Naruto of Otogakure 6

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"Dark Thoughts"

"Demons talking"



Naruto threw his apartment door open and staggered inside holding his shoulder where the curse mark was throbbing giving him indescribable pain that blurred his vision.

Stumbling through his dark apartment Naruto tried to find the door to the bathroom knowing soon that he was going to be ill. Once inside the restroom he lunged towards the sink and threw up the contents in his stomach or lack there of seeing how his whole day was spent training. After Naruto was done heaving he stood there staring at the contents that now dirtied his sink not wanting to move as he felt his body burn from the inside as if someone lit a fire ablaze inside his belly and let it spread throughout his body. It felt like he was being cooked from the inside out.

Naruto gave a groan of pain as he tried to steady himself while holding onto the sink for balance.

Naruto spat into the sink before he picked his head up to stare into his mirror he stood there at his sink for what felt like hours just staring into his eyes and that's what was bugging him they were his eyes the ones he had always seen when looking in the mirror. So why did it feel like he was staring at a total stranger as if he was just know meeting himself.

"That's because they are my eyes."

Naruto swung his fist around expecting to hit who ever was behind him, but his fist only flew through the air not hitting any solid.

"Wah, who- where are you," Naruto said not understanding what was happening.

Naruto didn't get an answer instead the pain that been quieted began a new with even more force added. Naruto felt himself go in and out of consciousness as he stood on his feet the pain was beginning to become so much, to much for him to bare.

As the pain kept running through his whole body he took a struggled look at the mirror to see his skin pealing off of his flesh starting at the curse mark.

"Wha- what's happening to me," he roared as he tried to keep his skin from dislodging from his own flesh and bones.

"You're being reborn."

"What," Naruto mumbled going wide-eyed seeing what he had become as he looked himself in the mirror. The image was going to forever be engraved into his mind.

Naruto bolted up into a sitting position as soon as his eyes came open and began to feverishly run his hand over his sweaty body as he felt his heart raging against his chest. He let a tired sigh leave his lips as he could feel that all his skin was still there scars and all.

Naruto dragged his body to the edge of the bed to get up and walk into his bathroom. He went up to the sink and turned on the cold water before splashing water into his face to wake himself up.

Naruto reached out for the towel that was hanging from his bathroom wall and dried the mixture of water and sweat from his face when he finished he placed the towel around his neck and peered at his reflection. The first thing he did was look into his reflections eyes wanting to know that they were still the same eyes he always had seeing his usual blue eyes gave him a feeling of relief.

"Still lovable me," Naruto said with a shaky grin. 'Still though that dream it was so real I could feel my insides on fire and the curse mark I felt the power course through me, it, it felt accelerating like nothing could get in my way.'

Naruto subconsciously places his right hand on his left shoulder were Orochimaru had marked him, he could feel the mark pulsating as if it were a nerve that had a heart beat pass through it. He had to ask himself was that normal, was it supposed to have a pulse as if it were circulating blood like a vain?

"No, I don't think Sasuke's ever did that. From what I saw it just looked like an other marking until he called upon its power. Maybe I should talk to Sasuke about this he might now what's happening. No Orochimaru probably has him on full time watch telling him could be a bad move if Orochimaru's men over hear the conversation. Damn it, who is there to turn to when you have severed all ties from yourself."

Naruto was now pacing the room furiously trying to keep his cool and dig up a solution to his problem. He had been walking around his apartment for nearly an hour and a half when he gave a frustrated yell and stopped out of his apartment.

Naruto took in Otogakure's cold night air as it brushed against his face he had been walking down Otogakure's street and feeling its cold night seemed to clear his mind of his troubles.

Naruto was enjoying the peaceful silence of his midnight walk until his stomach told him he needed something in his gut.

"That's right I haven't eaten all day, I'm starving," Naruto mumbled as he rubbed his stomach and looked around his surroundings until he saw a rather shady looking establishment. Usually Naruto would go out of his way to stay clear of a place such as this, but places like this were most likely the only establishments that you could eat from that were still open for business this late.

Naruto gave himself a shrug and made his way into the depressing building and sat himself in a booth that was in the back of the eatery.

"Hm, what's sounds good to eat here," Naruto mumbled to himself as he picked up the one page menu.

'This place is obviously not known for food,' Naruto thought to himself as he saw that most of the menu was covered in mixed drinks and other alcoholic beverages, and at the bottom some snacks.

"Seriously," Naruto grunted as he looked at the scarce layout.

Naruto kept gazing at the menu until a soft female voice interrupted his browsing, "Can I help you sir."

Naruto turned his head to the voice to see a very curvaceous woman with raven hair and black eyes in a rather skimpy uniform that hugged her body nicely.

"My name is Yumi, sir, do you see anything you like," the seductress said leaning towards Naruto giving him a view of her valley.

Naruto couldn't help stop the blood that was rushing to his face as he got an eyeful of the tempting sight.

Naruto took in a shaky breath and gulped, "I would like a bowl of rice, and a small fish."

As Naruto finished his order Yumi grasped his upper arm and pulled it between her breast, "Are you sure you don't want anything else, sir? Surely there is something else I can get you that might help you, relax," she said the last part with a very sultry voice as she began to rub Naruto's thighs.

Naruto's face became as red as a pepper as he began to sputter gibberish making Yumi giggle and took the opportunity to move her hand.

Naruto felt perspiration fall down his face as Yumi's hot breath grazed over his ear. "You look uncomfortable, is there anything I could do to help you relax," the temptress said as her hand moved towards Naruto's crotch area.

"Leave the boy alone Yumi, I need to have a word with him in private."

Naruto felt Yumi's hand leave his lap quickly and saw her turn around to glare at a man dressed in an all white jacket that had a musical note on its hood.

"What's the big deal Gin, you told me that if I leaved your men alone that you would let me do anything I want," Yumi yelled getting into the large mans face.

"You're right Yumi I did say that, but I need to talk to this boy alone, so would you be so kind as to give him back his wallet and leave us be so we can have our conversation."

Yumi gave one last glare to Gin before she pulled out Naruto's gama wallet out of no where, and slammed it on the table before storming off to another table filled with drunken men.

Gin watched Yumi begin to entice the men at the other table before he looked back at Naruto to see him have drool coming from his mouth. Gin chuckled to himself and silently took the seat across from Naruto, getting the blonds attention.

"Is there something I can help you with," Naruto began.

"Why, yes there is Naruto, I've wanted to have a little chat with you, if that is alright?"

"I usually don't talk to strangers outside my workplace to many of them try to kill me, why don't you formally introduce yourself after all it's only fair since you know my name."

"Smart child, I'm glad I looked into your file now. My name is Gin Irabi a member of Oto's Echo branch as you can tell," he finished by tugging at his cloak.

"What are you talking I just barely joined this village there's no way there can be a file on me already," Naruto said disbelieving.

"Oh," the large man said reaching into his cloak. "Then this must just be my imagination," he said fishing out a manila colored folder and waved it around in the air showing it off.

Naruto quickly reached out for the folder, but the trained elite shinobi pulled it out of his reach and waved his finger in mock disapproval.

"Now, now, young man didn't your parents ever tell you to not snatch thing from others hands, it's very rude," Gin taunted. The man was obviously insinuating his parentless childhood.

Naruto slammed his hand on the table getting the attention of everyone around his table, and glared at Gin.

"What do you want from me," Naruto ground out.

"Well it's more of a proposition if you will. You need funding and a more stable foundation for your new home, and I need some extra helping hands since my men were the edge of the blade that cut Konoha during the evasion so right now my blade is dull."

"And let me guess like any good swordsman you want your blade sharp and ready for the next fight, am I right," Naruto said also using an analogy.

"I guess you could say that," Gin began as he opened the manila file. "I have been looking at many peoples files, but yours seems to stand out, trained by a sannin, high chakra capacity, close range fighter, and lastly being a jinchuuriki, this list of your skills make you at least a high chunnin fighter, and if I were to help you train you would become better." Gin finished closing Naruto's file and putting back under his coat.

"Wouldn't it be smarter to get some shinobi who have more experience than me, and more skill," Naruto said.

"Usually yes, but the evasion cost us a lot of numbers it cut my branch down to only forty-two percent, and we need to fill as much space as we can with what little time we have, and while I hate to say it you're close to the top of the recruitment list. Besides you're not going to just instantly get in, but we will start training you and at the end of your training there will be an assessment of you skills."

"How can I trust you," Naruto mumbled his thoughts.

Gin shrugged and said, "In all honesty you can't, but right now you only have two choices, join me and I will be able to make you a shinobi of Oto quicker than you just waiting for Orochimaru to instate you, or you can walk out that door, forget this conversation, and hope life hands you everything on a silver platter. As you can see you don't have much choices, do you?"

Naruto kept his gaze on Gin's mask not wanting the man to think he had him in a dead lock when really he did. Naruto needed money and as long as Orochimaru didn't assign him any missions he could kiss the shinobi way of acquiring currency gone.

It was actually funny to him how he was able to face opponents ready to kill him at any given moment, but here he was being weighed down by a simple piece of paper he was sorely lacking. It was laughable if it had not been so ridicules.

"Do you need my answer now," Naruto asked still looking Gin in the eye sockets.

Behind his mask Gin smirked, the boy was already his; he just didn't know it yet.

"No, but don't think about it to long the courses will begin soon. I suggest you make up your mind by tonight," Gin said getting up from his seat and leaving the bar.

Naruto watched the man make his way out the building once the man was out of his sight Naruto's stomach grumbled indicating he was hungry, but he didn't feel hungry anymore he just wanted to go back to sleep.

Getting up he came to a realization. He had gone on this walk to clear out his head, and now he had a headache.

How it ended that way he would never understand, but one thing was for sure he was going to regret not staying home that night.

Tayuya was stomping her way back home after she spent the day in search of Naruto first she had checked his apartment to only find it empty. She then spent the rest of the day searching for him through out Oto getting more and more furious the longer she had to look for the blonde annoyance.

When the sun began to set she gave up the search and shoved her way back home causing a few fights, and taking part in most of them. She had the black eye and sore knuckles to prove it.

"Son of a bitch, disappearing when he should know damn well that he needed to tell me where the fuck he was heading if I see the fucker I'm going to shove the sharp end of a kunai so far up his ass you won't be able to see the handle," she grumbled as she climbed her apartment stairs.

Tayuya continued to insult and threaten Naruto as she made her way towards her apartment door. When she made it to the door's front she turned the knob and let herself in.

Inside her home Tayuya instantly went rigid when she heard a noise coming from the living room. Someone was here uninvited. Tayuya pulled out a kunai from the pouch and held it in a reverse grip for close quarter combat. She was ready for a fight.

Taking a few short quiet steps into the apartment's hallway she made her way towards the living room and took a quick scan of the room. She was welcomed to a dark and empty room that had a small television and sofa but not much else. Moving on she checked the kitchen, her bedroom, and bathroom but found nothing. When she had made sure no one was in her apartment she made a crucial mistake, she relaxed.

Tayuya loosen her grip on her kunai when she heard the sound of a sword being drawn. She cursed herself for letting her guard down when she felt the cold steel touch her neck.

"Damn it," she cursed under he breath. She had let her guard down it was a beginner mistake that she usually took advantage of to kill her targets.

"Long time no see, Tayuya-chan, how's daddy's little girl doing," the man holding the sword to her neck whispered.

"…." Tayuya stayed silent not having seen this man since she joined the sound four.

"Is this anyway to great your Otousan," he chuckled behind her as he ran his hand through her hair.

Tayuya could feel herself begin to tremble, this man was the only person she had ever feared besides Orochimaru.

Tayuya felt the sword leave her throat letting her turn around to come face to face with a tall man with scars covering his battle hardened face, red hair that feel down to his shoulders.

"I met a friend of yours today," he said with a smirk as he pulled out a manila folder and through it on her coffee table.

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