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Alternate Universe

Shizuru felt light butterfly kisses against her eyelids, and she slowly opened her eyes, blinking slowly to get the sleep out of them. She then gave a long cat-like stretch, as the scent of warm toast with melted butter, and her special brand of tea wafted into her nose.

Shizuru felt a smile stretch across her face, as she looked up from her resting position on the bed, and up into twinkling lavender-coloured eyes.

"Mmm, what's this Ruka? Breakfast in bed for me? You shouldn't have," Shizuru said with a teasing smile, as Haruka placed the tray carrying Shizuru's breakfast on the table beside their bed.

"Silly bubuzuke woman. It's time for you to get out of bed already! The sun is dining, and life is leaving you behind," Haruka stated as she climbed up onto the bed, and straddled Shizuru's waist from atop the covers.

Shizuru let out a light giggle as she raised her arms upward, and laced her fingers behind Haruka's neck.

"I think you meant 'shining', dear," Shizuru said with a teasing grin, as she pulled Haruka down so that she could claim the blond's lips with her own.

"That's what I said," Haruka mumbled, before she shut up and returned Shizuru's warm kiss. They both moaned lightly into each others mouths, before Haruka pulled back slightly and looked down into Shizuru's lightly flushed face.

"Damn babe, you look sexy," Haruka half-growled, before she dipped down to claim Shizuru's lips again.

Shizuru threaded her fingers through Haruka's blond locks, and tugged the other girl down more firmly against her body.

Haruka moaned into Shizuru's mouth which had opened to admit the blond entrance to her tongue, and the two spent another few pleasurable minutes locked closely together.

Then Haruka pulled back slightly again, her breath coming out in short hard pants, and she said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Bubuzuke, your breakfast is getting cold."

"Ara ara, indeed it is," Shizuru replied, as she leaned up to give Haruka's lips one last gentle kiss, before she allowed the amethyst-eyed woman to gently climb back off of her body.

"I have classes at the university all day today. What are your plans for the day, Shizuke?" Haruka asked, using the nickname that she had fashioned using the combination of Shizuru's name and bubuzuke.

"Hmm ara, I'm not quite sure actually. My professors are having a teacher's meeting today, so all my classes for the day are canceled. So, I guess that I'll just stay home in our apartment and laze around today," Shizuru said with another long lazy stretch, that caused the sheet to slip down a bit, and expose her toned flat stomach to Haruka's greedy eyes.

Haruka allowed a slightly devious grin to cross her lips, before she quickly swooped down and licked her tongue into Shizuru's navel.

Shizuru gave a loud squeak, and instantly reached for her pillow to give Haruka a light smack on the head with it.

"Ruka! Bad! You know how ticklish I am right there," Shizuru exclaimed with a small pout on her face, that Haruka thought was the sexiest thing that she'd ever seen. She only just resisted the urged to lean down and nibble those pouting lips, knowing that if she started that she would not be able to stop, and she couldn't allow herself to be late for morning classes again because of...extra-curricular activities with Shizuru.

"You...are very tempting but...I gotta jet, babes! Don't clay in bed all day!" Haruka yelled over her shoulder, as she dashed out their bedroom door to head off to start her day.

"You mean stay in bed, Ruka dear," Shizuru's voice floated down the stairs, as Haruka grabbed the keys to their car and made her way out the front door.

"That's what I said, love!"

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