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Kaede and Kagome walked out of the older miko's hut. "Oh my," said the older miko, looking up at the fence not far from her door. "Is that . . . "

Kagome turned and saw a flash of silver and a young voice giggling to a couple of children walking by. Her eyes grew wide as she hurried to stand by the fence. Once there, she stood in front of the fence post, looking at her three year old, sitting in a crouch on its top. The boy, silver-haired and with triangular puppy ears, was sitting there quite comfortably, seemingly in perfect balance.

"Atae, how did you get up there," she said, trying not to let any anxiety sneak into her voice, lifting him off the wood and into her arms. He seemed quite proud of himself.

"Jumped," he said. Wiggling out of his mother's arms, he stood before the fence post, looked at it carefully, then, pulling back his arms and squatting a little, leaped up onto the post and resumed his position. "See?"

"Where'd you learn to do that?"

"Daddy showed me," he said, wrapping his arms around her neck, and letting him once again lift him off the post.

"Where's Daddy?" she said, looking around for her husband. "He was supposed to be watching you."

The boy pointed up to the roof of Kaede's house, where a shape in red, topped with silver sat watching the two of them. Kaede looked up, and said something Kagome couldn't hear, but InuYasha could. He leaped easily off of the roof, and began to walk to the two of them.

"Where's my little guy?" he said, taking the boy out of Kagome's arms, and almost effortlessly, his back to it, leaped up onto the fence post. "Did you make Mama proud?"

"Yeah!" the little boy said, looking at his father who was all smiles.

"That's my boy," he said, then looked at Kagome, who was not nearly as pleased. His right ear twitched as he thought of something to say. "Uh . . . I was doing that at his age," he finally muttered. "He's hanyou. Jumping up on this is just kind of natural," he continued, handing his son back to his wife. "No way doing that is going to get him hurt."

"Mama mad?" Atae asked, frowning.

"No, no, Atae-chan. Mama was just . . . surprised," she said, tousling his hair. Looking up at her husband, she said, "Atae told me you showed him how."

"Not really. All I did was jump on the post like usual. He walked down to the other post and leaped up himself."

Kagome took a deep breath. "Should you be encouraging him? What if he falls?"

"It's part of who he is. Who I am. How do you think I learned to jump the way I do?" He knew she felt bothered by this development, but couldn't quite understand why it upset her.

She started moving down the path that lead to their home. "If you say so, InuYasha, but when he gets stuck in a tree or jumps up on the roof, you're going to be the one who gets him down."

"Keh," he said softly. He was suddenly glad he didn't mention finding his son on the roof of their storage shed the day before.

Thanks and a hat tip to KrisCynical for the idea that lead to this story