Hey guys! This is a new story of mine. It will be a whole bunch of one-shots for Kain/Ruka. I had the inspiration while watching a video. It had a lot of pictures of the famous 'Pon & Zi' (If you've never heard of them you should search them in Google images. They're quite cute.) I realized that a lot of the sayings in the pictures reflected a lot of aspects of Kain and Ruka's relationship. So I wrote down every quote and decided to write a short story for each one. Hope you all enjoy. :)

Disclaimer: As much as I wish I owned Vampire Knight or Pon and Zi, I don't. Not even a little bit…except in my world.


If I can't hear you heartbeat, you're too far away…

Ruka hated water. She absolutely despised it. She hadn't gone swimming since she was a little girl. And she had only done so then because her brothers hadn't left her much of a choice. It was either jump, or get thrown in.

Today she was determined. Perched on the dock, in only a bathing suit, for the past hour and a half, sat the one and only Ruka Souen. It's not like she couldn't get in. Of course she could. It was just…well, it looked so cold, and dark, and well, fine! Maybe she couldn't get in. So she was scared. Was that such a big deal? No, it wasn't.

She stood up and slowly peered over the edge of the dock. Black, deep, scary. She had to do this. She could do this. She wanted to do this. Right? She had to get over this fear. It wasn't rational and she –

"Cannonball!" Ruka barely had time to scream before a pair of arms (she supposed they belonged to the voice) wrapped around her mid-section and dove straight into the dark, freezing water.

The initial shock had caused her to scream, letting out her supply of oxygen. The arms had disappeared from around her as soon as they had hit the water, leaving her alone, freezing, and out of breath. She struggled for air, sucking in only water. 'This is it' she reasoned. 'I'm going to drown. I'm going to die all alone in a lake where no one will find me.' She couldn't tell which way was up. In her panic, everything was black and hazy. Still, she was determined not to give up, kicking her legs and flailing her arms about. Her lungs burned and she attempted to concentrate.

She heard voices. Very, very faint voices. She strained her ears, trying to follow the sound, only catching certain words here and there.

"Sorry!…How…didn't know…can't swim?"

There was another murmur and a loud splash from her right. Another pair of warm arms embraced her and she clung on for dear life. She wrapped her arms around this someone's neck and her legs around their waist. They were strong, kicking steadily towards the surface

Ruka gasped as they broke the surface of the water. Inhaling as much air as possible to her deprived lungs. Through ragged breathing she began sobbing and shaking, burying her face into her mystery saviour's shoulder. She inhaled deeply, recognizing the scent of firewood and mint. Akatsuki.

She clung desperately to him, burying her face in the crook of his neck, trying to control her unsteady breathing. In, out, in, out, in, ou-

"Umm, it's…okay. You're not going to drown. I promise." He attempted to pry her off of him, just a little. Instead of letting go, she screamed a muffled 'NO!' and tightened her grip on him. Her nails dug into his back, but in her opinion he would just have to deal with it for now, because she wasn't letting go anytime soon. He sighed in reply, wrapping his left arm around her waist, stroking her hair with the other. Someone snickered in the background.

"Jeez Ruka, I didn't know you were that scared. I was just kidding around you know. You didn't have to –"

"Shut up, Hanabusa." Kain grumbled. He really wasn't in the mood for his cousin's babbling right now. Said cousin put on a pouting face and huffed.

"Fine. I'm going back. See you guys later." He glided over and gracefully hopped out of the water. Grabbing his shirt, towel, and shoes he began to walk back.

"Don't let go." Ruka whispered, finally regaining her voice. Her eyes were slammed shut tight, refusing to open. Kain shook his head slowly.

"We have to go back at some point and I think you've had enough swimming for today."

But, because he could never deny her anything. He swam slowly to the dock placing her up first, but quickly wrapping his arms back around her. He pulled his shirt over his head quickly, wrapping a towel around her and picking her up bridal-style. She clutched to his shirt as he cradled her to his broad chest. As they walked, she listened to the rhythmic thump-thump, thump-thump of his heart, quickly letting her eyes drift shut. She was in his arms, warm, safe, and sure as hell never going swimming again. Everything was right in the world.

If I can't hear your heartbeat, you're too far away…