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When the "Twins" meet

"Oh my god! It's Robert Pattinson!"

Robert and Edward continued to stare at each other as they were surrounded by other people.

Did they… were they looking into a mirror? Is that why they could practically see themselves, right in the middle of a crowded room? I mean, there couldn't be any other explanation, could there…?

"Wow," Edward finally breathed." You really do look like me."

"Actually," Robert said, looking just as surprised as Edward supposed he did, "I think you look like... me?" Edward shook his head, looking confused. "No, no, I don't think so… wait," he said, closing his eyes and rubbing his forehead. God, he had a head ache now.

"You're older than me, aren't you? So I guess I do look like… you."

Robert laughed, shaking his head softly. "Bloody hell, this is so weird."

"You're telling me," Edward muttered, finally noticing the crowd that was gathered around the two of them.

"Wait, there's two of them," someone whispered.

"Which one's Robert?"

"Did you know he had a twin?"

"Oh my God! There's two Robert Pattinsons. How awesome is that? More to drool over!"

Edward groaned, while Robert looked kinda sick.

"This happens all the time," the both whisper at the exact moment, before looking up and laughing.

"Ok, this is getting strange," Robert said.

"Ya, not only do we look the same; we talk at the same time and think the same things? That's weird."

The two men chuckled again, before being jostled by the crowd.

"Hey Eddie," a voice rang through the crowd, sounding annoyed. "I know you think you're hot and all, but come on, this is a little girl's birthday party. Stop being an attention hog. Honestly, Mom thinks you're the bashful one, but…"

Emmett would have kept on going with his rant, but he broke through the crowd at just that moment, only to see, two Edwards? Did Mom have twins and forget to mention that to him? What the fudge? Not that it wasn't cool and all, but girls were already drooling all over his little bro, he couldn't imagine what would happen if there were two of them.

"Wait," he muttered, looking at the two young men closely. "Oh my God. You're Robert Pattinson!" he screamed, looking between the two men.

He couldn't tell which one was which, and that was kinda sad, considering the fact that he had known one of them for over nineteen years.

"Which one of you is my brother," he asked.

Both men just stared at him, wearing identical looks on their faces. "You're crazy!" the looks shouted.

He bit his lip, looking back and forth between the two men, before an idea popped into his head. "I know how to figure which one of you is Eddie! Both of you, drop your pants!"

"What!!!" both screamed at the same time, jumping back. They really did need to stop having the same reactions to things.

The crowd cheered in delight. "Drop them, drop them, drop them." They chanted, while a few women screamed, "Give me your underwear!" Ok, some people were kinda sick.

"My Eddie has a birth mark on his ass," Emmett said, as if it should have been obvious, and really, it should have been, to Edward at least. He knew his brother was crazy. "So, if you drop your pants, I can tell which one of you guys is my little bro."

"Wait," Robert said, looking at Emmett as if he was an idiot, which he was. "You can't tell which one of us is your brother?"


"You're an idiot."

"Ok, you must be Eddie. Robert would be much too polite to call me names. Come on Eddie, Jasper's looking for you. He wants to thank you."

"Hey, wait, I'm not…"

"Emmett," someone screamed.

"I know you're not Emmett, I'm Emmett, now come on!"

"Emmett," the voice screamed again, sounding angry.

Uh oh. Rosalie…

"What are you doing, you dolt, man handling the famous people? I'm sure Tanya's dad didn't invite you here so that he could lose connections. Let Robert Pattinson go!"

"Wait… this is Robert? I thought it was Eddie. I mean, he called me an idiot."

"You are an idiot," Edward said, laughing quietly, while Robert nodded in agreement, wrenching his arm out of Emmett's grasp.

"Eddie," Emmett screamed, looking shocked. "Why didn't you stop me from making a fool out of myself in front of the hot movie star?"

"Emmet," Rosalie said slowly, looking at her husband. "You're married to me. I don't really think you're supposed to mention other people are hot. Especially if he's a guy…"

"No, no, I didn't mean to say he was hot. I've just heard other people say he was, and have you looked at him. I mean… I'm not gay!"

Everyone just laughed.

"Come on you big buffoon," Rosalie said, amusement and exasperation mixing in her voice. "Lets get out of here before he get us thrown out."

And with that, Rosalie grabbed her husband's ear, pulling him away. "Owww! Let go Rose. Bye Eddie! Which ever one of you is Eddie. I forgot again!"

"Your brother is an idiot," Robert said, looking over at Edward.

Edward shook his head. "As of this moment, he's no longer my brother."

Robert laughed. "Now, about that song…."

"Oh my god, there really is two Robert Pattinsons. Get them!"

Edward looked up at the yell, shocked, before turning to Robert. "We'll discuss that later. Right now, I think we better…"


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