I told another lie todayAnd I got through this dayNo one saw through my gamesI know the right words to sayLike "I don't feel well""I ate before I came"

I'm a dirty girl,

I don't deserved to live,

I lost all control over everything even my body

All started on that terrible night

Kindness is suppose to buy one

All the beautiful nature of others

To one. Well my ordeal shows

How wrong that theory was.

Then someone tells me how good I lookand for a momentFor a moment I am happyBut when I'm aloneNo one hears me cry

Sister Sarah the witness of that faithful night

Peers into my bedroom holding a garment

that's horribly familiar. My nighty.

Did she lose her brain ?. I scream at her

To get it out of my sight

I need you to knowI'm not through the nightSome days I'm still fighting to walk towards the lightI need you to knowThat we'll be okayTogether we can make it through another day

Walking the lakes kerb I glance at my reflection.

I quickly tear away and wince to myself.

The lake is quite idyllic this evening.

I hear crickets in the distance and

Birds retiring for the night in

The trees above me.

No human sounds the way I

Like it.

I slip on seaweed OH please someone help me ….

My wrestless arms trying to keep my body afloat.

It feels like theres agiant vacuum cleaner in this

Cold and smelly water…… please someone …..