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Sakata Gintoki was probably the only man that could make Hijikata feel a incredible mixture of emotions at one time. The Ninth was, weakness.

IX: Weakness

I was beginning to see just how women feel when they really fall for someone. Only thinking of them all day, and wishing at every knock on your door, every phone call, that it was them. Having that strong want to be around that person all the time. And when you're with them, you can't stop the butterfly sensation in your stomach, the feelings of happiness that swell through your entire being and the smile that just won't go away, no matter how hard you want it too. Because showing just how much you rely on that person, will count as your form of weakness. And when you're weak, is the time where anyone can break you.

Hijikata Toushiro does not fall in love. That's what the vice commander told himself every time he saw Gintoki Sakata. And yet each time he said it, he was reminded of much that was a lie.

H & G- Hijikata blushed as he caught himself writing that on the reports he had been working on all day. He madly scribbled it out with his pen before anyone could witness that disturbing act. Dammit, what could possess him to write such an atrocity! It was something a lovesick high school girl would have done, not something for a Demon Vice Commander to do! Thank god he was alone in his room so no pestering lower rank officer could bother him about it, let alone Sougou torment him about it-

"Well well Hjikata-san, I wonder who the G stands for..." Speak of the devil. Hijikata looked up from his paper like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His steel blue eyes narrowed seeing the sadist standing bent over grinning at him. "Could it be... Danna-san perhaps?" Sougo chuckled as Hijikata's eyes widened. "Oh... Did I hit the nail right on the spot?"

Hijikata hid his crimson face. "Die already Sougo..."

"Now now Hijikata-san you don't need to be embarrassed. Anyone would be glad to be in a relationship with Danna after all..." He cupped his hands around his mouth and called to the shinsengumi men outside. "Hear that everyone- Hijikata-san and Danna are-"

He didn't get very far in his statement when Hijikata attacked him with his katana. Okita just barely blocked the attack with his own weapon. "You shouldn't be so violent with your own men Hijikata-san. Unless... that is something you do alone with Danna."

"You're the S&M freak you bastard!" He lunged for the smaller man and ended up chasing him around the room whilst the sadist sang a song about he and Gintoki.

He had just caught Sougo by the collar of his uniform when the paper doors to his room fell in, revealing Yamazaki and some of the men. Hijikata dropped Sougo then. "What are you doing spying on me Yamazaki?" he growled out, advancing closer to the man.

Yamazaki stuttered nervously, "I-uh I was just coming over to give you these papers and found these guys-" he looked behind him to see everyone else had disappeared. He hung his head. "I guess that won't work now," he muttered. Hijikata drew his sword above the spy's head and-

Gintoki appeared out of nowhere, picking his ear as he rested an arm over Yamazaki's head. He said, "Oi, what's with this hole in your wall? Wasn't there a door here?"

Yamazaki looked up. Saved! He put his arms around Gin, crying. "Thank god Danna you came just in time!"

Gin looked down. "Huh? This wasn't an armrest?" He shrugged the other man off and resumed into the room and over the pieces of the broken door. "Anyways Hijikata san I came here to give you something important-" he cut himself off as he looked at said man's face. He was looking off to his side, blushing profoundly. To his far right, the sadist stood with an evil smirk as if he was going to start laughing. It reminded him of Kagura.

By this time Yamazaki was aware of the display. Hijikata- blushing? It was madness! Yet he couldn't look away. Was Gintoki about to... embrace him! Yamazaki hid himself behind the wall and peeked in, blood flowing from his nose. Some of the other Shinsengumi men were behind him, watching the scene in interest.

"Oi... what's wrong? You look all gross and red. Did you get enough sleep?"

The men sighed. Of course! What were they thinking when they thought their Vice Commander was in a relationship with the Yorozuya. They all began to laugh amongst themselves. That was when Hijikata noticed them again. This time he was not as merciful.

"GET OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!" The entire room was in wreckage once Hijikata Toushiro, Demon Vice Commander was through with them. His lousy excuse for men lay all over in despair. Hijikata stood heaving amongst it all.


"You're such a violent person. You should really consider therapy..." Gin babbled on to his lover as they walked to his apartment. It was night already so no one would take notice of the two. Even if they did, Hijikata would kill them before they could utter his name.

"Shut up," Hijikata said crudely, cigarette in his mouth.

"-you behave like that because you don't want them to find out, but they already know. Such a shame." He shook his head.

"I'm the Shinsengumi Vice Commander, of course I wouldn't want anyone to find out I'm the lover of a no-job having, curly-haired, loser."

Gin scoffed, "so my curly hair is a problem then. Look this hair is popular in those Shounen magazines, what you don't think so? Lot's of women die to have this bounce."

Hijikata chuckled, in which Gin smiled at him. They reached his apartment momentarily and were all over each other before they could fully get into the living room.

Kissing Gintoki was starting to become one of Hijikata's favorite things, next to mayo and cigarettes that is... He pushed him back onto the couch and attacked his lips. But he pushed back. "You're going too fast!" Hijikata wiped off his mouth with the back of his hand, brows furrowed at the other male.

Gintoki reached over and brought Hijikata closer, following back into their kiss. He guided his head lower and lower, and Hijikata let him all too willingly. He looked up from his position into those dangerous red eyes. He smirked and said, "anyways, we have all day..."


Gintoki sighed in satisfaction as he draped his muscular arm over his partners waist and pulled the other closer against his firm chest. He smiled lazily, inhaling the musky cologne that was Hijikata. He hadn't taken a shower before but that was okay with Gin. He smelt good either way. There was also this sweet, sweet smell of sweat and their cum mixed together on the Shinsengumi dog's bare body. It was intoxicating. And it reminded Gintoki of the activities they had done the night before. Such things... were enough to make any man blush.

And just thinking about it was more than enough to get Gin horny again. He recalled just how sexy Hijikata had looked sucking him off. Bobbing his head up and down... those soft lips around his shaft. When Gin was about to cum, his lover pulled out just in time... to have Gin empty all over his face. The Vice-chief's face had turned bright red, and god if he didn't look absolutely delicious right then. Gin didn't think he could wait any longer... Bad enough that the man had begun to lick the substance from his fingers after that.

Gin groaned. He felt his dick grow hard. His hands were traveling all over his Oogushi-kun. He reached for his manhood, but got his hand swatted away.

"Don't be a pest," Toushiro grumbled. Gin only shoved up against him, making him gasp and arch as he slowly entered his lover's tight ass. "What the hell are you doing? G-get out!" Hijikata hissed, breathing hard as he blushed. Damn it still hurt even though they've done it a thousand times already! Gin only moaned in response and wrapped his arms around the other. He thrust his hips forward slowly. Hijikata moaned instinctively. His arms were bunched up against his chest, knees bent as Gintoki assaulted his ass sideways. "G-gin..." he repeated.

"Shh, you're ruining the moment."

"B-bastard! I said pull out-aaah!" Just as he'd finished talking, Gin's hands snaked up his lean chest and tweaked his nipples, turning them hard. Hjikata felt that hot mouth on his ear, biting and sucking on his sensitive flesh. He couldn't help the whimpers and soft moans that escaped from him.

"For someone who fights me every time I wanna do it, you really enjoy this a lot don't ya...?"

"Aaah-no!" Hijikata moaned. He cursed mentally at how girlie his voice had just sounded. He was not girlie. The only reason he refused every time was due to his pride. Hijikata was the Demon Vice Commander. Vice Commander. Not a person you take lightly. And yet every time he and Gintoki did this... he was resorted to this blushing, weak- this docile silly teenage girl!

"Mmmm, Oogushi..." Gin's breath was becoming erratic, his thrusts joining into the their rhythm.

It was all too much. Hijikata couldn't deny he was feeling pleasure. Or... he could. "I hate you."

"Shut up." Gintoki flipped Hijikata onto his stomach and resumed fucking him face down into the floor. His strong hands gripped the Shinsengumi's hipbones.

"Ha... ha... ha..." Hijikata eyes were half-lidded, his tongue hanging out his mouth as he drooled. It was so good, but he hated it. He did. He hated Gintoki for making him feel this good. With his ass in the air, he felt like a fucking dog. Ironic, but true. So humiliating... he was almost at his point. Feeling the thrusts going in and out, in and out. Oh god, the pleasure was just killing him! But he needed more. "G-Gintoki, more!" His husky voice commanded.

Gin watched his sexy lovers ass as he pounded into it mercilessly. "Hmmm? What's that? I thought you wanted me to stop?"

Fucking Bastard. He was avoiding Hijikata's spot every single time! Hijikata knew the yorozuya knew where it was. "Just fucking make me come!" He screamed, fed up. He was not going to wait any longer.

Gintoki chuckled, showing his gorgeous white teeth. "If that's what you want, my Oogushi-kun." Said man shivered. Suddenly the silver samurai started to thrust in way more harder, up to the hilt each time, making Hijikata gasp and shout. He went in a few more times and then hit the ravenette right in the spot he desired.

"Haaaah!" Hijikata shouted as the indefinite pleasure shot through his body, causing him to arch his back. His blue orbs widened. Drool emptied his open mouth."Th-there-again!" He moaned and moaned until it felt like he couldn't moan any more as Gintoki obliged and hit him over and over. "S-so fucking good...ahh-nghh..." He felt himself coming all over their sheets.

"Already Oogushi-kun?" Gin grinned. He himself was going to lose it at this state. When Hijikata had orgasmed, his muscles had squeezed the man's dick till it was unbearable! But he wouldn't come yet- he wanted this to go on.

"Dont call me that in this situation-fucking yorozuya!" Hijikata's face heated up. That the samurai could still call him that during this time was unforgivable! He barely ever used his real name. Wasn't it something lovers did while they had sex? Then again... they weren't lovers... well they were, in simple terms. But they weren't- they weren't in love. Yet they made love. Fucked was more like it though.

Gin smiled and whispered huskily, "Toushiro it is then..." And the Vice Commander became hard again instantly. He gasped as Gin's dick pummeled into him harder, then bit down on his hand, trying hard not to scream. "Don't hold it in, let me hear your voice..." his words sounded so needy, and it was then Hijikata realized that Gin needed this just as much as him. Maybe he wasn't the only one in deep? He wasn't the only one subjected to such animalistic pleasure. Subjected to weakness.

Gin started chanting his name. Hijikata was turned around so their faces met. When he looked into those reddish-brown eyes he felt something stir in his chest. "Gintoki..." he loved saying his name. He loved looking at the face he made when he came, loved how after sex he would drink a full carton of strawberry milk and make him a mayo-sandwhich even though it grossed him out. He was beginning to name the things that he loved about him off the top of his head, only to himself, because thinking about it drove him wild. He loved the way Gintoki could drag him out working at any time and not have his Chief mind one bit, only because he knew just how happy he made Hijikata. He loved how sexy Gintoki could be; how easy it was to get in the mood around him, and how hard it was not to subject to those deep red pools of heat. He loved- he loved Gintoki Sakata.

"I love you." He had said it before he even realized he was talking. And then his eyes widened. Gintoki felt himself coming at those words, though he looked surprised, and Hijikata gasped and moaned from the feeling. They rode out the orgasm, before the vice commander pushed the other off of him. He wouldn't look up at him even as he stood up, got dressed and left all in a hurry. He didn't look back to see Gin's face, and he didn't break down until he was alone in his room at the barracks. He cried, he was so weak. So weak. And the silver headed samurai's expression at that time was more than enough to push him away forever.