Keito: its the end of the world as we know it. its the end of the world as we know it

Ikuto: no its just the end of your world

Amu: in other words the last chapter

Miwa: kinda makes me sad

Keito: i think i should show up more often

Ikuto: i think you need to go back in the box in the back of her mind. and stay there

Miwa: ladies ladies calm down.

Ikuto: hey unlike some people i'm a man

Miwa: you look like a kid to me

Ikuto: hey i'm older then you missy

Miwa: not by much

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"Ryushi-sama I've brought your breakfast to your room as requested" a servant said wheeling a cart with food on it into the room. Ryushi sat at a desk tapping impatiently with a pen.

"Ryushi-sama?" the servant asked. Ryushi waved him away and sighed.

"Ryushi-sama the mistress requests that this be the last meal you eat in your room"

"Tell her I don't give a damn what she requests. The deal was that i forget about those stupid dreams I had and take over the business. Tell her that other than that I can do whatever the fuck I want"

"Ryushi-sama I can't tell her that" The servant said nervously. Ryushi's icy blue eyes slid over to the servant a murderous look filled them. The servant backed away nervously.

"Well if you can't do something as simple as deliver a message then what the hell are you good for?" Ryushi yelled throwing the pen at the servant. He ducked away from the pen and rushed out of the room. Ryushi sunk back down into his chair and rested his head on his arms.

"Hello! Ryushi-san! Ryushi-san answers me!" Chibi yelled sitting on the desk in front of Ryushi. He waved his hands around and snapped his fingers in Ryushi's face.

"Come on Ryushi-san! Please see me!" Chibi yelled. Ryushi sighed again and turned his head the other way. Chibi stomped his feet in frustration and picked up a pen. He then flipped on of Ryushi's note books to a blank page and started to write.

Ryushi stood up and looked down at the papers sprawled out on his desk. On top was a paper with messy handwriting. Ryushi looked at what was written on it.

'Ryushi-san please notice me don't let Xavier disappear' Ryushi looked around the room. More writing started to appear on the paper.

'It's me Chibi! You can't see me why can't you see me Ryushi-san!'

"Chibi?" Ryushi said out loud.

'Yes yes Chibi!'

"What are you doing here Chibi go back to Keito" Ryushi said turning away. Frustrated Chibi flew up and pulled on one of Ryushi's earrings.

"Ow ow ow what the heck Chibi"

'Keito needs you!'

"He's better off without me"

'No he's not! There's a bad guy tricking Keito'

"Zane will save him"

"Listen here you big headed moron Keito is too stupid to realize what's happening!" Chibi yelled writing down the words that he spoke. Ryushi bent over and looked at the moving pen.

"Chibi I can hear you"

"Who cares if you can hear me? You need to go…. Wait what?" Chibi looked up at Ryushi.

"I can hear you"

"Can you see me?"


"Oh… Oh never mind that! You have to get back there to help Keito!" Chibi yelled in Ryushi's ear.

"Ow, ow, ow Chibi to loud!" Ryushi said rubbing his ear.

"Sorry but you really need to get back. I've already been gone a few days who knows what that Ryuzaki guy could be doing to Keito as we speak" Chibi said before flying around in frantic circles. Ryushi snatched at the air where he guessed Chibi was and managed to grab the small chara.


"Did you not hear me?"

"No I heard you. What was that name you said?"


"No you pea brain the other one"

"Oh Ryuzaki? That guy is really bad news but he's got Keito totally fooled." Chibi said. Ryushi let go of Chibi and ran out of his room. Chibi just barely managed to grab a hold of Ryushi's sleeve.

"Ryushi where are you going!" His mother yelled as he ran toward the door. Ryushi stopped and glared back at her.

"your precious son broke the contract. He touched what's mine. The deal is off. I hope I never see you again you bitch." Ryushi said before running out to his car and jumping in.

[Ryuzaki's house]

"wow Ryuzaki-san you have so many amazing books" Keito said running his finger down one of the books spines.

"I enjoy reading very much" Ryuzaki said watching Keito. Keito stuck one hand in his pocket and felt the two eggs that now rested there, Xavier's X egg and Chibi's empty egg. He wondered how long Chibi would stay away. It was lonely without him.

"So why did you decide to take a vacation from school?" Ryuzaki asked.

"Personal problems" Keito said with a shrug. He wanted to stay off the subject of Ryushi. It still hurt to think about him.

" you want to talk about it?" Ryuzaki asked sitting on the couch. Keito shook his head.

"no I don't like to think about it… it still hurts" Keito said sitting next to Ryuzaki.

"thank you for letting me stay here for a while Ryuzaki-san" Keito said with a small smile.

"it was no problem at all Keito. But are you sure you're ready to go back to school?"

"yeah I got to get it over with, Like taking off a band aid." Keito said with a chuckle.

"you don't sound so sure. You should stay longer."

"no I can't" Keito said standing up and picking up his bag. Ryuzaki's eyes narrowed and he grabbed Keito's wrist.

"Stay Keito" Ryuzaki said. Keito looked away. One of the eggs in his pocket wiggled.

"No I really have to go" Keito insisted. Ryuzaki pulled Keito down pinning him to the couch. Keito squeezed his eyes shut tight. 'Ryushi, Ryushi helps me' he pleaded in his mind.

"Boku no Kokoro unlock!" A voice yelled. Xavier flew out of Keito's pocket. Keito opened his eyes as a bright light filled the room emitting from a familiar figure. Ryuzaki covered his eyes from the light.

"Guardian angel" Ryushi said as the light vanished. He wore all white and white wings sprouted from his back.

"What so now my pathetic brother is a cosplayer? You really are a freak Ryushi" Ryuzaki said with a smirk. Keito looked between the two.

"You're no brother of mine. Let Keito go"

"I'd rather not" Ryuzaki said wrapping his arm around Keito's neck and holding a gun to his head. Keito looked at Ryushi with pleading eyes. Ryushi nodded at Keito and held out his hand. A sword appeared in it.

"I'll say it one more time. Let Keito go. You've broke the deal. Since you touched what's mine I no longer have to listen to you or that bitch." Ryushi said. He started to walk towards Ryuzaki who put his finger over the trigger.

"Get out of here if you want to see him alive." Ryuzaki threatened. Ryushi's face remained calm and he raised the sword a bit.

"Guiding light" he said calmly. A gold light shot out from the sword and wrapped around Keito. Keito closed his eyes feeling the warmth from the light fill him. Surrounded by that light he felt as though he would be safe forever. Ryuzaki started to panic he pulled the trigger but the bullet was absorbed by the light. Keito felt Ryuzaki move away from him but the light that surrounded him kept him calm and peaceful. He didn't care what happened.

Ryushi stepped around Ryuzaki's lifeless body. He looked at the gun and his brothers hand and at the blood splattered on the wall.

"That guy was stupid until the end" He muttered undoing the character change. He picked Keito up and carried him out of the house. He stopped walking once they were a ways away from the house in a park. He sat down on the sun warmed grass and set Keito next to him. The light faded away and Keito blinked looking at his new surroundings. His eyes met Ryushi's and they widened in shock.

Chibi flew out of Ryushi's bag and hugged Keito. Keito looked down at the small chara and smiled.

"I'm sorry Chibi I should have listened to you" Keito said patting Chibi's head. Chibi snuggled against Keito.

"you big head you better listen to me next time!" Chibi said flicking Keito's nose. Keito chuckled and poked the little chara's cheek. Chibi giggled.

Ryushi sat there watching Keito and Chibi reconcile. He looked at Xavier. Xavier watched the two with a sad smile on his face.

"What's wrong Xavier?" Ryushi asked. Xavier lowered and sat on the palm of Ryushi's hand.

"I had a lot of fun with you Shi-Chan" Xavier said wiping away his tears. Ryushi looked at his chara confused.

"you sound like your saying good bye" Ryushi said emotionlessly. Xavier smiled.

"That's cause I am. Because you've finally realized who you really are haven't you Shi-Chan. You know what you want to do now. So I'm not needed anymore" Xavier flew up and kissed Ryushi's cheek "take care of Kei-kun okay" Xavier said as he started to fade. A tear escaped Ryushi's eye as he watched the friend that had been by him for over ten years faded from his life.

Keito looked at Ryushi and leaned against him. Xavier waved to Keito and Chibi.

"bye bye Kei-kun Chibi-Chan. Take care of that stubborn kid okay" Xavier said. His egg closed around him and floated back into Ryushi. Ryushi wiped away the tear and looked at Keito.

"It's going to be weird not having Xavier around. Even when he was an X egg I could still feel his presence."

"He's not gone Ryushi you should know that. Now you and Xavier are one again. because you've finally reached your dreams" Chibi said.

"Yeah I guess" Ryushi said laying back his hands behind his head. Keito laid next to him resting his head on Ryushi's shoulder.

"what was your dream Ryushi I could never tell" Keito asked.

"My dream?"


"My dream was to be able to admit my feelings to myself and to the person that I love. I guess that for so long I was in denial about it. I thought it was best to stay away so that person wouldn't be hurt by me"

"… and who is that person?" Keito asked. Ryushi looked at him.

"Jeez brat are you that slow?"

"its possible" Keito said with a sly grin. Ryushi frowned.

"you brat you know very well."

"well I have a guess but I want to see if I'm right so can you say it?" Keito asked still grinning. Ryushi smiled a bit and rolled over so that he was over Keito.

"Fine but I'm only going to say it once so listen close"


"I love you" Ryushi said before leaning down and kissing Keito passionately.

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