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Blaine Jacobs was one cocky senior at Seven Seas High. He was the captain of the S.S. Tipton's swim and dive team. Blaine competed against other teams every time the S.S. Tipton docked in a port. He never left a port defeated either. He won every race in every stroke at any length. Blaine was like a fish, he had speed and skill, but he also had another thing: looks. He had shaggy hair that was a dark midnight black, which was somewhat odd for a swimmer, and glowing green eyes. His body was lean because of all of his training, and he stood a height of 6'5, so he had it all. Blaine, like other athletes, had routine before each race. He went for a jog around the pool twice, listened to some pump up music, and always wore his lucky dark blue swimmer's cap. This would lead into him winning all of his races, and that would lead into his post meet routine. Blaine and his teammates would get a souvenir of some sort, somewhat like a trophy for their win in that country, and Blaine would hook up with some girl he barely knew.

Well, Blaine and his team came off a big win in Belgium when he and his team came cheering back onto the ship. The whole school was excited about the win, and decided to celebrate the win with a party on the Sky Deck. So later that night, the whole school was enjoying a lively night on the Sky Deck.

Blaine had already claimed his trophy, Belgium chocolates that were world famous. So the only thing left for Blaine to find was a girl, and he found one easily. She was leaning against the railing looking down at her shoes. Her hair was a shiny golden brown, and when she looked up, he could see her dark chocolate eyes. Her features were soft and gave a gentle cute look, rather than a dynamic hot look. She wasn't the type of girl he usually went with: hot, blonde with icy blue eyes, but she caught his eye.

He smirked to himself. Blaine ran his hands through his hair once and checked his breath once before he sauntered over to his next victim. When he arrived, she paid him no attention, she almost seemed like she was looking for someone.

Blaine waved a hand arrogantly in front of her face, and when she finally noticed him, he spoke to her in a supercilious tone.

"Who are you looking for cutie? I'm already here."

The girl reacted with a role of the eyes before answering back, "Sorry, but I'm actually waiting for someone else."

Blaine shrugged and gave one his charming smiles, "That's okay, I'll just wait till I'm that someone."

The girl was irritated, but she promised that she would meet her friend by the railings.

"I'm Blaine Jacobs," he said introducing himself.

"Bailey Pickett." The girl answered back hesitantly.

"Bailey— 'What a weird name for a girl'— that's a nice name." They sat in silence for a few moments before Blaine started to go off about himself.

"Sweet party, huh?" He didn't even wait for her to respond, "Yeah, my team and I won a big swim meet. We even went out and got some of those Belgium chocolates," he gave her a once over, "I bet they aren't as sweet as you." He took a step closer, so that they were almost touching.

Bailey became even more uncomfortable at his advances and began to leave, "Well I have to go….it was umm...nice talking to you." She answered as she hurried away.

"Hey, wait! Aren't you forgetting something?"

She turned around confused, "What?"

Blaine pressed forward and grabbed her arm, "Me," he answered his face barely hovering above hers.

"Please let me go!" Bailey began to panic. Everyone was too enthralled with the party to notice the situation she was in.

"Come on baby," Blaine's voice becoming eerily gruff, "no one says no to Blaine Jacobs."

Bailey began to struggle some more when Blaine felt a hand clamp down on his left shoulder, "I believe she just did." Blaine's head whipped around to see a thin boy with floppy blonde hair and blue-green eyes.

"Yeah, and who are you?"

The boy eyes blazed with an angry fire, "Her boyfriend."

Blaine scoffed. This was her boyfriend? He was the scrawniest thing he'd ever seen.

"Well not anymore." Blaine began to pull Bailey along with him.

"Hey! Let her go!" The blonde boy was still not getting it. This girl was now his.

"Shuddup!" Blaine lashed out, landing his right fist on one of the boy's eyes.

"Cody!" Bailey screamed as the boy went crashing to the floor. The music was still blaring, covering any sounds of the scuffle from the crowd.

"Now come on!' Blaine yanked the girl along once again.

Blaine didn't make it that far before he got a swift kick in the back making him stumble forward. He looked back to see the boy standing up with a black eye developing.

"Fine, you want to tussle!" He pushed Bailey to the side, "We'll tussle!"

Blaine went charging at Cody with a vast amount of speed. Cody barely had time to react, and ended up with a punch to the nose. Blood began to pour out of it. Cody gripped his nose in pain and stood hunched over. Blaine smirked; this would be easy; this kid was a wimp.

Blaine took another charge at the boy, and this time he didn't hit his mark, but instead hit one of the metal railings after Cody made a last minute side step. Blaine yelled out agony, and his fist throbbed in pain. Cody took this as an advantage and socked Blaine right in the mouth. Cody and Blaine both stumbled back, Cody, because of the impact on his hand, and Blaine, because of the impact on his jaw. Cody waved his hand about in pain. Blaine began to taste blood, and spat something out of his mouth and into his hand. It was one of his teeth. Blaine glared at Cody. This wimp ruined his perfect smile, and he was going to pay. Blaine was now fuming with furry. Even with the many different colors of light coming from the stage lights and strobe lights, all Blaine could see was red.

Cody, seeing this rage, looked around the room for help. Everyone was still oblivious to what was happening. Cody took a few steps back and was now cornered by the snack table. Blaine went charging again, and this time tackled Cody and himself onto the snack table. Chips and cookies flew everywhere, and Cody began to get pounded in the face by Blaine.

Things started to get a little blurry for Cody when all the blows just stopped. Blaine had been dragged off him by Woody and Zack, his brother, and only a few seconds later Kirby and Mr. Moseby were taking Blaine Jacobs away.

When Cody stood up the room was spinning ball of colors. He couldn't make out one figure from the next, and he couldn't even stand straight. Zach and Woody helped support him while Bailey came racing over to her boyfriend.


He gave her a weak smile, "Hey, Bailey."

She cupped his face, "Omigosh! Are you okay?"

He winced at the sudden contact, "I will be."

Zack interpreted the couple's conversation, "Bailey, let's get him back to his room so he can rest."

Bailey nodded and accompanied them back to Cody's and Woody's room. They gently placed him on the bed.

"It's all right guys, you can go back to the party," she gently brushed some hair out of the hurt blonde's face; "I will watch him."

Woody and Zack nodded, and left the couple alone.

Cody was asleep by the time the boys left. Bailey took this time to really study him. His clothes were all ruffled from the fight, and he had a tear in his shirt along with some stains from his bloody nose on the shirt. His hair was messy, and she could see the bruises on his face. She traced the developing one on his chin and kissed the other on his right cheek. In his sleep, Cody winced from the sudden contact. Bailey gave a small frown before she went back to gazing at his face. His black had already developed, and it looked rather tender. Her finger tips barely grazed it, and he flinched away. His nose was becoming a painful purple, and the blood was now dried under it.

Sighing, Bailey stood up and went to the bathroom to get a washcloth. When she returned be began to wipe dried blood off his face, gently not to hurt him. After that she got a cold washrag and softly pressed it against Cody's black eye.

Cody let out a soft groan, and began to wake up. To him, the world was still spinning, and his face was throbbing in pain. When the world finally started to slow, he noticed Bailey sitting above him with a worried look on her face.

"What happened?" he asked squinting because of the bright light shining behind her head.

Bailey grasped his hand and soothingly rubbed circles into it, "Blaine wouldn't leave me alone, and you came and he hit you. Then you two ended up getting in a fight, and Woody and Zack had to drag Blaine off you." Bailey gave a tight hug, "I am so sorry you got hurt!"

Cody slowly wrapped his arms around her, "It's okay. I just didn't want him to hurt you."

Bailey beamed up at him, "He didn't thanks to you!"

Cody gave a small smile before frowning again, "So Woody and Zack had to pull him off me?"

"Yes, he wouldn't stop hitting you. They had to drag him off." Bailey grimaced at the thought of Cody being mauled.

It was silent for while. Cody refused to look at Bailey, almost in shame.

Bailey tenderly took his face and turned it so he was looking at her. He looked so weary and beaten with a frown and bruises painted across his face, "What's wrong, Cody?"

"I'm sorry I couldn't be your knight in shining armor, Bailey." He replied with sad eyes.

A smile graced her face as she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek, "But you were."

Alrighty! I always wanted to see Cody get in a fight trying to protect Bailey, and we all know Cody is kinda wimpy, so he wouldn't win, but he still would come out a hero! This is my second crack at Cody and Bailey or even at Suite Life, so tell me what you liked, disliked, or something that can be improved on! Reviews are always welcomed, and if you have any ideas or requests, I'll see what I can do! Thanks for reading!