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I was following my family lazily around Seattle, we just moved back to forks. Forks, I sighed it's been around 259 years since we left Bella. Time means nothing anymore, I'm dead inside. I'm nothing without her. I heard a scream, I ran up to the rest of my family, It was very dark at least 11 PM we heard another scream and the scent of human blood filled our senses, I looked at Carlisle. Let's go check it out, he thought I nodded and look at the rest of my family, "let's go" I whispered.

We ran in the direction of the blood, we turned down many streets until we turned down into an ally way, five vampires were closing in on about 8 humans, not counting the two already on the ground burning from the venom. The lead vampire, a female with brown hair to her waist jumped on one of the humans and bit into the humans side and tossed him aside, they continued to do this until all the humans were on the ground, unable to move, they went back to feed, They made a huge mess blood covered the walls and the ground, all five vampires were covered in blood also.

When all the humans were dead the lead vampire rose lifted her head to the sky. I couldn't see her face. She started to laugh, an evil cackling laugh. The other vampires rose and started to laugh also.

"Hello, my name is Carlisle and this is my family" Carlisle said stepping forward; a blond male snapped his head around to meet Carlisle eyes. Carlisle took a few more steps forward. The male's blonde hair was streaked in blood, he had bright crimson eyes and his shirt was torn to expose his chest, a small growl came from him mouth.

"Who is your coven's leader?" Carlisle asked taking another small step forward.

"I am" It wasn't the blonde male who spoke but the brunette, she turned around slowly, and I saw her face, It was Bella, My beautiful Bella. She walked up to Carlisle; she was almost as tall as him. Their faces were about 10 cm apart, a fierce snarl came from her lips, her teeth were beared and she was growling and snarling at Carlisle.

"Carlisle, come here" Esme said trying to sound calm, but there was fear in her voice. Bella looked at Esme and walked up to her; she snarled at Esme then said. "Are you afraid of me Esme?" she spoke quietly "are you afraid Esme? Are you!?" she yelled.

"Yes" Esme whispered. Bella stepped back and laughed the rest of her coven joined in she stopped and her coven stopped laughing, she looked serious now "Good" she said. She started to walk back to her coven, but I spoke.

"Bella, wait!" I called out. She turned around again teeth bared. "I'm sorry" I said, It's all I could think of to say.

"Oh he's sorry!" she yelled "He's sorry! He's sorry! He's sorry!" she yelled over and over she was clutching her head shaking it "He's sorry, He's sorry!" she was coming closer but she wasn't walking, it was like she was floating " Sorry my ass! The only way you know how to treat women is like treating them like trash! When you're the trash! And that's gonna stop!" she came up to me and waved her hand sending me flying into the ally wall she came over to me and kicked me sending me into another wall. "B, stop, he isn't worth it" the blond male came up and put his arm around his waist. Another fierce growl came from her lips. "Could you come around some time, Bella?" Carlisle asked. "You still live in that house?" she asked "Yes" Carlisle responded.

"Maybe we could come over, Hey Frost! What's we doing the next few days?!" she yelled over to a female vampire who had black hair with a streak of blue in it. "Nothing I think" Frost yelled back.

"See you later" Bella said waving; they all jumped onto a building and started to run. I looked at all the bodies on the ground. "What should we do about this?" I said getting up off the ground looking at all the dead humans. "Leave them, the police will find them, let's go son" he said coming over to me.

xXxX Time warp 2 days xXxX


We were sitting around the house when there was a knock at the door. Carlisle got up and went to open it. He came back with Bella and her coven.

"Please take a seat." Carlisle said gesturing to the empty seats. They all took a seat I looked at each vampire. The one called Frost had her arm around a male with red hair, large lips and a square-ish face. The blond had his arm around Bella; I almost growled at this, his blond hair was messy, by the look of his body he worked out when he was human. He carried a flute in his other hand, I had no idea what that was about. The last vampire was a male, with dirty blond dreadlocks down to his waist; his eyes were large and innocent looking.

"Welcome, May I asked for your names?"

"Sure!" Bella exclaimed. "Well this is Daniel, but we call him Dan," She said gesturing to the blond next to her, He just nodded. "This is Frost" she said and the female with the black hair nodded "and her mate Fredrick." The redhead just glared. "And this throw in is Raphael" she said and the one with the Dreads didn't move. "It's very nice to see you again Bella" Esme said. Bella scoffed. "Rigghhtt" she said sarcastically "No really Bella we missed you" Rosalie said.

Bella got up "you missed me! Whoa! Queen Bitch can feel isn't this a surprise!" She yelled.

"You have no idea how hard my life has been since you left me!" She yelled. "You think you had a hard change! You're so torn because you can't have kids so what! Look at this!" she look off her jacket her arms were covered in scars crescent shape scares. "B, chill" Daniel said I noticed he had a Swedish accent

"Kill. Will. Mill" Frost said "Lil, dill."Bella said joining in, they all started to laugh. I looked at the rest of my family they looked worried, slightly frightened. Bella sat back down.

"Do you have any powers?" Carlisle asked.

"Oh yes" Bella said nodding furiously. Without warning they all got up and glided their way out the back door, we all followed. They were all standing waiting for us. Their red eyes impatient.

"Frost show them your power" she said

"No, I don't wanna go first! You go first!" she yelled

"Show them you're fucking powers or I'll burn you right now!" she yelled coming closer to Frost,

"I'd love to see you try" Frost said grinning.

"Don't test me Frost, just show your powers, now!" she yelled.

"Fine" Frost said smirking. They seem to enjoy fighting.

Slowly Frost raised her hands and ice cold wind started to blow.