She could not grasp what it was she felt. Those around her often gasped and stared on in awe at her; she herself, found her gaze drawn to the strange drakes and drakka about her and Spyro. The adults stood tall on their hind legs, oddly, they seemed to perform the action of walking simply enough. Around them, the younglings, she noticed walked on all four limbs.

Cynder felt like a stranger in a stranger's house. For while the reptiles were indeed dragons, she felt like they weren't. Not in the true sense of the species anyway. It dawned on her, that perhaps; when Spyro and her, defeated Malefor, then, was it possible that, by some freak cosmical instance, they were transported to a different realm.

Or, could it be that this was their very own home land, only in parallel universe and time line? Then, she thought that this was in fact their home realm,only in the future. Oh, the pain of these yet to be confirmed thoughts swamped her brain. They drowned her with agony and confusion. Yet, she persevered in the name of her composure, not to look like a weakling. Her face was hard, and only showed hints that she was confused, and felt out of place here.

Spyro on the other hand, was feeling rather grand; despite having just been upon the brink of death mere minutes ago. For, in his mind, he now realized that the fate of the dragonic race no longer rested upon his and Cynder's genitalia. Strange as it was, he had a brief, dark thought of lust; if these dragons didn't exist, both him and Cynder would have to mate, but considering that there was this number of dragons about the room; Ancestors' knows how many in the entire realm. Cynder now had the option to regent him and his seed.

And naturally, as a male, the thought troubled him. But, soon as the thought came, it left, leaving him feeling less alone in the great big world. His scale color had regained its natural shine and pigment. Though, he did have to admit, it was a very light shade of purple; slightly pink actually. He was lying on a table; made of some very soft and plush material. A clear tube ran from, what looked like a needle injected into his arm, to a transparent water-skin that hung on a metal stand. The room itself, he nor Cynder could make note of, considering the number of moving bodies that moved about.

"Tha' Fucking Hell?" Spyro yelled upon sighting the mass of dragons that formed a substantially sized crowd in and around the medical facility. Flame silently agreed with the outrage; just because two young dragons get lost and attacked by a bloody, is no cause for such an uproar. For heavens sake it wasn't even today, it was tomorrow; a hell of a time for everybody to be up.

"By the gods!" Said Flame, "I like knew the chick was like hot and stuff, but, damn, like, I didn't know like the whole city would, like, agree with me." Spyro snorted at the red drake's form of humor. Already he knew what would happen once he and Flame arrived; if the council didn't bitch about him leaving his post, they'd make him learn their names, take them into his home, and find out every detail about them. And, of course he couldn't count on Flame to do anything; the red scaled one, would spend all his time staring at the 'female'.

He knew this for sure, considering that the last female that the council made Spyro watch over and tend to, Flame took advantage of Spyro's offer to watch her for a few hours, while he stocked up on supplies. When Spyro and Sparx returned home, they found the two dragons going at it. On his bed of all places! Flame should be thankful, that when I through him off the bed, I didn't take up the notion to slice his balls off. Can't call yourself a male if you only have the member. Cause thats not where the brute urges to be masculine originate.

The female admitted to him that she had said first. When Flame proved he wasn't your average male, she said yes. Yes, Yes, Yes, YES!!! Spyro chuckled when he made Flame seem so sheepish afterwards. Aye, if he tried the same stunt with this 'female', if there was in fact one to begin with, he'd make sure to remove Flame of every shred of maleness he had. An odd oder came across the purple drake's nostrils.

He followed it; via activating a gland on either side of the eyes to allow him to see scent trails, back to Flame. It dawned on him what it was, but was actually astounded that Flame had the audacity to do such a thing in public. He is unbelievable.

"FLAME!" Spyro roared with enough force to shake his own rib cage, including Flame's. Fire had also spewed from his mouth when he let out theroar. "Do you really think it would be at all hard for you not to become aroused in public? If you weren't such a fucking pig, and this female made you drool like that, I'd kill to see her. But, with your history of picking up and laying down women, I seriously doubt she's as beautiful as you say." Flame pondered this as they began to descend to the ground just outside the building.

"Well, what if she is like, more amazing than anything your member, like, ever thought lovely?" Flame retorted as they both touched down. At this, Spyro gave Flame a quite wicked glare; wanting nothing more than to wipe the smirk, that Flame was currently wearing, off the face of the planet. Spyro cooled his thoughts, and stiffened his back, allowing himself to look more dignified out of that metallic uniform.

"If that be the case, I'd kiss the ground at your feet." Which shalt not come to pass, Elora and Ember are all...wait, just Emb-....Gah! This is fucking pointless! I haven't seen Elora in forever, since the operationso do I really care for her that much? And Ember? Why...she's actually not bad looking nowadays. I wonder she said she won't chase me anymore...still

"SPYRO!!" A deep, commanding voice shouted, thus interrupting Spyro's train of rambling thoughts. He looked in the direction of the voice to see Titan, the elderly yellow dragon; he was quite hard of hearing, which is probably why he yelled louder than necessary. Or it could have very well have been his typical pissed off attitude. "Spyro you come with me right now, its time you took up your roll in the prophecy." Titan cared little of Spyro and Flame's reaction to that sentence.

"Pr-Prophecy?" Spyro and Flame both stuttered out. This; their timing, Titan found to be, amusing.

"Yes Prophecy, its one you have a large part in filling. Now come with me." With that, Titan turned around and snaked his way through the crowd. Spyro watched him with his trademark, one eye-ridge high, the other low. Flame tried had to mimic it, but failed.

"Dude," Flame began, "I like, totally didn't know you were in like, a proph-what-you-call-it." Spyro shook his head slightly as he began to follow Titan; Flame right beside him.

"I didn't know either, but whom ever destined me to follow some written in stone fable, can go fuck themselves. To hell if I'm gonna let some predestined bullshit run my life. I hate those whom believe everything they do, is part of a prophecy, or that it was written they'd have to do a certain task. I mean, if some guy, came up and said 'Hey, its your destiny to make toast, lick this floor, and eat this peanut.' I'd reply with a good old 'Fuck you!'. Thats why during a battle, that can decide the fate of the world, I don't stand back and make strategies, that takes too long. I just go ape-shit and make it up as I go along."

"Amen, spoken like a true 'Legend.'" Flame said. Spyro laughed. "What are you laughing at?"

"You finally said a sentence without saying 'like' or 'dude'." Flame upon realizing this, began to laugh with the purple dragon as well.

"So, you don't know how you got into the forbidden caves?" Nestor inquired upon the black drakka before him. He seemed, at least to Cynder, to be suppressing a smile of delight.

"Like I said, we where just there. Like magic or something." Cynder said.

"I see, tell me"


"Ah, yes Cynder, how could I forget." That made Cynder and Spyro both flinch in the way one does when told something shocking, yet incomprehensible. Nestor sensed their confusion, and dropped his question, as to enlighten them. "Well, you two should know that a very important prophecy, one that shall place you in the halls of glory, fast approaches you."

"Huh?" They both said in unison.

"See dude, told ya' she was like, all beautiful and stuff." Flame nudged Spyro with his tail. Try as he might, Spyro had to agree, she was quite striking. But, to him, nothing really compared to what he felt for Elora and Ember. He told Flame this, and the red drake grew a look of disagreement, and the look that said, Are you joking? "Dude how can you not love her. Look at her chest, it's huge."

"Fucking pig" Spyro muttered. He looked around the waiting room of the medical facility. He figured that with this number of dragons, the council must have ordered them to move the black female and purple male to a much larger compartment, as to allow more to see, what ever it was they were suppose to see. He tried his best to hear what the council was discussing with the two dragons; but the crowd was much louder than what he'd expected. Flame tapped Spyro and turned around. "Where you going?" Spyro asked.

"Sorry dude, but I kept my gaze on the chick for like, too long. I gotta find a latrine." Before Spyro could reply, Flame had slipped into the crowd. Spyro turned back to the spectacle before him. He decided he needed to get closer, and so when he stopped beside Nestor, The black female, and purple male jumped up and gasped at him.

"Ancestors!" The purple one said, "You're purple?!?" To this, Spyro once again, did his signature facial expression.