This was something that came to my head while in art class and when I got home I typed it up to see what will happen REMEMBER TO REVIEW YOU LIKE OR NOT THAT WILL DETERMINE IF I CONTINUE


Naruto and Sasuke were facining Chidori in Sasuke's hand and Rasengan in Naruto's.

Naruto and Sasuke stared at each other until Sasuke remembered what he had heard from two villagers gossiping.


"That damn demon gaki has been getting on my nervous I hope one day a ninja will kill him wither it's one of ours or an enemy I don't care" said a drunk villager.

"Yea that Uzumaki bastard needs to die" replied the other.

xx End Flashback xx

Sasuke even though he was trying to kill Naruto felt like Naruto was the only one who could feel his pain he had could honestly say that Naruto was his best friend and it hurt him to hear people he defended with all his might talk about him this and revenge on his brother is what drove him to this point. 'Naruto didn't deserve this he is a good guy just because he was given this burden that wasn't even his choice he shouldn't be treated like this' Sasuke thought

"Hey Naruto I want you to come with me to join Orochimaru we can train together and destroy the village that has caused us so much pain" yelled Sasuke.

Naruto stared at Sasuke as if he had grown another head.

"Teme what are you talking about why should I join Orochimaru?"

"Naruto you deserve more than what this village has given you come on join Otogakure we will become more powerful than any of the others in Konoha."

Naruto didn't know what to do Sasuke was the first person his age to notice him and become a friend on the other hand things where getting better in Konoha for him he was being beaten from both sides of the argument going on in his head until a voice came from his head.

"Kit I think you should take the offer think about how much you have done for that ungrateful village and look what it has got you a friend willing to kill you and sadly he is probably the only one in the whole damn village that understands you" said the Kyuubi.

Naruto thought what the Kyuubi had said and even though he didn't want to admit it he was right Konoha treated him like trash he pushed himself to be the best shinobi he could be and look where he was trying to take back the head student of his class while he was dead last in his true he grew stronger very quickly but the village didn't know that they probably thought he would call on the fox so he could hold Sasuke there till they got other ninjas to come and bring back a exhausted Sasuke and a dead Naruto to just throw him in a gutter somewhere.

"I think you are right Sasuke shit look at where being loyal to the leaf has gotten me and I'm sure that once useless they will have me killed or banded so… yea I'll join you and Otogakure and once our training is done we will come back and destroy Konoha" said Naruto.

Sasuke nodded and dispelled his curse mark at the same time Naruto let the Kyuubi's chakra go back into his body.

Both young shinobi looked at each other with new respect from on another.

Sasuke respected Naruto for seeing Konoha for what it was a village that brought both him and Naruto bad memories.

Naruto respected Sasuke for making him open his eyes and offering him a new life.

Both friends continued to walk until they heard a grunt from a small clearing.

Once they realized the figure was Tayuya under some fallen tree logs Naruto made some shadow clones and helped her out of the logs.

Both Naruto and Sasuke with Tayuya on Naruto's back started to walk to Otogakure.

Naruto turned around to look at the Hokage monument one more time.

'I'm sorry old man, ero-sensei, and Tsunade-baa-chan I tried I really did but I don't want to go back to that damned village the next time I come to Konoha I'll be an enemy I just hope I don't face the two of you Baa-chan and Ero-sensei' Naruto thought to himself.'

Naruto and Sasuke leapt on to a tree and bolted to Otogakure and their new leader Orochimaru.