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I followed Bella off into the forest. I could hear her coven running behind me.

When i caught up to Bella she was standing watching a bear stalk a young girl, around 16 years of age.

"Please! Please help me!" the girl shrieked at Bella. Bella jumped onto the bear and snapped its neck then walks over to the girl.

"Hello" Bella said smiling. "I'm Bella"

"L-L-L-Lilly" the girl stuttered staring at Bella's eyes she took a step back.

"Well Lilly, you see I'm a vampire, and I'm hungry, I'm so sorry about this, nothing personal." Bella said smiling and grabbed the girl and bit down on her neck. I could smell the blood.

I heard Bella's coven coming up and they stopped next to me. The girl was almost dead when Bella stoped and pulled away she had blood dripping down the side of her mouth.

"Did you save some for me B?" Daniel asked.

"No" Bella hissed "This is a special one" she said couching down and holding Lilly like a small child, Lilly started to scream. "Shhh" Bella cooed, brushing a few strands of hair from Lilly's face.

"What can she do?" Frost asked eagerly

"Shape shift" Bella answered never taking her eyes off the girl, she started to lie her down and Lilly continued screaming,

"Shhh, it's okay, the pain will be gone soon." Bella said lovely.

"Bella, why don't you bring her back to the house? Wouldn't she be more comfortable there?" I asked.

Bella looked at me sceptically, and picked the girl back up and ran back to the house, I quickly followed. I showed her to a spare room and Bella laid the girl down on the bed. The screaming was getting louder and the girl started to thrash.

"Shhh . . . It's okay" Bella cooed. Frost came into the room with a hand towel and a bowl of water. Bella started to wash away the blood on the girl's neck and face.

The water soon became discoloured.

"Well, hasn't this been exciting children." Bella said standing up to face Frost she smiled.

"Yeah it has been. But I'm thirsty" Frost pouted.

"Well you can wait!" Bella snapped.

"You're not the boss of me!"

"Wanna bet!?!" Bella said standing up to get in Frost's face.

"Girls calm down, Geez" Daniel said coming into the room, Fredrick and Raphael followed behind.

Fredrick wrapped his arms around Frost, she calmed down after that.

"Raphael, look after Lilly." Raphael nodded.

"Edward" I looked towards Bella. "I need a piece of paper and a pen." I ran out to retrieve the things she needed. I handed the paper and pen to Bella. She walked to the corner of the room and sat in the chair there. "What are you doing?" I questioned.

"Shush!" she hissed and closed her eyes. Her hand started to run across the page creating an image.

I went over to look she stopped drawing and what was on the page was a detailed drawing of a wolf. "Well that's no help at all!" Bella yell and scrunched up the drawing and threw it; it hit Frost.

"Did you just throw something at me!?!" Frost screeched jumping up from the seat she was sitting in.

"Yes i did! You have a problem with that!?!?" Bella yelled. Frost ran at vampire speed over to Bella, straight away stood up and shoved Frost. "Get out of my face, Bitch!" Bella yelled.

"You wanna take this outside!?!" Frost yelled.

"Oh, let's go!" Bella yelled and they both ran outside, I quickly followed,

As soon as they were outside Bella jumped on Frost. I felt the presence of the rest of Bella's coven minus Raphael. I heard Daniel sigh he walked, very calmly, over to Bella and pulled her off Frost.

"Calm down, B" He whispered in her ear. Bella growled but nodded.

"I'm going hunting." And she ran off.

"Does that happen often?" I asked Fredrick.

"Yes, all the time, you get used to it" he answered in his thick Swedish accent.

Everyone went back inside Bella's coven went up to the room that held Lilly. I went for a run. I needed to get away from everyone's thoughts; I needed to clear my head.

I was running when i hit something, hard. I went flying back. I looked up to see what i ran into, It was Bella, We were in our meadow.

"Hi, Bella" I said unsure of what i should say.

"Hi," she said getting up and brushing off some dirt.

"Sorry about that"

"Good, you should be." She growled.

"Bella, do you remember this place?" I asked,

"The meadow? Sure I remember it, I remember it as the place that Victoria tortured me, and then changed me."

My vision blurred and i saw a different image i was seeing just a second ago. I saw Victoria laughing as she kicked Bella and told her terrible things. Bella's appearance was shocking both her legs were broken, and her shoulder was dislocated. A stick was stabbed into her other shoulder, Blood was falling from the wound. Although she must have been in tremendous pain, there were no tears on Bella's face, instead Bella was yelling at Victoria, telling her to kill her already. Then Victoria stepped forward and bit on Bella's neck, then all over her shoulders and down to her wrist. My vision blurred again and Bella was standing in front of me, an evil smile of her lips. I didn't think. I only acted; I kissed her, Held her to me and kissed her with everything i had in me. She didn't respond so i put more emotion into it, then the most amazing thing happened. She was kissing me back. Then she pulled away. I sensed someone behind me, I turned around and Daniel was standing there.

"Dan, please let me explain." Bella said taking a step forward.

"I knew this would happen, Just stay with your precious vegetarian." Daniel sneered and ran off.

"Dan!" Bella called out, she ran after him. I stood there staring after them.

I wasn't sure what to do, so i just ran home.

I was sitting in the living room watching T.v with Alice, Jasper and Emmett, it has been 2 hours since one of the best moments of my existence, Bella kissed me back, a baseball game was just starting when Bella's voice sung out "Oh, Edward!?"

"Yes Bella?" I responded. She came into the room and stood on the opposite side of the coffee table, I stood to great her, Then she tackled me, sending us both flying out the window she ripped off my not yet healed arm, I roared in pain and threw her off me, she jumped back on me and started to claw at me, she was dry sobbing, Emmett came and dragged her off me, and i placed my hand back in position as it started to heal itself, Bella screamed.

It was a loud ear splitting scream, Emmett let go of Bella to cover his ears and Bella fell to the ground, limp, she screamed again, high pitch and loud, she was screaming like a banshee. I went over to her cradling my healing arm. "Bella what's wrong?" I asked. She just growled at me.

I looked up to the house to see my family, plus Bella's coven, Frost walked briskly up to Bella and place her hand on Bella shoulder, She walked up to the others and i quickly followed, "Daniel left her, and she blames you" Frost said glaring at me.

I walked back over to the now sobbing Bella, "Bella, I'm so sorry, please forgive me," I begged her,

"Y-you broke me when i was human, then now, when i finely found someone, some happiness you have to ruin it, why?" she said looking up at me, her crimson eyes piercing,

"Bella, I left you to keep you safe, a wasted effort I'll admit, and i didn't mean to hurt you now, and I'm sorry Bella." I said placing a hand on her shoulder,

She shook my hand off and growled at me, I got up and went back to my family. Bella got up also, and started to collect pine tree needles and broke branches from the ground and put them in a pile, It took me a while to figure out what she was doing, but when i did i said, "Is she building a fire?" I asked

"Yes, i believe so" Frost responded looking at Bella with interest.

"And you're not going to stop her from killing herself?" I asked.

"If i lost my mate, I'd do the same thing."

Bella lit the fire, the blaze started. I ran up to Bella "No wait!" I called out but it was too late, the love of my life jumped in the fire, her screams filled the air, I fell to my knees, "Bella!" I screamed, I got up and Jumped into the fire after her, and held her close, my existence ended happily, with my one and only love in my arms.

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