A/N: I know you all have been just as curious as I as to what Leah said to Bella while Jacob was gone. Well this is my idea as to what she's said…

Warning: cuss words, Bella bashing! Bad referencing to "Romeo and Juliet" [ hope you can find them ;) ]


I stood leaning against a tree, tapping my foot on the ground. I was waiting for my almighty alpha to come back outside and give an order to do something. I was bored out of my MIND. I wouldn't care if he ordered me to chase a rabbit, as long as it was something to do! I watched as he stormed out the house and I blinked as he stepped into a car and slammed the door shut. He sped away and I cocked an eyebrow. What the fuck? I pushed away from the tree and walked close to the open door. I heard wonderful little Bella-Bitch and her fucking sparkling ass husband.

"What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing sweetie you only told him what needed to be told."

I walked in and stepped into the living and glared at the pregnant whale sitting on the couch. I saw Edward glare and gave him the middle finger. I bite my thumb at you sir! Bella-Bitch blinked and cocked her head to side.

"Is there something you need Leah?"

"Yeah, there is actually…"

"What would that be?"

"What the FUCK did you say to Jacob?"

She flinched and bit her lip.

"Only that I was keeping this baby and it's my choice and-"

I cut her off before she could finish.

"Look, slut bag, I don't know what he sees in you, but get this straight, if you EVER piss him off again I will kill you. You fucking break his heart, run off and marry his enemy, get knocked up and then fucking yell at him when he's concerned for your fucking stupid ass?

"Its bitches like you make the world a living hell for us poor souls who are stuck with you. I mean who the hell made you fucking queen? You had NO right to yell at him. I hope that alien baby of your's rips you in half when it's born."

I heard a growl and the blonde one stood up.

"Oh? You wanna fight blondie? Wanna take this shit outside? I'm sorry your sister-in-law here is a little ho-bag. I'm only yelling at her because Jacob won't."

"No, Rose its okay."

The blonde slut looked like she was going to retort.

"Yeah, Blondie."

She growled and I ignored her.

"So Bella-Bitch, before you ever yell at him, you better think first, because I kick ass first and ask questions later. Got it? Good. Now bye, bye you fat ass whale, have a rotten day!"

I did a quick wave and bounced out the house. Yeah that felt good. I grinned and walked into the forest stripping down and phasing.


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