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Yuki places his hand flat against the cool glass. Outside rain plummets to the earth and hits the window. He follows a rain drop trickling down the glass only to find his own reflection. He looks himself over; bags under his eyes, color lost from his already pale skin, his face just completely drained of life itself. He turns his head to look at the clock, the minutes ticking away. Yuki knows in a short while the man he loves will come through the door and take him in his arms, but it won't be a happy ending. For this man does not sleep with him with the same intention, and if it wasn't' for the incriminating photos he had of Yuki, he wouldn't be letting this happen.

Turning his back on the window Yuki watched the door. This will be the fifth time that Kyo is going to sleep with him, and with each time it happens a little more of Yuki's heart breaks. Soon Yuki fears there won't be much left.

'Click,' the sound of the door lock being turned. Kyo was coming, that was how it happened. After a Student Council meeting Yuki would make sure everyone was gone, then lock the door. Kyo, who Yuki gave a key to, would then come and meet him.

Yuki could feel his heart pounding as Kyo closed the door after him and walked toward Yuki. "Good boy," Kyo said patting Yuki's head. Then he grabbed the hair on the back of Yuki's head and forced him on his mouth. He slid his tongue in and quickly Yuki submitted. Yuki could feel his knees start to give out underneath of him. With Kyo's other free hand he grabbed Yuki's collar to hold him up. "Getting weak already? But w just began." Kyo pushed Yuki up against the wall and proceeded to take off his clothes. As Kyo disrobed him Yuki turned to look out the window to watch the rain once more. "You not feeling it today?" Kyo asked as he started undoing Yuki's pants.

"That's not it. I just really wish that your feeling were in it, though I know they never will be." Yuki thought over the words he had just spoken in his head. He couldn't' believe how sappy he sounded. He stole a glance at Kyo to see if he had imposed any reaction, but of course he hadn't. He wanted so much for Kyo to like, but Yuki felt that whatever he does would never be enough to convince him.

"Well, listen to you, aren't' you just the hopeless romantic," Kyo stated while pulling Yuki's pants completely off. "Don't tell me you don't enjoy this and all the other times we were together. You know, that really hurts Yuki."

"You…you don't mean that." Yuki took a deep intake as he felt Kyo's hot mouth enclose around his member. Yuki knew better than to fall into the word trance that Kyo spoke, though he wished so much to believe in those words with no real meaning behind them.

"How could you be so cruel to me Yuki?" He slid two fingers into Yuki's entrance, feeling him tense around them he slide them out and then back in, continuing this motion.

'Don't listen to him, he's not telling the truth.'

"How could I do this to you if I didn't like you." He added another finger.

'It's lies, all lies.' "Tha…that's a lie. You're just doing this because…because…I'm convenient." Yuki grabbed Kyo's arm as he removed his fingers and replaced it with something bigger. Yuki felt the tip and braced himself as Kyo pushed himself all the way to the hilt.

"Believe whatever you want Yuki," Kyo said with a smirk on his face. He started thrusting into Yuki quickening his pace.

'Lies, Remember it's all lies.' "Kyo…I wish I could believe you…Ah!"

Kyo didn't' answer him, just kept up his pace. He took Yuki's member in his hand and started pumping him along with his rhythm. "Ah…Ah…Kyo, don't…I'm gonna…"Kyo continued to ignore him. "AHH! Kyo! Ah!" Yuki grabbed a hold of Kyo tighter as he felt himself go over the edge, spilling his seed all over his chest and stomach. As he tensed Kyo felt himself need a release as well and with one final thrust he exploded inside of Yuki.

Yuki felt Kyo fill him up and at that point his heart hit a critical part. "Why don't you ever call out my name when you cum?"

Kyo looked down at the flushed Yuki, a little surprised by the question. He pulled out of Yuki and stood up to pull on his pants before answering. "It's too much of a hastle."

"Why? Is it really so hard to even pretend you like me? You joke about it then ignore it all together." Yuki sat up, tears starting at the corner and working their way down his cheeks.

"What are you trying to say Yuki?" Kyo said, face stained with a smirk. He put his hands on his hips waiting for the expected response.

"You're so cruel!" Tears streamed down Yuki's face. His face was completely red and flushed. "I like you!" He shouted. "I like you before the first time even happened between us!"

"So, you gave into your desire?"

"No…I mean not completely. I thought this was my chance to have you, but not one kind word falls from your mouth or my name. I thought you would come to like me, make me your own. Can't you?"

Kyo stared down at Yuki. "What is between us is just business. I have blackmail on you and you're using your ass to shut me up. It's just sex."

Yuki's heart broke down, despair encircled him, he felt hopeless and a fool. "Not even a chance…"

"Yuki," Kyo grabbed under his chin and forced him to look into amber eyes. "Don't tell me you thought that there was hope this whole time." Yuki closed his eyes and cried his heart out, all hope was gone. "It's just sex Yuki, don't think too much about it." He kissed him lightly and walked ward the door, shirt in hand. "Yuki, I'll see you next time for our meeting." With that Kyo closed the door between them.

Yuki stood there few seconds before his knees gave in and he slumped to the ground. He brought a hand to his cheek, tears wet on it as he brought it away. "They won't stop, the tears…they just won't stop."


Yuki sat at home on his bed starting out the window into nothingness. His eyes were bloodshot and glazed over, he seemed as though he wasn't even there. "There was no hope, none at all." He felt like he could cry some more, but the tears wouldn't come. "Was all this meaningless?"

Knock-knock, someone was at the door, but Yuki didn't move from his spot. The knocking repeated, but still Yuki did nothing. On the third time a voice spoke. "Yuki! Open up! I know you're in there! I can see the light!" The knocking got more violent as the visitor's voice got louder. "Yuki, I'm worried about you. Please open the door." The man outside pressed his forehead to the door, "Please."

Click; the sound of the door unlocking. The man stood back as Yuki opened the door. He didn't greet him; just have him a blank stare. "Shit, you look like hell," the man said.

Once inside they sat around the small table, hot cups of tea sitting in front of each of them, untouched. "What happened to you?" the man asked. "I haven't heard from you in two weeks. What's going on?" No answer. "Yuki!" the man slammed his fist down on the table stirring up the tea in the cups. Still Yuki did not move. The other was furious now, he went to Yuki's side and grabbed his shoulders and shook him a little. "Snap out of it already! Whatever happened to you, can't you even tell me?"

Yuki was now facing his friend, his eyes started to focus again. Through the blurriness of his despair he started to see the concerned eyes of a dear friend. "Haru…I'm sorry." Seeing his friend's face started to stir up some emotion and his tear ducts were open once more. "Haru!" Yuki cried as he wrapped his arms around his friend and buried his head in his chest. "Haru!"

Haru looked down at the mauve colored head that was buried in his chest. "Yuki, everything is okay now. I'm here." He placed a hand on Yuki's head an back and continued to comfort him till he stopped crying. After a few minutes Haru finally got Yuki calmed down enough to explain what had been going on. He told him about the warehouse, the photos…Kyo, everything even about the last time he was with him and what was said. Haru was shocked to hear this whole story.

"Why didn't you just come to me for help? Then none of this would've happened! Why did you go so far?"

Yuki looked up at his friend. "Sadly, I don't even know the answer to that question. I wish I did though."

"If Kyo was blackmailing you I could've done something. Why didn't you try to get away?"

"Because…I love him."


"I know it's hard to believe, but even after all this I still have feeling for him. He basically told me to give up on love, but I can't because I noticed, even though he was using me, I never saw anyone else with him. Even if he said give up, with that thought there might still be a chance if I try again."

"Are you crazy? Just because you didn't see him with anyone doesn't mean he doesn't have others. You only saw him at school for those brief hours, you have no idea the kind of life he lives outside those walls."

"No, I don't' but I'm gonna find out."


"I got his address from the school. Tomorrow I'm going over there to confess again."

"Just stop it Yuki! You're crazy!"

Yuki looked u at his friend. No I'm not. I'm just in love. Tomorrow I'll show Kyo how serious I am. Last time I was weak and confused, but this time I know what I want."

"And what if you don't get that?"

Yuki took a sip from his tea, it was cooler now. "I'm not really sure. I hope I'm strong enough for that."

"I guess there is not changing your mind?"


"Fine then. Though I think it's a stupid idea. I wish you luck," Haru said. He reached over and grabbed Yuki, holding him close. "Just be careful." Yuki nodded.


The next day didn't show much promise as Yuki walked out on the sidewalk, umbrella shielding him from the wet weather. He looked at the address on the piece of paper he held and followed it street by street till he finally came upon the house.

As he stood in the doorway he could feel his heart beating wildly. He tried to calm it as his finger pushed the doorbell, but no such luck. Yuki waited a few second before the door opened and a half and Kyo was standing there. He looked tired and as Yuki looked over the body of the man he loved he noticed something, red marks all over his body. Yuki shook away all thoughts of the horribleness and thought only of continuing what he set out to do.

"Yuki? What are you doing here?" Kyo asked scratching his head.

"I came to talk to you, about what was spoken about the last time we were together."

"What?" Kyo searched his mind and then it jolted. "Oh, you mean about you liking me?"

"Yes, I know you basically told me to give up, but I realized I can't." Yuki swallowed hard. "I really like you Kyo and I was hoping you felt the same for me."

Kyo was silent as he started down at Yuki. "Didn't' I already tell you?"

"I know, but I just thought maybe…maybe…"

"Maybe what?" Yuki felt silent. All the confidence he had was slowly disappearing. His gaze fell to his soaked feet.

"Yuki, follow me." Kyo opened the door and let Yuki in. "Follow me." Kyo lead Yuki down a small hallway and then turned to a door. "You wanna know what I was doing all night?" He opened the door. The light was on, revealing a bedroom. There were clothes scattering the floor and a body moving about the bed.

"What is this?" Yuki asked.

"This is one of the many fuck-buddies I have." He pointed to the marks adorning his body, all these were made by him.

Yuki fell silent, the one single thread of hope he searched for had been cut. He backed away from the door till his back hit the wall.

"Did you really think you were the only one I was getting with? Come on now, I have my basic needs."

Yuki's face was white, he couldn't believe what he was seeing, no he didn't' want to believe it!

'Run.' Yuki shot to his feet and ran back down the hallway and back out into the rain. 'Run.' He was finally listening to his inner voice, though some how he realized it was a bit too late. The damage had been done.

Kyo walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. "So, who was the kid?" the man in the bed asked.

"Oh you were awake. How polite of you to not say anything while he was here."

"Sure…now, who was it? You completely scared him away for good." The man sat up, the sheets falling to his waist.

"It's alright; he was getting too clingy anyway." Kyo ran a hand through his hair and scratched his head. A yawn protruded from his mouth.

"Oh, you mean that was the boy from the Student Council who you tricked?"

"I wouldn't go that far." He leaned back and looked up at the ceiling.

"But the fact you made him think you actually had copies of those pictures and were going to release them if he didn't sleep with you was a bad trick." He wiggled his finger at Kyo, but of course he didn't mean it.

"I was just playing around. I saw an opportunity for a new toy and went with it. He wasn't bad either. At least it wasn't a complete waste of time.

"You're so bad, fooling with a kid's heart."

"Oh well," Kyo shrugged, "it was a good way to pass the time, especially since you were busy."

"Stop acting like you care. I know better than that brat. You only care about yourself."

"Right you are and now," Kyo turned and pushed the man further into the bed, "I'm gonna punish you for all these bites."

"Haha," laughed the man, "sounds like fun. Don't go easy on me."

"I don't plan to."


The rain was splattering his face, clothes, shoes, everything as he ran. He had no idea where he was running to, but he knew he had to get away from his past, and the only way from that was forward. His chest hurt, his throat was closed, and his yes stung, but that didn't matter all that did was running, cause he was finally listening to his inner self. 'Run. Don't look back.' All the thoughts were crowding his mind, thinking of how his stupid mistake started it all. He knew from the beginning it was bad, but he choose to go against that and hope for everything but the truth.


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