This is a surrealist poem I wrote for school inspired, as you may be able to tell, by Rocky Horror along with various pictures we were shown to stimulate surreal imagery lines. I don't know how well that worked for me, but that's beside the point. I titled it simply "Science Fiction" for school and received, if memory serves, an A+ on the assignment. I hope I deserved it. Anyway, there are several RHPS references in specific...I'm sure you'll catch them ;)

Science Fiction (Double Feature)

The dark of Transylvania

Thunder and lightning

The mosaic of life and colour

Lost in existence

A warp in time

Vague silhouettes

Hiding in an illusion

Standing on the ceiling

Falling apart at the seams

From the power of...


Natural urges denied

Lines are blurred

Taste the oblivion

Thanks for reading. Remember, it's surrealism, so won't necessarily make sense to everyone.

-Darth Soror