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Yuki is a wonderful student. He's part of the Student Council, he does things when he's told, and he doesn't like to pester other people with things he knows he can solve. He tries his hardest, but what happens when someone sees him doing something so inappropriate for him it could complete dissolve his reputation at the school, and there this person has proof! What will happen to this poor student council member when he has to face reality?

Warning: This story is full of lemony-yaoi-goodness! Yes, some is forced, so if you don't like man-on-man sex please leave this page now and never come back.

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"Now, just follow me and you can have all you want."

'You don't want this. Run away. Fast!'

"Aw, he looks scared to death. Don't worry; it'll only hurt at first. It'll all feel better soon."

'There are better ways than this.'

"Don't tell me he wants out already. You haven't even gotten to the good part. Besides, this is a fast and easy way to make that money you need, or do you just want to suffer through it all?"

'Don't listen to him. Just Run! This is wrong and you know it!'

The men pushed the younger male through the door, closing it behind them. One came up very close to him, wrapping his arms around the shorter one's waist, and pulling him close to his body. He placed his lips directly by his ear and whispered into it. "Boy, do you have someone you like?" Yuki tensed at the question. "Thought so," he smirked, "just imagine that he is the one holding you and it won't be as bad." He slid his tongue along the younger male's neck. "You decided on this. Remember that."

The younger started shaking at the man's comment. He knew perfectly well what he got himself into and there was no going back. His mind was still yelling at him to run away and get out as the other man, still holding him close, pushed his hand under the smaller one's shirt, slowly creeping up toward his nipples.

"You should already be relaxed from the stuff you took, so don't tense. Let the drugs fill you, let your nerves relax and just let go of all the tension. I'll take care of you and maybe some of my friend too. You're sexy body is calling out to them and I can sense it's taking a toll on their pants, so just let yourself go and you'll love it."

He could feel the other man pushing him forward, stumbling as he went, falling onto a soft surface. Feeling the older man's hands roam his body he just closed his eyes, partially trying to ignore it, but that was impossible. His shirt had been taken off while the other had just taken off his jacket and undone the buttons on his shirt. While the man's chest was flat against his back he could feel the man's bulge growing. While playing with the younger man's nipples he leaned down to his ear again in another soft whisper asked, "Tell me your name so I know how to address you."

The younger man didn't want the other to know, but his mind was in a haze when the other started massaging the younger's member through his pants. "Yuki," the younger managed to mumble out. "It's Yuki."

The older man smirked into the smaller man's neck when he felt his reaction to the rubbing on the pants. He slightly kissed his neck and then said, "Yuki, that's such a pretty name. Has anyone else called it out before this moment?" Yuki shook his head no and squeezed his eyes tighter together as the older man started undoing his pants. "That's wonderful," the man smirked, "just amazing."

Yuki had forgotten about the other men in the room until he heard them snickering and some talking amongst themselves when his pants were completely gone, underwear following suit. He gave a slight 'yip' when the man grabbed a hold of Yuki's member and started pumping it, making his erection get bigger. Though his mind was against the whole ordeal his body was feeling amazing pleasure from it. His voice was creating sounds he didn't know he could make. He wasn't sure if it was because he was genuinely enjoying it or if it was because of the influence of the drug, but he knew he body was liking what was happening.

"Geez you make some sexy noises," the man said as he slid his middle finger into Yuki's entrance. A whimper fell out of his mouth as the man pulled it out and then pushed it back in, getting use to that the man put a second finger in him, making him tense, but slowly relaxing. When a third finger entered, Yuki thought his ass was going to split open and break him. "I guess you weren't lying about the virgin thing."

Tears welded up in the corners of Yuki's eyes and then the fingers were gone. There was a momentary relief before he felt something else at his entrance and it pushed its way in. The pain before was nothing compared to the hard member entering him now. His voice signaled his pain, but there was no soothing comfort from the other man as he continued to push himself completely inside the smaller male. Yuki felt like he was going to rip apart as the man thrusted inside of him, after a few thrusts he could go faster and further inside, no listening to the protests of the younger male beneath him.

Though it was painful at first his body betrayed him again, feeling some satisfaction from this man. After a few more thrusts of pleasure and pain he could feel himself at his limit and voiced that fact to the other man. "You can cum if you want, but I'm not done yet." Yuki couldn't hold it much longer and let his liquid stain the sheets beneath him as the man continually thrusted inside of him. He heard the man grunt after a little longer; signaling he himself was almost at the limit. A few more thrusts and the older man spilled his seed into the younger male.

After a second of catching his breath the man pulled out and did his pants back up. Yuki looked over his shoulder to see the man that took his virginity for the first time. He was a very clean-cut man with sharp eyes and a smile that could kill. He smiled down at Yuki as he buttoned his shirt. "For a virgin you weren't too bad. A few more times and you could make anyone cum with that ass." A man stepped up next to him and whispered something in his ear. "I have no problem with it," he said lighting a cigarette. The other man, who wasn't as attractive as the first and had a little bit more weight on him, smirked down at the exhausted boy as he walked closer to the bed he was resting on. He turned him over on his back and spread Yuki's legs, revealing the limp member. "That won't do." He bent down and took the member in his mouth receiving a gasp from the smaller one. Yuki didn't know what to think, he didn't want to do it again, let alone with a different man. His pleading eyes looked at the one who had him first. "Like I said, maybe some of my other friends would want to take care of you," and with that he turned and walked further into the darkness surrounding him. Yuki couldn't believe what he said. He turned back to the new guy who was still sucking on him, making him harden up. The man lay down and told Yuki to get on top him. Grabbing Yuki's hips he slowly pushed him onto his stiff member, though he was loosened up it still hurt and after awhile the man had Yuki thrusting himself.

It was well past midnight when Yuki stumbled out of the room. At every step he took his body ached, he was so tired he felt himself almost fall over from exhaustion. Walking through the smoky atmosphere at the warehouse he felt yes watching his every move, but when he looked about him no one, he could tell, was watching him. When he got to the entrance, the guards opened the door, revealing a rainy atmosphere. It was raining so hard he couldn't see 10 ft. in front of him, though he could still feel those eyes on him. Once his fee his the wet pavement he shot off like a bullet shot out of a gun, not looking back and holding the money he made tightly, deep in his pocket.

At the warehouse door a man stood watching the fleeing boy run further and further away. A smirk spread across his lips as he crossed his arms and headed out the door. He looked up toward the crying sky. "Just you wait Yuki," he said taking the last drag of his cigarette before throwing it on the ground. "It will just get better from here on out."


The rain continued to fall all morning. As soon as he returned to his house he ran for the shower, wiping away any and all remains of the warehouse on him, though a few hickies did not disappear in such a short amount of time, thankfully they would be hidden by his uniform. He alarm went off and he slammed it off and slowly rose and got dressed in his uniform. He didn't eat breakfast that morning; he just couldn't stomach it at all, so he grabbed his school bag and umbrella and proceeded to walk to school. With each step his body twinged with slight pain left over from late last night to just a few hours ago. As he thought about the money he earned he continually wondered if it was really worth it, he still wasn't sure. Right now, he just didn't want to picture all those other guys who did him, it felt wrong and disgusting and when the real head-honcho came in and commented on the 'show' he put on, he mentioned that he would be welcomed back. All the sex that he went through was just for a live-action porno for the boss. He swore he couldn't come again ever and with taking the money left the room, full of laughing, satisfied men. But it was over now and it would never be spoken of again. Though he knew it was true something inside of him told him he was wrong, but he just wanted to ignore that fact.

Sitting in class was miserable all day. He couldn't get comfortable at all and his attitude was gloomier than ever. His classmates asked him if he was alright, he would force a smile and say he was fine, just an upset stomach, which wasn't really a lie. He didn't eat much of his lunch, just picked at it and drank his juice, but no one seemed to notice. After school Yuki reported to the Student Council Room for a meeting. Sitting there he talked with other representatives from other classes before the meeting began. After the meeting ended a higher up asked Yuki if he could return some paper to a teacher, of course he agreed and made his way to the classroom though he had a sickening feeling as he went.

When he entered the classroom, the teacher was already gone, so he walked over to the desk and set the paper on top of it. He leaned against the desk to rest for a short time before returning home, but then he heard a 'click' come from behind him. When he turned he saw fiery-red eyes staring back at him. The guy stood there with the door closed behind him and his gaze not breaking away from Yuki's. "Can I help you?" Yuki asked as he rested up against the desk, sensing some tension in the air. The boy did not talk, he just walked right over to Yuki until he was just a foot from him, a smirk adorned his face. "What do you want?" Yuki asked getting madder.

The boy raised his eyebrows in a surprised look. "Well, well. I want a lot of thing, though I highly doubt you can give me all of them."

Yuki didn't know what to think. He knew this guy, Kyo. He was famous for gang involvement and other unspeakable things, but what could he want with Yuk? Kyo reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope, handing it to Yuki. Query, Yuki took it and looked inside. There were several pictures of him from last night at the warehouse. Yuki's eyes went wide as he stared at the pictures in his hands, and then looked back up at Kyo. "What do you want?" Shock and disaster was written all over his face.

"Oh, nothing much," Kyo said. "I just want you to play with me." Yuki's face went red and he tried to dodge past Kyo, but Kyo caught him and he stumbled to the floor. Kyo straddled Yuki's waist and held his hands above his head. "You sounded like you had a lot of fun with those men last night, show me how you made them cum."

"NO! Let me go!" Yuki struggled to get free from his grasp. He twisted and turned, but to no avail. The red head was much too strong and his blazing eyes burned a hole right through Yuki. He turned his head to avert his gaze only to see the photos scattered about him. All the memories of last night that he wanted to forget came rushing back from his memory and replayed in his mind's eye. "Please," Yuki begged. "Just let me go. I just want to go home." Tears started brimming the edges of Yuki's eyes. "Please."

"You know if I let you go these pictures will be posted all over the school," Kyo answered to his pleading. "How do you think that will make you look?"

"You wouldn't dare!" Yuki shouted looking straight at him, his amethyst eyes glaring into fire.

"You have nothing against me, so I win already," Kyo stated. "Now give it up."

Yuki couldn't believe it. His body was still aching and now he was going to have to feel it all over again? He didn't want it, he just wanted to forget, but he couldn't get out of this predicament at all. "You promise?" Yuki pushed out, almost catching Kyo off guard. "Do you really promise not to release those pictures if I sleep with you?"

Kyo smirked down at the boy pinned beneath him and nodded. Yuki then closed his eyes and let out a sigh. Taking the invitation Kyo bent lower and claimed Yuki's lips, delving his tongue into Yuki's warm mouth. Yuki quickly lost his strength in the forced kiss and let Kyo do what he wanted. Kyo let one hand fall to Yuki's chest and started removing his uniform layer by layer. Once his chest was fully exposed Kyo moved his mouth to one of Yuki's nipples and teased it with his tongue. Yuki let out a groan, keeping his eyes shut.

Sliding a hand beneath Yuki's belt line, Kyo rubbed up against Yuki's member, rubbing it thought his underwear. After feeling it start to get hard he removed his hand from the smaller boy's pants and kissed him once again, this time harder than the first. Yuki didn't like it and bit down on Kyo's lip. He withdrew from Yuki's mouth and started down at him. "That wasn't very nice," Kyo said touching his lip with his finger. There were small droplets on his finger and then eh scowled down at Yuki. "Not very nice at all."

Kyo pulled off Yuki's pants with much ferocity, exposing Yuki's member. "Well, at least your body is enjoying this." Kyo grabbed hard around Yuki's member and started to pump him. Yuki just kept his eyes tight as he felt the yanking motion. He wanted to pull away and run, but the consequences he didn't want to deal with. His mouth was starting to betray him as muffled groans erupted from the back of his throat. "Let it out if you want, though what would a teacher say if they caught us like this?" Yuki covered his mouth as well to keep any noise from escaping. "Good boy."

Kyo stopped pumping Yuki long enough to undo his own pants. Yuki peaked his eye open to see why it stopped, and then he felt a force at his entrance. Yuki knew what was coming and braced for the impact. With one full thrust Kyo pushed himself all the way into Yuki. "You're really tight. Maybe they should've fucked you more to loosen this up."

Yuki bit his bottom lip to keep from screaming, tears were welling at the side of his eyes. It was just too painful, Yuki almost couldn't take it. When Yuki took a glance at Kyo, he didn't' seem to care how much pain he was in. Yuki knew Kyo's feelings weren't in this or he would've been nicer and easier on him.

Kyo just kept on thrusting into the paler boy who held his eyes closed tight so as to help keep quiet. "You're doing fairly well, but I wonder how long you can keep it up," Kyo said as his eyes traced across Yuki's exposed boy. In failure to respond Kyo pushed himself deeper and quickened his pace. Yuki was feeling excruciating pain, but still didn't' speak. He crossed his arms and held himself as the thrust got worse, but what Yuki dreaded the most was that he was hard during this whole ordeal he thought it would turn him off, being forced so hard, but he was on the verge of coming. He started to squirm beneath Kyo, which caught his attention. "If you want to cum, I'm not going to stop you."Hearing those words drop from Kyo's lips, Yuki stopped holing back and let his release go as Kyo continued. "Now you have to wait till I'm finished."

Yuki's mind was in a daze. He never thought this would happen to him. He wanted to curl up and hide away until this whole ordeal was over, but he knew he couldn't. He knew Kyo wouldn't let him. Yuki felt Kyo start to tense up as he was about to cum and then he felt himself being filled up by Kyo. It felt so different than when those men were doing it before. Maybe it was the fact that he had his eye on Kyo for a long time, but his image was too important to wreck within the school. He thought Kyo was an exciting person who actually had a life outside of school, completely opposite of Yuki. Now this person did something terrible to him, but for some reason he couldn't hate him.

Kyo stood up after he had finished and did up his pants. He took a quick glance around the room before looking down at Yuki, completely exhausted and withered. "I must say." Kyo stated with a smirk. "I had a good time and I hope I can get together with you in the future, or all those pictures," he made a gesture to the wall, "up everywhere." Yuki let out a deep sigh as he tried to move, but let out a hiss of pain instead because his whole body hurt. Kyo's smirk didn't leave; instead he threw down a piece of paper next to Yuki. "Keep in touch." With that Kyo walked out the door.

Yuki felt for the paper beside him within the flood of pictures. When he felt it he held it up and read it. There was only a telephone number on it. Yuki's arm fell to the ground beside him as he stared at the ceiling. His vision became blurry as tears filled up at the sides. He felt cold and so alone as the feeling of blood and semen trickled out of him. He hated himself for not hating him, but he couldn't help it. He loved him.

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