* Declaimer: I am not Ellen Hopkins, not in the least.

(I'm not good at rhyming so I'm only attempting to make my writing flow as smoothly as Ellen's. And I'm only experimenting with this idea. That's why I made the first chapter so short.)


The duffle bag in her hand

Dropped to the ground.

She blinked

Several times

As if,

She couldn't believe

That the figure standing

Just a couple of feet away

Was really the same guy

She'd met in Aspen Springs.

Then it seemed to be

That her feet

Were acting on their own accord;

Not a mind-over-matter kind of thing

Because while she dashed

Straight for me,

Vanessa's dark caramel eyes

Still looked surprised.

Without hesitation,

I opened my arms wide

As little rocks and dust

Flew up

In the air,

Having been kicked by

Her boots in haste.

A wave of reddish brown

Hit my chest.

And if that weren't enough

To bring back memories,

Vanessa's warm hands

Reached up to grasp my face.



Was really

Taking a risk

By coming to

This place

Without either

Grandma or




Had called



Had told him

That it was time

To pay our respects

To our very dear friend,


At last.


Told Grandma

That I was spending

The night with a friend

And then

I really did

Call a girlfriend who

Was having a party

And asked her for a favor.

Now both

Grandma and then


When he and

Bryan get back

From Bryan's baseball


Will think

That I'll be

With Alex

Till tomorrow afternoon.

Yes, I know

This is a mighty big risk

I'm taking

But I also feel like

There will be no


At sunrise.