I'm not human.

I'm not a vampire.

I'm not a strigoi…well…not yet at least.

Everyone thinks I'm going to be one. Because my father is, my mom was a dhampir so when I was born everyone thought I was going to be like my dad.

I received my dad's curly brown hair, my mother's eyes and face. Don't know where I got the body from because I have such curves and chest it makes people jealous at times. I don't like Moroi…I don't like other dhampir's, I don't like strigoi either. But that is just my luck.

My name is Ashley. I attend St Vladimir's…and I'm a half strigoi half dhampir child.

I have the speed and strength of the strigoi in me. Yet I want nothing to do with this life style…till my father murdered my mother and called me a worthless nothing. Now I'm going to kill that son of a bitch.

I'll risk everything to do it too. Because that man is not my father…that man is a monster.