount of relief at the fact that he did. I lay down beside him and wrapped my arms around him. I buried my face into his neck and inhaled his scent. He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around me in return.

We talked until I fell asleep, as usual. However, it felt different somehow. He didn't seem to be there completely. Even though I was clutching him to me tightly, I felt that he was pulling away from me, and there was nothing I could do about it. There was a part of him, that just wasn't there. And it frightened me. I drifted off to sleep, with the terrible thought that perhaps he had finally realised how unworthy of him I truly was.

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