It had been a week since the incident between Cody and Blaine. Me and Woody dragged that scumbag off my brother, and Mr. Moseby laid down a harsh punishment. Blaine would be expelled, and when we hit the next docking in the United States, he'd have to return home to his family. It was a decent punishment, but I wasn't about to let that hothead off too easily though. Mr. Moseby brought down his punishment, and now it was time for mine. No one beats up on my brother, but me, and I don't even hurt him!

I hadn't talked to Cody about this because I knew he wouldn't allow it. In fact, he seemed kinda happy about the fight. Ever since the fight, Bailey had been fawning all over him. She would always get him things, make sure he was happy, and she smothered him with kisses. And as much as Cody wanted to say he didn't mind the attention, he couldn't because he liked it. A lot. Bleck!

So while the mushy couple was on cloud nine. I was planning my revenge.

It was a day before Blaine would be dropped off in Florida, and returned to his parents. The perfect time to begin my pranks. First off was at breakfast. Blaine might swim like a fish, but he eats like a pig. He orders everything on the breakfast menu and smoothers it in ketchup. So this is where my prank comes in. The only science project I've ever done was one of those volcanoes, and I got a 'D' on it. So I decided that it would apply here nicely. I stole one of the kitchen's ketchup bottles, and replaced some of the ketchup with baking soda. Shaking it while I looked for Blaine, I walked around the dining room, keeping a look out for Mr. Moseby. When I found Blaine he was sitting at a table, without a ketchup bottle. Perfect.

"Blaine! My man," I strolled over and leaned on the table, "what's up?"

He gave me a confused look, but answered, "Oh nothing really," he glanced around his table, "have you seen the ketchup?"

"What do you mean?"

He frowned at me, "I mean there is none here."

"I don't know isn't there some—" I pointed across the room, "Isn't that Mr. Moseby with a hula dancer!" Blaine, stupidly, fell for my trick, and I placed the rigged ketchup on the table.

When Blaine finally looked back, he gave me a funny look, "There was no one there Zack!" He gave me a glare; "Now I have to find some ketchup—" he froze when he saw the bottle on table.

"Or maybe not—"

"See ya, Blaine!" and with that I ran off.

Sneaking behind a table, I gave one last look at Blaine just in time to see him open the ketchup and have it explode in his face.

Score one for the Zackster!

Now on to round two.

Blaine, even though he's expelled, swim's every day after school hours from three to four. The only reason I know that because all the babes used to watch him, and someone needed to be around to rebound the rejected.

Anyway, before he swims, he slicks back his hair with some type of goo, because of his shaggy hair, and puts his swim cap on. I snuck into the locker room ten minutes before and switched out his hair jell with some really sticky glue.

I was almost done when I heard footsteps. Blaine was coming, and I had to find somewhere to hide. I slid into a locker and kept it cracked a little so I could see what was going on.

It was Blaine. He got ready to swim, wearing that stupid Speedo that made him like a priss. Like always, he slicked his hair back, this time with my glue, and snapped his swim cap on. After he left, I started step two of prank two!

One of Blaine's prized possessions is his one-of-a-kind, super-expensive Nike shoes. It was the only shoes he ever wore since I've met him, and a great place for a prank. Earlier today, while I was in the kitchen snagging the ketchup, I grabbed some kool aid powder. Pouring some of the red dust inside his shoe, I set him up for another one of my pranks. Blaine never wears socks, and his feet are going to be wet from swimming, so you should get what I'm doing here.

With my second prank finished, I headed off to a well deserved smoothie.

It was only a few hours later when I saw Blaine walking around with bright red feet, holding dyed red shoes with his swim cap still on his head. Cue laughter. The whole Sky Deck began to rumble with laughter. Cue embarrassment. Blaine's face was as bright as his feet as he storm off the Sky Deck.

Cue success! Now I got one more prank to send him crying home to his momma.

The third, and classic, prank.

It ain't a secret that macho man Blaine claims some stupid prize after every meet of his. And from what I heard from Bailey, Blaine's prize this time was chocolates. It was like he was trying to make it easy on me.

So while Blaine was trying to find a way to get his swim cap off his head, I snuck into his room to place my last prank. It was an easy one, too. It was a simple switch. I'd take his Belgium chocolate, and I'd leave for him some laxatives in their place.

The next morning was the funniest moment I have ever seen. Blaine, with all of his stuff, walked the boat with red shoes, badly cut hair with spots missing, from the swim cap, and to top it all off he had to run to the bathroom every other minute because of the chocolates.

Even Cody got a kick out of it when he wasn't too busy smooching Bailey, which was like for five seconds.

I watched Blaine walk off the boat, this time with a slight limp because he had ran into the women's room one of the times and the old lady with the purse got him good, to his parent, and that's when I knew my revenge was complete. And I'll tell you one thing:

They're not lying when they say revenge is sweet.

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