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Sixteen year old Cody Martin was in the S.S. Tipton's sciene lab. He was currently in the process of making a De-Age machine, hoping to one day become a Noble Prize winner. He had tried to make many other successful inventions, but failed to do so. Cody was quite sure that this would be the one that would amaze the world. "And just one more screw here...." he muttered, grabbing the screw driver. "There! It's finally finished!"

"What is?" a voice came from the door, causing Cody to jump.

"My latest invention!" Cody exclaimed.

Bailey Pickett walked over to the machine and began to circle around it. "I see... What does it do?" she asked, curiously.

"It can turn you whatever age you want to be!"

Bailey cocked her head. "Cody, you're really smart. Why make this?"

"As I was growing up, my mom kept saying 'I wish I could be a teenager again'. So, I thought why not create something that let's you do that?"

"Okay... How long does it let you be a certain age?"

"I programmed it for 48 hours." Cody smiled.

"Okay, I wanna try it," Bailey stated.

"Bails, I haven't tested it yet..." Cody paused. "And I don't want anything happening to you... You're my girlfriend..."

At that moment, Zack Martin and Maddie Fitzpatrick walked through the door. "Hiya Cody! What you got here?" Zack asked, looking at the invention.

"A machine that changes your age."

"Coooooool..." Zack reached to press a button, but Cody slapped his hand away.

"I'll be right back. Don't touch anything, Zack!" Cody walked out of the lab and into the hallway.

"Okay, I'm dieing to try this thing out!" Bailey exclaimed, picking up one of the helmets. "Let's see.. I guess you turn the dial to the age you want to be..." She turned the dial to 22.

Zack picked up another helmet. "I want to be 18, so I can be the same age as you Sweet Thang," he said to Maddie. He then turned his dial to 18.

Maddie scoffed. "Well, too bad I'm going to be 28, so there's no chance!" She turned her dial to 28.

They all put their helmets on and Bailey said, "Okay, so I guess we just turn it on..." She pressed the 'POWER' button and a green light came on. "Great! Now, how about the button that says 'DE-AGE'..." Bailey pressed that button and there was a flash of light.

Cody was in the hallway when he saw the light. "Oh no! Zack!" he yelled, running into the room. When he entered, he saw his older brother running around the room, pretending to be an airplane. Maddie was sitting in a chair, twirling herself around. "ZACK!!!!" Cody yelled. "WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!"

Zack stopped making buzzing noises. "Cody!!! Let's wrestle!" Zack grabbed Cody's leg and pulled him down to the floor.

"Zack! Get off of me!" Zack released and Cody stood back up. "Thank you! Now, why are you 8 years old?!"

"The de-age machine, of course," Maddie chimed in, walking over to Cody. "Me and Zack are 8 years old! But I have the mind of a 10 year old." She smiled and held up both hands, showing eight fingers amd two thumbs.

"Zack! I told you not to press any buttons!" Cody yelled.

Zack shook his head. "It was Bailey! She did it! Not me!!!"

"Bailey?" Cody whispered. "Where is she?!"

He suddenly heard laughter in a distance. Suddenly, a small 2 year old girl with a giant helmet on her head came running up to Cody. She took off the helmet and threw it on the floor, laughing some more. She reached her harms up, and giggled. "Coco!"

Cody gaped at his girlfriend, then picked her up. Bailey giggled some more and kissed his cheek. "Coco!" she repeated.

"How is she 2 when you guys are 8?" Cody asked.

Zack said nothing, but picked his nose.

"Ew! That's gross, Zack!" Maddie said. "Well, if I remember, I turned the thingy to 28 and Zack turned his to 18. Bailey turned hers to 22."

"It must've malfuntioned, and picked up only one number in each age: 8 and 2."

"Precisely!" Maddie said.

Cody looked at her. "How old are you again?"

Maddie ignored him, and instead started jumping up and down and spinning in circles. Zack was on the floor, rolling around and screaming.

"Zack! What are you doing?!" Cody yelled.

"They got me!"

"Who got you?"

"The ninjas, Cody!"

Cody sighed. "Zack, there are no ninjas!" Cody positioned Bailey on his other hip.

Zack stood up and walked toward Cody, and pulled the collar of his shirt, so he was face to face with him. "That's what they want you to think.."

Cody's eyes got wide. "Okay...."

"Cody, I'm hungry!" Maddie said.

"You know where the cafeteria is!"

"I'm 8.. I need you to go with me."

Cody sighed. "Okay, come on." He looked over to Zack, who was blowing spit bubbles and laughing. Cody grabbed Zack's ear and pulled him to the door. He led them back to his cabin, and opened the door. Woody wasn't there, much to Cody's surprise. He must be with Marcus... Cody thought.

Maddie sat next on Cody's bed, and Zack sat next to her. Cody put Bailey back on the ground, only for her to whine and stick her arms back up. He sighed, and picked her back up. Little Bailey smiled and rested her head on Cody's shoulder. Cody paced back and forth across the room, trying to think of what to do.

"ZACK! STOP!" Maddie yelled.

Zack had his finger in her face, but not touching it. "But I'm not touching you..." He smiled as he continued to harass her.

"Zack, stop not touching her!" Cody yelled. "I'm trying to focus..."

"Cody, I'm bored.." Maddie complained.

Cody huffed and began to look around the room. He went to his desk and started going through it. He turned around and handed some paper and colored pencils to Maddie and Zack. "Here," he said.

"Yay! I love coloring!" Maddie exclaimed.

"Me too!" Zack said.

"Good, that should keep them busy for a while.." Cody mumbled. "Now what to do about her..." Cody looked at Bailey, who was asleep on his shoulder. He couldn't help but smile and wonder if this is what she really looked like when she was two. Zack looked like he did when they were 8, but he didn't know about Maddie either.

"Zack! Stop!" Maddie yelled again. "That's not nice!"

Zack held up his picture of a dinosaur, and picked up Maddie's picture of a princess. He slammed the two together. "Arghhhhhhhh!!!!!" he yelled. "Die, princess! DIE!"

Tears started building in Maddie's eyes. "Cody!"

"Okay, I think that's enough coloring for now..." Cody picked up the colored pencils and set them on his desk. "Now, how about some dinner?"

"Yeah!!!" Maddie and Zack yelled in unison.

"I'll race ya!" Zack challenged Maddie, who nodded in acceptance. They darted for the door as fast as they could.

"Wait! No running! And you don't even know where you are going!" Cody yelled, running after them. Oh boy, this is going to fun...


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