Here I am sitting in the back seat of my parent's car driving from warm, sunny Phoenix, Arizona to cold, wet Forks, Washington. I wasn't happy about the move from my home to some strange new town. But I really didn't have a choice. Okay, so that is not really true. I had two choices. My parents and I could stay in Phoenix and I would certainly die or we make the decision to move Forks and I might live. There are no guarantees that I would live if we move but I am willing to try, at least for my parent's sake. We were moving so I could be treated by Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Dr. Cullen is the countries best leukemia specialist. That's right. I have leukemia. Did I mention that I am only 18yrs old and a senior in high school?

That's right I get to move to a new town, start a new school and deal with being sick all in the middle of my senior year. I am so fucking lucky.

I was diagnosed 3 months ago. One morning I woke up with high fever. At first we thought it was just the flu or something but after several days of trying to get the fever to break I was taken to the hospital. They were concerned about my fatigue and lack of appetite so they ran some test. The results came back with a death sentence. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL, as they liked to call it. I preferred to call it never going to college, or never getting married and having babies. However I kept those thoughts to myself. My parents were having a very hard time with my impending death. I was afraid I was going die too but I hid it better. I had to be strong for them.

I spent two months going through radiation therapy before we realized that it wasn't helping. I was only getting worse. My doctor told us that we needed to make the choice to either move out here so I could be treated by Dr. Cullen, and have a better chance of making it or I could stay there and probably die within a year. Some choice, right? So Charlie and Renee called Dr. Cullen and talked to him about my condition. He agreed to treat me but we had to move to Washington State. After dealing with our insurance company, selling our house, buying a new house, and packing up my entire life, we upped and moved to the wettest place in the country.

"Bella, you ok?" asked my mom, Renee.

She has been asking me that every 5 minutes for the last few months. Renee is probably my best friend. I didn't have a lot of friends in Phoenix. The few I did have, were avoiding me ever since I told them I was sick. They pitied me. I didn't want their pity, I wanted their support. Renee is a very beautiful woman. She had shoulder length light brown hair and blue eyes unlike me and my boring brown hair and dark chocolate eyes. I was plain and ordinary.

"I'm fine, Mom, just tired." I tried to reassure her with a small smile but she could read me like a book.

"I know you don't really want to move but we think this is the best shot at beating this. Dr. Cullen sounds like a very nice man from the phone conversations we have had with him." said Renee.

"I know, Mom. I'm just nervous." I said softly looking at my feet. I could feel my tears trying to spring up in my eyes. I blinked several times trying to fight them back.

"Bells, its ok to be nervous and scared. We are too. We are all leaving behind people we care about but we can make new friends here. It will be ok." said my father, Charlie, from the drivers seat. I look a lot like Charlie. We both have dark brown hair, only his is curly, and dark brown eyes.

"I just feel bad that you both are having to give up so much for me."

"Baby, we aren't giving anything up for you. We just get to start new here. The coffee shop will be up and running before you know it." said Renee.

Charlie just nodded his head in agreement and I let it go. Charlie and Renee were opening a small coffee shop in Forks. They owned several of them in Phoenix, so for them this was just an expansion of their business. I looked out the window of our excursion and saw the welcome to Forks sign as we crossed the city limits. I inwardly sighed. Here's hoping that it will be worth it all.