A/N: To my readers, and more new ones... this a new thing for me! I've never actually written a Gintama fanfiction before, but I've always wanted to. I LOVE the anime, like seriously, I can't stop watching it!! XD And like many others... I simply fell in love with Gintoki Sakata. I mean who wouldn't? The guy's a total heartthrob! Plus he's funny to boot :p And once I got far enough in the anime to be introduced to Hijikata... well I fell in love again XD lol. I fell in love with the relationship the two had in the anime. It was all so comedic and yet beautiful O-o I thought, what if there was more? And so forth is my short short short story of Ginhiji. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: If I owned Gintama, it would be a boys love anime, but with still the general plot... juuuuust an added yaoi coupling. lol

Sakata Gintoki was probably the only man that could make Hijikata feel a incredible mixture of emotions at one time. The First, was anger.

I: Anger

Gintoki got up from the floor, wiping off fallen debris and dust. He stood tall right in front of the humongous gaping hole he had just left in the meeting room of the Shinsengumi headquarters. The Shinsengumi could only gape at him in pure shock. Gintoki just looked at all of them with his deadpan fish eyes. He pointed to Kondou and said, "Oi, gorilla... shouldn't you get this hole fixed? Someone could come crashing through it you know..."

Hijikata Toushiro jumped up, pointing his sword (still in the hilt) at the silver permed man. "What the hell are you saying you idiot?! You just made that hole!" he roared in complete anger. "Don't just come crashing through places! What are you some sort of single desperate loser?!"

"Oi, don't make fun of Gin-san. I can't help if my hair's naturally wavy."

"Who's making fun of your hair! People with perms shouldn't crash through walls! There's a door-a door!"

"You definetely made fun of Gin-san's hair this time! I heard it!"

"Who cares about your damn hair! And Sougo... why the hell are you all the way over there!?" The vice commander then directed his attention to the light haired Shinsengumi, sitting peacefully in the corner sipping tea, as did everyone else who wasn't knocked onto their backs or blown back through the walls from the force.

Sougo finished his tea, then set it down and looked at Hijikata blankly. "I saw it coming when I looked out the window."

"And you didn't bother to tell any of us!" Hijikata roared.

"I was hoping it might just kill you this time."

The Demon Vice Commander was about to chop someones head off. "How can you just say that openly! Commit Seppeku you demented bastard!"

While that was going on, Gin decided to make a run for it. "Well.. I'll just be going now then..."

Hijikata grabbed him just as he was leaving. "Your not going anywhere!" He growled menacingly, his sword at Gin's throat. His eyes were purely demonic, and Gin was laughing uneasily.

Just then, Yamazaki walked in. "Hey guys, I heard something when I was out getting coffee. Woah- where'd this hole come from?"Everyone just looked at him. And he looked blankly at everyone else. The scene was comedic. The Shinsengumi on their backs, some knocked out, dust everywhere and Kondou was bleeding out his ears for some weird reason. With the distraction, Gin managed to slip out of Hijikata's grasp and ran out the door, right past Yamazaki who just watched him leave.

"See ya later, Oogushi-kun!" he had called.

When Yamazaki turned back around he was face to face with the Demon Vice Commander and his dark aura. "Yamazakiiiiiiii!!!!" He screamed and launched his attack on the other man. Yamazaki's eyes widened and he too made a run for it, but Hijikata was too fast for him and he pummeled the man with kicks and punches, and hitting him with his sheathed sword.

Sougo spoke up, "Ne, Hijikata, Danna's getting away..."

"Who the fuck cares about that curly-haired retard!" Hijikata said that, and he felt his face flush with anger... ? He could still see Gin's backside as he ran off. That kind of person... how the hell could he just do stuff like this and not care? It drove Hijikata wild with anger. And yet... every time there eyes met... there was this foreign emotion. It felt incredible... this frustration. No! The damned Yorozuya pissed him off every time. It wasn't that he liked it!

"Obviously, you do since you're getting so worked up." Sougou pointed out, a sly smirk on his face.

Hijikata tried to hide his red face. "Commit Seppeku now!"

One of the Shinsengumi dogs turned to Kondou and said, "uh...chief, your ears are bleeding..."

The gorilla man looked at him and said, "what did you say?"


A/N: -_- I didn't really like it... but ehh, it's a start! No matter how amateur-ish it is! Please tell me you like it :]]] Cuz there's more where this came from!! I'm making a little series of all the emotions Gin makes Hijikata feel. Of course, there was no major Ginhiji love in this one. Considering the title is, "Anger."