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A/N- Bella bashing down below. Just be aware of this.

Hermione glared at Bella.

Once again she thought to herself, just how exactly was it that she had to be stuck with her least favorite muggle cousin. Oh, right. Because Bella's 'surrogate' family were vampires and were likely to take out any supernatural threat that would come after Hermione.

With her best friends gone, some gone into hiding, some off to save the world- Hermione was truly stuck here in Forks with her uncle Charlie and his daughter. Who was really getting on Hermione's last nerves.

How is it that she could be related to somebody so whiny, so needy and so pathetically the epitome of the 'damsel in distress' archetype? Hermione, the brightest witch of her generation was ashamed to be related to Bella Swan.

For the last month she had done nothing except brood over her vampire whose stalkerific tendencies were really freaking Hermione out. Bella was so far gone on Edward that she truly didn't care about anything else surrounding her anymore, not her friends, not her family and what was more shocking, she didn't care if she lived or not. She wanted Edward to turn her. Into a vampire.

Hermione shuddered just thinking about it. Bella was so convinced that she wanted to become a creature of darkness that she had turned her back on all aspects of her life. She didn't even bother acting like she truly cared about her parents anymore, she abandoned her friendship with Jacob and his pack- Bella was completely immersed in Edward.

Hermione grimaced just thinking about it. She was used to being constantly under the threat of death, she was used to all sorts of creatures and people trying to take her out, but she had never acted like the drama queen Bella was personifying. Her moaning and brooding over the fact that Edward wanted her to stay human was really getting on Hermione's nerves. So much so that when Bella began yet another conversation with the words that if Edward truly loved her, then he would want to be with her forever- Hermione couldn't stand it anymore and just snapped "Oh shut UP. Nobody cares. Jesus, do you think you're the only with problems? You have a pack of vampires trying to kill you, and that's ONLY if you stay with Edward. Try having the *WHOLE* of the Death Eater army salivating after your neck!!! Gaaahhh Bella! I swear to God, if you weren't my cousin I'd try to hurt you myself so that Edward would have no choice but to turn you. At least then you'd SHUT UP!!