Hey everybody! I know im not done with What goes around comes around, but I think I might delete it because I find it boring. :( So this one is a bit more teenage like. Hopefully you like it. Read and Rate please :)

Sasuke was a normal boy, lived a good life and had parents to take care of him. BALONY! He was not a normal boy, his life was doomed, and his parents were dead. Yeah, what are the odds?

He wanted to be left alone but everyone thought that he wanted company. He was usually missunderstood and followed by a million fan girls.

Sakura on the other hand, Did live a good life, she was normal and her parents were alive. She was popular and pretty and very sweet. She usually hung out with Ino (who was a her best friend and enemy at the same time) Hinata (Really nice and sweet ) Temari (Kinda like her older sister) and Ten-Ten (She spent most of her time flirting with Neji) They haad known each other since they were 13 (I had to make Temari be younger because otherwise she couldnt be in the story.)

"I spy with my little eyes...A sexy raven haired boy" Ino said with a smirk on her face. Sakura glared at her and then looked at sasuke. "He's so creepy... I dont know what you guys see in him" Ten-Ten said rolling her eyes. "Yeah and Neji is something to stare at right?" Temari asked sarcastically. Ten-Ten glared at her but soon spotted Neji and dissapeared behind him. Sasuke went to his locker and threw his bookbag only grabbing a notebook and a pen. "Dammit" He muttered to himself when he saw Karin and the other bitches behind her.

"Hey Sasuke" She purred closing his locker.

"Go away" He mummbled.

"Dont be shy. You know deep inside your screaming out my name" She said fixing her nappy hair. Sasuke looked at her and sighed oviously annoyed. "Karin, I dont think Chouji would want to date your fat, ugly, pig looking self" Sasuke said walking away. Sakura and Ino busted out laughing and high-fived each other happily. "Karin, didnt you say he liked you and he like, just called you fat..?Im confused.." The stupid one out of her little gang said. Karin's face turned as red as her hair and stomped away.


Later on at lunch, Sakura saw Sasuke sitting on a bench by himself. She sighed and walked towards him with her tray in her hands. "Hey beautiful" Kiba said standing in front of her. "Kiba, dont call me that. Move, I have to go somewhere.." She said looking past him. Kiba turned around and looked to where she was looking. "Seriously? With the emo dude? What does he have that I dont?" Kiba asked throwing his hands in the air. "A lot of the things.." Sakura muttered walking around him.

"Um...Can I sit here?" Sakura asked looking at him. He looked up from his sandwhich and saw a pretty girl with pink hair. "Why? If your gonna ask-" "No, I just wanna...Talk" Sakura interrupted. Sasuke shrugged and looked back to his food. Sakura smiled and sat next to him . "I heard what you said to Karin...She deserved that" Sakura said trying to start a nodded and took a bite out his sandwhich. "Do you want some soda?" She asked trying once again. "I got one" He said putting the half eaten sandwhich back down.

"Why are you here? Dont you have people to talk to or friends to text or something?" Sasuke asked after 10 minutes. Sakura looked at him in confusion. "Well...I do that all the time so I thought it would be nice to-" "Well it's not. It's annoying. So if you could, stop trying to act like something that you're not" He snapped glaring at her. Sakura got mad and stood up. "I was just trynna be nice because you always sit alone! I guess now I understand why no one wants to be with you!" She yelled loud enough for Karin's table to hear.

Sakura grabbed her tray and stormed away bitting her lip in order to keep the tears from falling. Ino was quickly at her side. "What happened?" she asked as Sakura threw her tray in the tray. "I was trynna be nice and then...He like yelled at me and told me I....I was annoying" Sakura said the tears falling down her soft cheeks. Ino hugged her and nodded her head signaling the girls to come. Temari was soon with them asking what had happened.

Sasuke sighed. Great, another problem to deal with he thought gatting his I-pod out and pushing play. Linkin Park started playing and he closed his eyes trying to escape all of his problems and be on La-La land.

Later on that day in math, Sakura was sitting in the middle row as ussual, but wasn't talking like she usually did. Sasuke sighed heavily and sat next to her at her table. Sakura froze for a second. "W-What do you wnat?" She asked quietly looking at her pink feathery pen. "What do you think?" Sasuke snapped trying hard to keep his temper in control. "I think you should apologize to her" Temari said her hands on her hips. "You dont come over here and yell at my friend like that when she was trying to be nice to you!" Temari said also trying to keep her temper under control.

Sakura looked at Temari and then at Sasuke. "It's ok Temari. I never should of bothered him in the first place." She said looking at Sasuke who's face was a light pink. "But I never should of yelled at you" Sasuke mummbled getting his pen out of his pocket. Sakura blushed also and smiled at him. It's ok Sasuke-kun." Sakura said as soon as Kakashi sensei closed the door.


When the bell rang, Ino was at Sakura's side asking what Sasuke had talked about. Ten-Ten had said she was riding the bus home and Hinata had to go with Neji. "Are you taking the bus?" Sakura asked Ino. "Yeah...My car is still broke." Ino replied. "I would give you a ride but im going somewhere" Sakura said grabbing her bookbag. "It's ok. I'll see you tomorrow" Ino said giving sakura a quick hug.

Sakura felt the note on her pocket and giggled to herself. You can't tell anyone she reminded herself. She grabbed her car keys and walked to her car.

The Next Day :)

RING! RING! Sasuke's alarm clock went off. He groaned and flew his sheets accross the room. I wonder if she got my text message Sasuke thought as he went in the bathroom.

Sakura was brushing her hair when her phone started vibrating in her pocket.

I'm picking u up 2day


Sakura squealed happily and kept brushing her hair.


Sasuke got in his car and started the engine when his phone started ringing.


"Sasuke, Im ready."

"On my way"


He closed his threw his I-phone on the passenger seat and sped off.

Sakura applied some lipgloss to her light pink lips as she waited for Sasuke to pick her up.

HONK HONK She heard outside. She walked outside and looked confused.


"Who did you think it was? Emo boy?" Kiba asked with a grin on his face.

"Im not emo. You dumbass"

"Who the-"

Sasuke's fist went stright up on Kiba's face.

Sakura dropped her stuff and ran towards them.

Kiba spit out some blood and looked at Sasuke. "You emo bastard!" He yelled getting up from the floor.

"Kiba STOP!" Sakura screamed running in front of her.

"You're lucky Sakura's right here!" Kiba said glaring at Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked. "You wouldnt've of done anything even if she wasnt here. Why dont you just go somewhere else?" Sasuke said walking away his hands valled into fist.

Kiba looked at Sakura and then at Sasuke.

Sakura turned to face Sasuke.

"Are you on crack? What if this would've been serious?" She asked her voice cracking.

"Nothing would of happened. Kiba would've got his ass wopped and we would be on our way to school." Sasuke said simply putting his hands in his pockets.

Sakura picket her purse up and smacked him with it. "What the hell?" Sasuke asked now getting pissed. "Did you wanna go with Kiba?" Sasuke asked. Sakura rolled her eyes and grabbed her keys.

"Im riding my own car to school today. Maybe I'll ride with Kiba tomorrow." Sakura said

Sasuke stood there for a while. This is why I'm not nice to people he thought walking back to his car. who the hell does she think she is? Does she think gas is cheap?

You know you want her.

What? who are you?

Im that little voice in you head who always tells you to say something nice to her and you just ignore me.

Maybe that's because I dont want to listen to you now leave!

You do realize your telling yourself to levae right?

Shut the- Sasuke sighed and started the car. I'm crazy he thought.

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