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Sasuke sighed and stood up. "I'll see you later" He mumbled already following Sakura. Naruto slowly slid Sasuke's plate to his side and picked up a fork… "Sakura-chan… maybe Sasuke-kun was joking…" Hinata tried contemplating her friend. "Since when does Sasuke 'joke around' Hinata.?" Sakura asked sitting down on a bench putting the bag where her dress was at on the floor. "Sasuke's coming…" Hinata whispered sitting 2 benches away from where Sakura was at so Sakura and Sasuke could talk.

Said cherry blossom rolled her eyes and picked her bag up. "Sakura…" Sasuke grabbed her arm and spun her around in a second. "What.?" She snapped. He stared at her for a couple of seconds. "I don't have time for you to sit here and stare at me Sasuke. I have to find a date for prom… I'll see you later" she mumbled snatching her arm away from his hand.

Hinata looked at Sasuke's face which was now going from normal to pale-ish. "Come on Hinata" Sakura said trying not to seem weak in front of her raven haired lover. "Sakura-chan, Sasuke-kun seemed to be getting angry" Hinata whispered when they were a few feet away. "Then that means my plan to make him feel bad is working" Sakura replied as Hinata clumsily looked for her car keys.

Prom Night

Sakura felt her phone vibrate in her pocket for the 7th time and it was starting to irritate her. So she finally picked up.

"Hello…" "Sakura.! Where are you.?"

"Ino, I'm not going okay.?"

"WHAT.? Why.?"

Sakura sighed and looked out the window. "I don't have a date." She mumbled. "What are you talking about? Sasuke is sitting right here waiting for you all suited up" Ino replied glaring at Sasuke. "….. Sasuke, What the- Sakura. You made me come here, rent a damn tux, spend half of a day looking for something to buy you when I could have trained, just for you not to show up and make me sit here and look like a dumbass…? I don't think so. I'm picking you up in 15 minutes. Be ready." The call ended. Sakura twitched for about 2 seconds until she realized she had to get ready,

And exactly 14 minutes, 39 seconds and 11 milliseconds later, A dark haired Uchiha was honking outside. The only Uchiha I might add..

Sakura ran down the stairs and popped her head out the window smiling when she saw what she wanted to see. She opened the door and bit her lip lightly hoping Sasuke wouldn't be pissed off because she really didn't know what over powered her to go to prom after what had happened before.

Sasuke smirked when he saw the girl that he loved. Yes Sasuke loved her. How can you not love this girl.? She's nice and caring. But at the same time strong in her own way. And she doesn't take bullshit from other people. Sasuke thought to himself. And let's not forget that she's Hot. His little voice added.

Meanwhile his pink haired date carefully walked down the front steps towards his car a smile planted on her face.

"Sakura… I'm… Sorry" Sasuke whispered bringing said girl into a warm hug. Sakura looked up at him searching for his lips to meet hers. After a while, Sasuke motioned for her to get in the car.

"I thought we were going to prom…" Sakura looked at Sasuke confused. "We were. But then I decided to change the plans." Sasuke replied seeking for her hand in the darkness of the car. Sakura raised an eyebrow and sat back and took in the husky smell of his cologne.

After about 20 minutes of sitting in the car in complete silence, Sasuke finally stopped the car and opened his door. Sakura looked around but didn't see much due to the lack of light. Sasuke opened her door and helped her up. "My family owns this little house shack thing and well, this is where my dad brought my mom when he fucked things up between them." Sasuke said looking into His cherry blossoms' light green eyes. "Nice choice of words Sasuke. This is so cute" said girl replied as Sasuke opened the front door slowly.

After drinking 2 milkshakes each, and Sasuke munching on some tomatoes, said guy led her to the balcony where there was a view of all of the ocean and around it, lots and lots of candles shining bright in the dark night. Sakura stared at Sasuke for a while and then looked away. "What's wrong.?" His dark eyes followed her every movement in confusion.

"Nothing. It's just that no one has ever done anything like this for me. And out of all the people that I would have imagined doing something like this with, well, it's just really sweet that you are the one that did it." She kissed him. And it was a kiss with many different feelings.

Love,Passion,Calmness and overall, realization. This is what you've been craving Sasuke. That empty hole deep inside you that you filled with loneliness. It needed to be filled with love.

"So long as man can breath,. or eyes can see. So long lives this, and this gives life to thee"-Shakespeare

The End.

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